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Sandisk 16 GB Class 2 microSDHC

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    2 Reviews
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      09.05.2013 15:25
      Very helpful


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      Very reasonably priced for such a good job

      I bought this SD card to expand the internal memory of my Samsung Galaxy s3. It was easy to install (except being a bit fiddly as it had to be small enough to fit in the phone!) and required no difficult formatting-the only thing I had to do was press a button on my phone to 'format' so nice and easy there.

      I will say that I've never had a full 16gb available as usable memory- I think the maximum it's shown is 14.8gb- still plenty for what I need but if you need close to the limit then probably best to invest in a larger card (32gb probably).

      It's coped with a variety of formats- music, documents, videos and more, being completely wiped, and lots of folders and sub folders (as I'm very specific with filing music!)

      So far I have had no errors writing to the disk, and as it comes with an adaptor, it's easy to take out of my phone and put pictures onto the computer.

      Very reasonably priced for such a good job. If this one gets full I'd definitely choose Sandisk again!


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      11.11.2010 18:02
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      A great little card and good value for money.

      I needed more storage space in my phone (HTC HD2), with the 8GB MicroSDHC card it came bundled with being filled up within weeks. I did a quick scan of the web from the usual suppliers that I would use, looking to compare prices between 16GB cards. There didn't appear to be a huge amount of variance in price between the major manufacturers (e.g. Sandisk, Kingston, PNY etc.), so in the end I plumped for a Sandisk card from Play.com at just a shade under £17. Before I describe the package, I'll go over a few useful buyer tips below for those not familiar with buying this kind of storage.

      SD or not SD?

      SD stands for Secure Digital, and SD cards have been around for many years now, in a variety of different sizes. They are about four times the size of the MicroSD cards that came on the market later, so be sure what type of card the device you're buying for accepts. Also, be aware that MicroSD and MicroSDHC cards look exactly the same - same dimensions and shape, but they are different. MicroSD cards have a maximum storage capacity of 2GB, whereas MicroSDHC cards go from 4GB upwards (the 'HC' stands for High Capacity). However, not all devices are compatible with SDHC cards, so even though you might think it would be nice to boost your old phone with some additional storage capacity for the rest of your music collection, check in the manual to make sure it's compatible as older tech may not be.

      Higher or lower?

      If you're in the market for any variation of SD card for a phone or other gadget, be aware that there are different classes on offer. The classes refer to the speed at which data can be written to and read from the card. Class 2 is the standard and slowest, although older 'Class 0' cards (those that were manufactured before the ratings were introduced) do exist. Higher class ratings offer incrementally higher speeds. I'm not sure how high the class ratings will eventually go, but prices do start to vary wildly at the 'higher class' end of the market. Class 10 cards are available, but will currently set you back the best part of £100. To confuse matters, not all retailers list the class rating as part of the description, so you may need to decipher this from the manufacturer's product code, or the tech specs that may tell you raw speed. That's not too difficult to work out, as the class ratings indicate the minimum data transfer speed in MBs per second, so Class 2 indicates at least 2MBs per second, Class 4 is at least 4MBs per second, and so on. Just watch out you don't get conned into paying Class 10 prices for a Class 2 card.

      Class 2 will suit most needs as far as mobile phones go at least, and most ship with Class 2 cards installed. Times are changing though with modern phones, and high definition digital content, so if you are planning to use your phone to watch HD movies where there will be a requirement for streaming lots of data quickly from your memory card to your phone's memory, you may want to consider a higher class card.

      14.8GB - Eh?!!

      This one catches a lot of people out - storage capacity is not exactly what it says on the tin. It's the same for any kind of digital storage from memory cards to hard drives. Advertised storage is not the same as what your computer will report when you plug the card/drive in. Very technical explanations are available ad infinitum elsewhere on the web, but in a layman's nutshell, what you see on the packaging is based on a megabyte being defined as 1000 bytes, but as far as your computer is concerned a megabyte is defined as 1024 bytes. Helpful isn't it? But the key message here is don't worry; a '16GB' card of any brand will only ever show up as 14.8GB as far as your computer sees it (smaller cards will show proportionally similar differences). It's not a faulty card, just a ridiculous contradiction that's been allowed to go unchecked for many years, and is now too well embedded as industry standard to change.

      So, is this card any good?

      Not a huge amount to report on this, other than 'yes'. It's at least as fast as the 8GB card my phone shipped with, and as far as taking photos and navigating through them, watching video or listening to music, or transferring photos/documents from my phone to PC goes, it's all good - no issues. Its not lightening fast, but I don't need it to be, and I'm not willing to pay the premium to have that.

      Packaging is neat, and perfectly adequate. A 'cut here' line helps to make it obvious where you can slice the pack without damaging the contents. One nice little bonus came in the form of a little slip of paper with a code printed on it, that came tumbling out as I unpacked the card. I discovered that putting this into the Sandisk website allowed me to download the 'Sandisk Media Manager' software. A 60GB download seems a bit excessive for what it is, but I had no problems with bandwidth downloading it. What you get is a nicely presented, user friendly media manager, allowing you to scan your computer for pictures, music and other stuff, and set up auto copying when your card is inserted. Nothing revolutionary, and there are plenty of other programs out there doing the same things under different names, but a nice touch nonetheless.

      The packaging also reports that the card is waterproof, which is great, although I'm not sure that's a whole lot of use as my phone isn't! However, it should mean that if the worst does happen, at least my pictures won't be lost forever. I don't think I'll be aiming to test this particular claim any time soon though!

      Very pleased with the card overall, and would recommend to anyone else in the same situation looking for a bit more space.


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    • Product Details

      SanDisk is proud to announce their newest format and capacity to the SD card family: micro SD high capacity flash card. It comes with a full size SD adapter to fit into devices with an SD slot.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: SanDisk - flash memory card - 16 GB - microSDHC
      Product Type: Flash memory card
      Speed Rating: Class 2
      Storage Capacity: 16 GB
      Form Factor: microSDHC
      Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years warranty
      Designed For: HTC Wildfire S; Motorola DROID X2, Flipout, XPRT; Pantech Crossover