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Sandisk Standard 8 GB Class 2 SDHC

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    3 Reviews
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      23.10.2009 11:17
      Very helpful
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      Gives your digital camera a memory boost

      For anyone who has read any of my recent reviews you will know that I have a tendency to use memory storage devices like a politician uses claim forms.
      I own many flash drives for PC purposes, rather than using the soon to be obsolete cds/dvds to store my information on.
      So I thought I'd have to mention another type of memory storage, this one in the form of an SD card, only this one is a more advanced version of the normal dated SD cards, it is a SDHC card, (which stands for 'Secure Digital high capacity'), claiming it to be the next generation of SD cards, helping to improve speed and efficiency.

      One of the many SD and SDHC cards I own is from the boffins at Sandisk and is the 8GB version and it is this that I am going to tell you about.

      ** A few details first...

      * 8GB storage space
      * flash memory card
      * class 2 speed rating
      * SDHC memory
      * Write protection switch
      * comes with a 5 year warranty
      * Low battery consumption

      * And, as all SD cards, it will continue to save all it has stored until you decide otherwise.

      * It comes in a little white plastic case which is quite sturdy and will protect the card when it is not in your digital equipment.

      ** IN CONCLUSION...

      I use this particular card in my canon digital camera as I seem to take many pictures and video footage, mainly for work but also when I am on holiday as well. But for some reason I never seem to have the time these days to be able to get around to transferring the images to my PC, so this 8GB card is ideal for storing masses of information without any hassles.

      This SDHC card, like other all others, is about the size of a first class stamp and is so simple to use, depending upon the device you are slotting it into of course, but once it is in position it hold so much that you will forget it is there as it seems to take forever to fill up, which is good.
      Plus, for added data protection it has a little white slider switch, called the 'write protection switch', which, when on , will stop accidental deletion of any data on the card. Although this 'switch' is present on all SD/SDHC cards

      I know I use it in a digital camera but it can also be used in other digital devices, such as video recorders, sat-navs and a lot more, but please be aware, some older digital products may not be compatible with SDHC cards. Also, some products can only take so much memory storage so do check that your product can handle this 8 GB SDHC card.

      As I said, this 8GB card will hold a vast amount of information, myriads of images on your camera, endless video footage on your video camera or masses of data on you sat-nav without any hassles at all.
      For arguments sake lets say 1GB can hold around 500 good quality images or several hours of video footage, dependant of the products settings, so just imagine how much 8GB can store.

      I have just checked the card inside my camera and the stats state that there is just over 730 pictures and approximately 3 and ½ hours of video footage on it, (I seriously need sort through them as I know not all have been transferred to my PC). But even with that amount of data on the card there is still masses of room left to continue without the need for any worries.
      And with the familiar sandisk name branded on the red and blue label you know your memories will be in good hands.

      The transfer rate is faultless so there is no need for messing around when you get around to sorting out your footage and pictures, it is just a matter of using the old methods of 'copy/cut and paste', 'drag and drop' or 'send to', the choice is yours, but as this card is the newer and much smarter SDHC type then the speed is what you expect.

      What more can I say about this small blue marvel which has more memory storage than Stephen Hawkings science teacher? Well, if your digital device can take SDHC type cards with an 8GB storage facility then I advice that you get hold of this one from Sandisk as it will be money well spent.
      Speaking of money, this stamp size unit will cost you around the £9.00 region from places like amazon, which is a bargain in any ones eyes.

      ** And by the way...
      Apparently, according to some rather interesting research about this SD card, it can take a licking and keep on kicking. What I mean by that is that the manufacturers claim that it can be dropped from about 10 feet and still keep working.
      I keep meaning to test this claim out but I'd feel a little stupid if it breaks and I have to explain to some one how it broke, but if someone wants to prove this claim then by all means give it a go and let us all know the results.


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        16.09.2009 20:31
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A brilliant little SD card, cheap and great for digital cameras

        This is a brilliant high capacity storage device that has enough space to fit my needs and has never let me down yet.
        This SDHC card is great for digital cameras (my primary use) and is big enough for you not to have to delete photos/videos after an event. I've had this for over a year now and the quality is superb. The card is still working perfectly with no damage or problems with it since.
        As it is an SD card it is compatible with many devices (I also use it to transfer data from my laptop to my computer, just like a USB) although you may have problems with older devices that don't support SDHC.
        The card itself has a lock switch on the side to secure data and came in a small plastic case to keep it safe if you have a spare.
        The only negative that I have with this is that sometimes transferring files from the card to my computer can be quite slow (especially when copying multiple photos) but at such a low price for 8GB of space it's still worth the money.
        I would highly recommend this for anyone with a digital camera as 8GB is plenty of space and SanDisk make quality cards. If you feel that you'll need more speed you can get the faster model, but it is pricey!


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        13.07.2009 17:36
        Very helpful


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        A great performing memory card at a low price!

        I got this memory card to go with my new Panasonic Lumix TZ6 camera. I figured I would be best going with something with decent capacity since the camera is a 10MP model and has pretty high quality video recording. The camera supports the SDHC technology so I thought I would try it as it is meant to be faster and in the short time I've been using it, it certainly seems to be!

        One annoyance I've found with standard SD cards is the length of time it takes some cameras to write to them, especially when recording video but this new card really does perform well.

        If you are using a higher quality camera such as a digital SLR or using HD video recording I'd recommend picking a card in the class 3 upward range available. Maybe go for one of Sandisk's extreme cards as these will perform faster to support the higher quality recording.

        All in all this is a great performing card for £10! If you're looking for something to use with high end compacts then this is the card for you.


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      • Product Details

        SanDisk is proud to announce the newest format to the SD memory card family: Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC). Memory card is rated Class 2 for speed and performance based on SD 2.0 specifications.

        The SDHC memory card is a highly secure stamp-sized flash memory card, which can be used in a variety of digital products: digital music players, cellular phones, handheld PCs (HPCs), digital cameras, digital video camcorders, smart phones, car navigation systems and electronic books, that follows the SD 2.00 specifications. The SDHC card has a security feature for protection of copyrighted data.

        To support the higher capacity needs, SD cards are now requiring a different design. The new SD 2.0 specifications is called Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC). The SD Association has created and defined 3 speed classes to help you identify speed and performance capabilities/minimum requirements of SDHC cards and their SDHC host products.

        Cards address data (read and write) at numerous speeds. Many factors impede this performance. SDHC guarantees a minimum read and write speed necessary to handle recording high quality video and audio. The maximum card speed may vary, but you can always depend on SDHC cards to meet your SDHC host product's high quality performance requirements.

        Because SDHC works differently (supports the new higher capacity cards) this new card format is not backwards compatible with legacy SD format host devices.

        Technical Data

        Product Description: SanDisk Standard - flash memory card - 8 GB - SDHC
        Product Type: Flash memory card
        Speed Rating: Class 2
        Storage Capacity: 8 GB
        Form Factor: SDHC Memory Card
        Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years warranty