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Kenwood AT312 Chef & Major Citrus Press Attachment

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    3 Reviews
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      19.01.2014 17:03
      Very helpful


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      love love love it

      ----- General Information -----

      I bought Kenwood's citrus juicer for £30 at Debenhams, just before christmas after spotting it during my christmas shop. I seem to get jealous when buying gifts, and treat myself at the same time, naughty Lucy! What made me really want this product is that I knew, come new year, I would be wanting to save money to make up for the expensive christmas, get healthy, and have a new gadget to play with. 
      This is made to fit directly on the the kenwood device I already have so I thought..... why not?!

      We always buy oranges in our weekly shop, and there are always a few left over, so this would help me to make the most of my fruit.

      ----- Product Details -----

      This juicer part is designed specifically for citrus fruits, and I have only so far used it with large oranges. You slice your fruit in half, and place it over a dome shaped mechanism that spins around, bringing the juice out. The juice then runs into a sieve, making sure that any large bits don't get through. The juice is then collected into the pouring jug below so that can pour it straight into a glass, and its ready to drink. It is easy to clean after use, and feels safe and secure to use.

      ----- My Experience -----

      At first I thought that the process would be complicated, but it really isn't at all. All you have to do is hold the fruit in place whilst the machine does it's thing. It is very quick, and takes about ten to fifteen seconds to work on the oranges to create juice to my liking.

      The pouring jug is simple and easy to use, and I love to know where my juice has come from. I no longer have to spend ages at the fridges in the supermarket, trying to establish what is and what isn't from concentrate.

      Overall a brilliant investment, barely any effort at all to have the piece of mind in knowing where your juice came from. I also feel quite proud of myself on the quiet, sipping away on my home made juice. All the family love it and I would recommend to anyone.


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      17.01.2014 06:55
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A well thought out piece of kit for any Kenwood Chef/Major owner.

      Before I bought my Tefal Fresh Food Express, and relied on a conventional food processor for food preparation, the bonus to my little Kenwood food processor was a rather handy citrus juicer that was great for using for drinks and ideally, whenever fresh lemon or orange juice was required. Thus, I was lost without having it and made quite a mess with the rather old glass dish that we have had in our family for what seems like yonks! A glass dish with a lemon pith remover is all very well if you require maybe one full lemon to be juiced but it can be agonising if you have to do more than one lemon in one go when baking is required or getting rid of a cold not to mention the mess and the little moat around the dish that collects so little juice and then spills over.

      One of my neighbours owns a restaurant and as such she has quite a few appliances that she uses in her kitchen including one of many Philips Cucina electric juicers and was happy to lend one to me when I was hit was a rather nasty cold in November that just kept returning. Then I realised - I had bought my late mother a Kenwood Chef which gets very little used in the corner of our kitchen. It would makes sense to invest in the attachment that Kenwood have been making since the year they launched the product in the 1950s and look online for the more modern attachment - the Kenwood AT312 lemon juicer.

      At cost the Kenwood AT312 is usually priced from £19-99 to £34-99 and it is an attachment that can be used on ANY Kenwood Chef bar the twin motor on top models such as the Titanium KM001, KMC010, KMC15 and KMC models in general. There is an attachment that is similar to the AT312 but uses a slightly different, taller base motor that fits at the bottom of the bowl of this juicer for Kenwood's flagship models. The AT312 attachment I bought, cost me £20-99 from a private seller on EBay UK who had found this as an extra free attachment when he bought his Chef and didn't use it.

      Nar2's Quick Skip Product Spec

      * Kenwood AT312 Citrus Press Chef Attachment.
      * Suitable for all Kenwood Chef models except twin high speed outlet Chef Titanium & KMC models.
      * 600ml frosted plastic bowl with spout and handle.
      * Aluminium/stainless steel sieve and plastic ridged citrus reamer.
      * Dishwasher bowl, sieve and reamer parts.
      * 1-year guarantee & 1.1kg total weight.
      * Retail price £27-99 (Currys) to £34-99.
      * My price £20-99 from EBay.

