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Sony 2 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo

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    3 Reviews
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      16.09.2008 00:08
      Very helpful


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      A very good memory card and well worth the few quid!

      The Sony 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo is fantastic!
      When I first saw these little babies I was shocked at just how small and thin they were and just how much they could hold.

      I use this with my Sony Ericsson w800i although it can be used for most Sony Ericssons and mainly for PSP's.

      Before this card I had a 512mb one which came with the phone and whilst pretty big, I found that I would have to occasionally delete a few songs to make space for others. With this new 2gb stick thats no longer a problem as I can fill it up as much as I want withought any fears of reaching the limit. This card is capable of holding way over 500 songs and still have space for videos or game saves or whatever else you may wish to keep stored on your portable device.

      Being so small makes it quite stylish and I love the black colour of my card although I believe you can get it in other colours if you wish.

      Prices for Pro Duo cards vary immensely, from around £6 - £20 and even £20 is about half the price of when this first came out.

      If you are going to purchase a card I strongly reccomend Ebay as I managed to get mine for £6 delivered and it works perfectly, although if buying off ebay always check the sellers for good feedback as I have had a few mis-haps with items not being sent in the past.

      You could also get this card at either:

      Amazon - £12 + delivery

      Play.com - £12 including free delivery


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      04.09.2008 23:38
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A well made card suitable for many, very cheap price given its size capabilities.

      This memory stick is fantastic, large, cheap and popular. For use with PSP, certain Sony digital cameras, certain sony ericsson phones (such as W810i) It is impressive in size at a 2GB storage which is more than enough for your save games, pictures, videos and songs for your psp, phone,cameras etc..

      Aesthetics and Price
      Its also quite a good looking stick which comes in a range of colours, the official being blue. I had a black one before which was very easy to put into memory card slot on both PSP and Phone. Plus I have seen this card for as cheap as £4.00 !! on Ebay, thats a fantastic price for all this storage capacity.

      These cards are much cheaper than other cards on the market due to the fact that they are simple and so popular as they fit a wide range of devices. They all come in different sizes ranging from 512MB up to 16GB. However 2 GB is usually more than enough for most people or even a 4GB card if you like having lots on your phone,psp,camera etc..

      Overall View
      Overall a fantastic card, cheap price, and very compatible with many devices. Many different sizes as well as colours available. 5/5

      My Summary: A well made card suitable for many, very cheap price given its size capabilities.


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        18.08.2008 16:31
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        good sony memory stick for use in psp and sony cameras

        This product is the 2gb memory stick which can be used in the Sony PSP console.
        I currently have a PSP and have changed memory sticks several times. At first I had the 32 mb version which came with the console, I then bought the 512mb version.
        However I have found the 512mb version to still be too small and I needed a much bigger memory stick in order to store all that I wanted on my PSP.

        The actual stick:
        The memory stick is a very small plastic card, just larger than the size of your thumb and slots into the side of the PSP. It is potentially hard to lose but you should not need to take it out of your PSP that much. It is very strong and will not break easily and of course is black to fit in with the typical PSP colour. Althoug this isn't that important as it goes inside the console. It can also hold up to 2gb worth of memory which is absolutely perfect for anyone who owns a PSP and wants to optimise their use of it!
        So, what can you store in this and PSP?:
        There is so much you can do on the PSP and this really helps you do everything you could want.
        - Music:
        You can store loads of songs on your PSP as well as sorting them into groups just like an Ipod - so no longer a need for that. You can store hundreds of songs with 2gb of space!

        - Videos
        You can put downloaded videos of game trailers and other stuff for the PSP which can be downloaded of the PSP website along with other short videos and programmes. You can also even put films onto the PSP and this will act as a MP4 player - for example I put 300 onto my PSP and it took about 800mb.
        - Games
        Of course one of the main features and uses of the memory stick will be to store your game saves and these take up very little space so that is a great benefit! You may also wish to download further game demos through your PSP - or even download games which can be found out how to done on the internet and start downloading all your favourite classic games!
        - Pictures:
        Another favourite is to put pics of anything on your PSP to show to all your mates. These also take up little room and can be easily sorted on the PSP. There is also a camera function on the PSP which can be used and these pictures can also be stored very easily.
        There are other great uses such as the new RSS channel, surfing the web and going onto the portable tv which all use up some memory space.

        With this great little memory stick you can really unlock the true potential of your PSP and have loads of fun with it - turn it into your own mini computer!
        It is also very easy to put all this things on your PSP by using the computer and a USB to connect up and start putting all this great stuff on!
        £9.50 amazon.co.uk

        There are also loads of alternatives and other makes of memory stick which are all equally great!
        For example the size of memory sticks include a variety:
        - 32mb one which comes with the basic psp starter pack. This one of course is very cheap and can be bought for a couple of pounds but it has no use other than for game saves really.
        - 512mb a good size to start with as you can save loads of pictures and music as well as all your games saves.
        - 1gb is suitable for storing a feature length film on as well as some music and costs around £6/£7
        - Above 2gb or the 4gb (£19.00) for those who really want to maximise the use of their psp and store game saves, films, music and games and loads more.
        This memory stick (and the others) being made by Sony can also be used on most Sony digital cameras to take and store your photos - so this memory stick can have several uses.

        Note: There are also other makes of memory stick and I have tried a few but there is really no difference as they all come in the same range of sizes and at similar costs - so I would simply recommend getting the Sony ones as they are almost guaranteed to work and can also be used on the digital cameras and you can rely on Sony as they are such a large company and manufacturer.
        This is a must have for any PSP owner to really improve the power and function of their PSP as well as being able to use it on your Sony digital camera (if you have one!)


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