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Sandisk Standard 16 GB Class 2 SDHC

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    1 Review
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      03.04.2012 13:42
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      16GB should be enough for anyone not on the HD format.

      Memory card units have become smaller and smaller, whilst increasing in memory size almost exponentially. They say technology doubles every 6-months and will continue to for the next 20-years - but unfortunately consumerism hinders the progress made by the scientists, stopping new products from reaching the market as soon as they are created. Basically, companies have the lawful obligation to adhere to their directors and share-holders to make as much money as possible from new and existing products as they can. So they keep technically out-dated items on the market longer.
      That's not exactly the case for this SD-card, the longish named 'SanDisk 16Gb SDHC SecureDigital High Capacity Card' which has been recently surpassed by the micro-SD card amongst other technologies.

      This device is still 'acceptable' in the world we live in, and is physically 'accepted' by most portable digital devices - like phones, mp3 players and cameras/camcorders. The size (16GB) is also largely considered acceptable in this day and age, because with a portable contraption there's only so many songs / videos / pictures you can listen to, watch and view. Infact, 16GB will hold 4,000 songs, 25,000 photos (at lowish quality), 22 hours of video - or a combination of the above. Surely that satisfies the mass of the market?
      Well, with the introduction of High Definition files, it no longer packs as big a punch as before - but luckily that kind of technology hasn't quite yet reached portable elements for the majority of consumers.

      The product is high quality (hence the HC after the SD) and transfers data quickly - roughly 30MB / s.

      The card is about the size of the queens head - postage stamp - and is made from a durable plastic material which is strong enough to resist any fall (mainly due to the items extremely low weight). One disadvantage with its size comes when you try to fit the thing into certain devices as it can prove fiddly on occasion. Saying that, with the Micro-SD (a card a quarter of the size) this problem is quadrupled.

      I have had no reliability issues with the product and it always fits into SD compatible products no matter their shape, style or type. Software within said devices is also always compatible - the card is recognised instantly and comes into operation within seconds.

      If you have a device which takes this card and you think the size is sufficient (by comparing your current memory usage with the media volumes I have listed) then there's no reason not to go with SanDisk - a tried and trusted brand creating the best value-for-money cards on the market today - with reliability made key. 5/5.


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