      General Impressions & Design

      Out of the box, the Kenwood AT312 comes in four parts and like building blocks, it's all a matter of just dropping things in from the top once the geared motor shaft has been twisted and locked onto the high-speed outlet on the Chef where the liquidiser normally goes. Helped along a little by the diagram based user manual, assembling the Kenwood AT312 Citrus juicer is fairly easy to put together. With its main colour being white and a brushed silver sieve, it does look rather classy, helped along by most Chef models that are also white or silver/white combo too.

      My Chef model is a KM332, an exclusive model from the now defunct Comet stores and though it quite an old model in white with silver inserts, this attachment looks purpose built alongside all the other tools and attachments I have bought over the years. The practical elements such as a wide juice collector bowl with a drop in flush-brushed stainless steel look sieve are well made. The reamer however is a bit unusual in the sense that it is clear plastic, and it doesn't have as straight an edge as the one supplied with my old Kenwood mini food processor (FP100 & 101). Therefore I was a bit hesitant as to how well this attachment works on the Kenwood Chef, even if it is helped along by the motor on the Chef itself, which has 8 variable/electronic speeds including the fastest pulse function by keeping one hand on the control dial and the other on the attachment reamer.

      General Performance & Downsides

      I have used electric citrus juicers before and pretty much assumed it would be the same kind of process and performance with the Kenwood's more professionally built attachment. Though the bowl equipped has a built in spout and a "winged" handle on the other side, the helpful gradient in black on the front of the bowl is a great measurement, particularly for baking as it goes up in 200ml each time to show the maximum of 600mls, handy for precise cooking prep, natural to the Kenwood Chef's environment.

      However, this attachment fits onto the Kenwood Chef's generic "high speed" outlet and the geared motor shaft (all in grey and wet protected) simply click locks onto the geared motor part on top of the Chef, once the right hand lid has been removed. Easy to push down and lock in by a slight twist, all I require to do next is drop the acrylic bowl onto the geared shaft, followed by the stainless steel sieve and then the plastic clear reamer on top. It is nothing new to what I've experienced before with several brands, including the older mini Kenwood food processor I had where you fit the main jug bowl on, insert a spindle, add the sieve on top and then the reamer.

      In general use though, the Kenwood AT312 is plain sailing - unless you have never used a motor-powered spinning reamer before. The secret to use is the fact that you slice whatever citrus fruit you desire and use one half cup each time of the citrus fruit in question onto the reamer. I can see however why Kenwood have chosen to put a less than edgy reamer here as the speed is far more frenetic if you dial up a faster speed on the main motor dial rather than relying on the first or second speeds on the Kenwood Chef. That's the vital difference here of the 45 watts to 100 watts "portable" electric jug styles compared to a Kenwood Chef with a much bigger 500 to 800 watts on board!

      Through use, you'll need a steady and patient hand to keep the one-half cup of whatever fruit you've sliced to be juiced. Fail to let go of the citrus fruit and it can get thrown out of the bowl and cause a mess. Certainly for the more experienced baker, the beauty of the Chef is that once you get used to holding half a lemon/lime or grapefruit in your hand and keeping it steady on a low speed courtesy of the Chef mixer, the reamer rips into the citrus fruit and takes out all of the juice, with all the pith and seeds left on the metal sieve. Thereafter, taint free, smooth juice drips into the bowl underneath with very little mess to clear up afterwards. Quick and effective, the AT312 attachment remains stable through use.

      This isn't the kind of attachment suitable for anyone who has gentle, weak hands though. The citrus fruit requires to be kept in my hand at all times for successful juicing, and for all that Kenwood have provided a rather large bowl, more apt for making big batches of orange juice for instant consumption, the only downside to this attachment is the height of where you place your Kenwood Chef. Mine is on a trolley with an adjustable height, thus I can juice at waist height or if I choose to, juice at a higher level, near my throat or chin level where the Chef in our kitchen sometimes sits (I have an older model that is fairly lightweight, so it easy to lift on and off surfaces.)

      Cleaning & General Maintenance

      When it comes to cleaning, there are two options here as I tend to pour in water whilst the reamer revolves at the lowest set speed from my Kenwood Chef dial and water is thrown around gently, thus cleaning the sieve and the reamer at the same time. Or, after simply pulling up the reamer and sieve, either wash by hand in hot soapy water, or chuck it into the dishwasher. The collection bowl underneath is also dishwasher or hand wash safe, though the gear box motor part must never be washed, only requiring a damp cloth should any dirt collect on it.

