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Sandisk 128 MB SD Memory Card

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    2 Reviews
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      18.08.2011 14:15
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      Not a card most people will ever see a use for -- and in this case, a good thing too

      I really do have to wonder just what the point of this SD memory card actually is. Okay, I appreciate that when it first appeared 128 MB was a reasonable amount of storage, but it's a long time now since that's been the case. Even for vintage cameras it seems a little bit unnecessary; admittedly there are a few (a very few) old models for which this is the upper limit of capacity supported, but the overwhelming majority of digicams can cope with at least 256 MB cards, and those are the smallest I could really recommend.

      Still, that wouldn't be so bad if this were actually a good card, and - surprisingly for a SanDisk model - it's not. Actually, it's usually something of a surprise when the differences between brands are even noticeable, but in this case, yes. Now, obviously with something this old you have to treat your findings with caution, but I was truly shocked by how slow this card was; in what I would consider a pretty decent older camera (a three-megapixel Canon PowerShot A410) it was impossible for even that camera's simple continuous mode to work at all; single shots were all you could get without waiting for buffering.

      I also found it to be not as well made as most SanDisk cards. There are a number of reasons why SanDisk has become the "go-to brand" for so many people, but one of those is that their cards are reliable: they slide into and out of the camera's card slots well, and while they're in you don't have to worry about them. There wasn't any problem here with actual data loss, but on several occasions (and with more than one camera) I found the edge of the card catching, or a little more force than usual being needed to remove the thing from its slot. It felt as though it was very slightly fatter than usual, which may have something to do with this.

      Capacity was fine, and really there's nothing to report here at all. Similarly, the card coped perfectly well with being used in more than one camera (of the same make) between formats; your ability to do this does depend to some extent on how "clever" the cameras' own software is, but I do find SanDisk cards to be the best bet if you want to do this. Least importantly, I rather like the design: as well as the usual clear capacity marking, it's a little bit more colourful than SanDisk was to employ later on, with its "rainbow curve" between the red and blue sections of the front.

      SanDisk generally make good memory cards, and I usually give a poor rating to them only if they're so tiny (in capacity terms) that no ordinary user would ever want to have one. 128 MB is, just about, large enough not to fall into that trap, but the niggles I outlined above do unfortunately push it into the "not recommended" category. As I only have one of these cards I can't say whether those problems are common, but unless you really are forced into it by hardware limitations, I'd say that a 256 MB card would make much more sense for an older camera.


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        30.04.2005 11:02



        with the
        I’ve had the scandisk 128mb SD (Secure Disk ) card for 6 months now and I have given it a thorough test in this time.
        Its has resided in my 3 million pixel digital camera with no serious problems. The camera is a pretty basic but delivers picture quality that is satisfactory for my needs, the only thing was that it only had 16mb memory on board so I was limited as far as capacity was concerned. The choices were fork out for a new camera or invest in a memory card, so after checking out a number of different cards I went for the Scandisk 128mb, mainly because of the competitive price and the known brand name.

        Installing the card could not be simpler. It pushes smoothly into the expansion slot located on the underside of the camera and to make sure you have it the right way around they have even put a location notch on the top right side so if you do accidentally try to locate the card into the slot the wrong way around, you would not be able to insert it completely. This is obviously a good safeguard, eliminating the chance of damage to the card or camera.

        The extra capacity that the card places at your disposal depends on the amount of mega-pixels your camera has but with a 3 million pixel camera it gives you an extra 96 pictures.

        After using this card on a daily basis, I’ve had no problems with it and would recommend scandisk to anyone. I cant give any comparisons with other cards as this is the only one I've tried, but as it allows you to reliably store and retreive your images safely and quickly what more do you want?

        Thanks for reading, Any comments greatefully received!


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