      Storing the attachment is easier than I thought with both the geared motor and reamer able to fit inside one another after use. Thus all you're left behind with is the bowl part, easy to store away, or just use the package box it comes in.

      However, the attachment doesn't do anything special other than allow you to add versatility to your Kenwood Chef mixer. Even an electric jug juicer appliance on its own requires a steady hand to keep a half sliced orange "cup" held on by one hand as the spinning reamer rips into the pith and skin, taking out the juice.

      Other Sorts & Final Thoughts

      Outwith this attachment, the only other sorts available where electric juicers are concerned are the jug type appliances on the market made by Bosch, Philips and several others. However, don't go thinking that you don't have as many parts as the Kenwood to faff about with. Electric jugs have similar counterparts where 3 or 4 pieces have to be assembled before use and taken apart, after use for cleaning. What you get there is a much smaller appliance on the worktop but can be bulkier to store away, when not in use, which is the total opposite to what Kenwood's AT312 attachment provides.

      There aren't that many downsides to this attachment made especially for the Chef both by Kenwood. Well made and reasonably easy to use once you literally take stock of the fruit in your hand, it is a good and alternative way of maximising the potential of your Kenwood Chef without the requirement of having to clog up another surface in your kitchen with a smaller appliance. I am very pleased with the Kenwood AT312 Juicing Attachment for the Kenwood Chef and I fully recommend it, if you own a Kenwood Chef or Major mixer, already. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2014.



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        02.12.2013 17:22
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        a good buy

        The good thing about owning the Kenwood chef is that you can buy extra attachments. The difference between the juicer and the blender supplied is the pulp. If you want a smoothie with pulp then the blender is for you. If you want a smooth juice drink where all the bits are sieved out, then you will need to buy this attachment. It is much bigger than a hand operated tool and it is just as messy but it is much quicker and it does not make your arm ache as much.

        ==Price and availability==
        This is an official Kenood product and it costs £22. This does not come with a warranty which is a little disappointing but so far so good.


        The juicer is designed to fit on the top of the Chef where the blender sits. It is a large bowl with measurements, the juicer and the seize and the three bits lock together. The bowl is designed for large quantities which is a bit funny really as it would take you forever to fill it! It has a lip for easy pouring and a handle to make this an easy task. The idea is that once you turn the machine on and the highest speed works the best, you can push half an orange against the juicing cone and the power of the machine will juice the fruit so that all you are left with is the skin and the pulpy bit. Bits that come away are caught in the sieve and the juice is caught in the bowl underneath.

        ==My experiences==

        This is still very messy and you end up with a sticky hand after use but it does the job and the healthy juice is caught in the bowl. The machine is good with oranges (special juicing ones work best) limes and lemons. You can also juice a grapefruit but anyone who can drink this bitter nectar is crazy! Boy horrid stuff. The orange juice will take about 3 large oranges for a full glass and I pour mine over ice as otherwise the juice is quite warm as the oranges are sat at room temperature. The effort is worth the results and the juice is lovely with only a few bits of fresh creeping past the sieve.
        The attachment is easy to load and remove, but due to the size it can be a pain to store. All the bits need washing and rinsing afterwards as they get very sticky but overall it is very easy to use.


        There are many different juicers but you may as well use the tools that you are most comfortable with and if you can buy attachments then this much better than buying a whole new product. The attachment works well and it is easy to use, the only issue I have with it is that I have to kneel on a stool to be able to keep hold of the orange as my work tops are high and coupled with the height of the machine, it gets a little awkward to use. This ensures I can use downward pressure and get the best out of each orange.


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    • Product Details

      Suitable for KM010 KM001 KM020 KM005 KM003 KM023 and KM336 machines Dishwasher safe parts for easy cleaning and easy to assemble Suitable for all types and sizes of citrus fruits ranging from oranges limes and grapefruits Variable speed control and pulse action for ease of use 600ml total bowl capacity for large quantities Find out more about the full range of Kenwood Chef & Kenwood Major machines and attachments at our Kenwood Chef & Major store / Short name: Kenwood AT312

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