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Kenwood Compact Food Processor FP110

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    8 Reviews
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      10.03.2014 14:36
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great item for the kitchen.

      The Product Itself.
      Mine is an oldish model, bought around 14 years ago, but still going strong! It is of quite good quality. It's fairly small and compact, but big enough to handle everything I've ever used it for. It is actually quite suprising the amount of food that can fit into what appears to be quite a smallish bowl.
      The bowl fits onto the base and is locked by twisting anti clockwise. This is a safety feature and the motor won't start unless the bowl is locked on properly. It is very easy to use and has suckers on the bottom to attach it to your work surface and let it do it's rather vigorous job, without shuffling across your kitchen worktop and launching itself onto the floor.
      There is a pulse button, used for short bursts of mixing and a sliding switch with different speed levels, for longer periods of mixing.

      It has a 300w motor, 1.4 litre bowl, with 800 ml working capacity.
      The parts are dishwasher safe and it has cord storage for extra tidiness.

      It comes with several attachments;

      Knife Blade.
      This is the one I use the most as it is the most versatile of the attachments.
      This can mince meat, (raw or cooked), cut vegetables into smallish pieces, make biscuit and breadcrumbs, make shortcrust pastry and scones, puree soups, chop nuts, mix cakes, mix batter, and make dough.

      This can only be used for whisking egg whites and cream.

      Slicing and Shredding Plates. (The spacer must be used with these attachments).
      The slicing plate will slice foods such as carrots, potatoes,cucumber etc
      The shredder will grate cheese, carrots, etc

      Citrus Press (optional attachment).
      Used to juice citrus fruits.

      My Opinions on This Product.
      I do really love this blender and although there may be better, quieter, more up to date blenders on the market now, I wouldn't be without mine. It has proved to be a fantastic aid in the kitchen and all of the attachments work very well and produce great results.
      It is a touch on the noisy side, it sounds as though there's an areoplane in the kitchen about to take off, but put that aside, it is a really great item to have.

      I give this item 4 out of 5 stars.


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        14.02.2011 22:44
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Cheap, cheerful and compact

        I purchased this wee machine about 2 years ago and it's been a fantastic piece of equipment in the kitchen. My main issue with food processors is the vast amount of space they take up on the worktop, well this isn't a problem with the Kenwood compact food processor as it measures approximately 30cmx15cm. I was pleasantly suprised when I opened the Kenwood box and noticed how many accessories came with the food processor which really increased it's versatility so much so that I have made the following wide assortment of foods: veggie burgers, thai fish cakes, guacamole, breadcrumbs (use the grater attatchment to grate the bread), soups and the list goes on . I would only recommend this item to small families/ couples as the larger family would have to chop things in batches as it only has a 1.4L capacity.

        My only real complaint is the machine has an option of on or pulse both of which rotate the blade at the same rpm; In my mind it would have been wiser to add a variation in the speeds and maybe have a slow, fast and pulse but nevermind.

        Well all in all I would recommend this item as I have found it useful on a regular basis and it doesn't sound like a jet engine taking off.


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        01.10.2010 14:37
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Excellent processor

        I got this a while ago when my daughter was beginning to start on solids and I wanted an easy way of blending my recipes for her dinner. I didnt want anything too expensive as I knew it wouldnt be used for anything else but my daughter food and the last thing I needed was another appliance on my counter top.

        This Kenwood food processor first caught my eye because it was more compact than the rest of processors I had seen and because it was Kenwood I knew I was buying a quality product that would be capable of being used daily. I got this for 30 euro on sale in an electrical store and it was a bargain at this price!

        The processor is white in colour although it is very easy to clean with a damp cloth and food doesnt stain the outside or inside at all. It doesnt take up too much space on the worktop and its easy to store away when not in use. The cord is very lengthy so dont worry if there is not much space in your kitchen for this item. There are rubber stops on the bottom to prevent the appliance from moving when in use. This is very handy because I have used my mothers processor which tends to shuffle around when in use. Highly dangerous with young children around.

        You simply put food into the machine and it starts to blend it. It fairly simple to use and has limited buttons so you cant really go too wrong. I found it made my daughters food the perfect texture and I was really pleased with the results. It can blend anything so there really is no limitations with this appliance. There are different attachments included such as the juicer, slicer and shredder, whisk. They are easy to assemble and each attachment works well even though I have not used the juicer yet.

        As for the noise, there is quite a racket when in use but that is to be expected and it doesnt take that long to use this item so it never bothered me.

        To clean this processor is not too much of a chore. All the parts come apart and all parts are dish washer safe so all you lazy people need not be worried! I usually just hand wash it though because its just faster in my opinion and its a breeze cleaning it anyway.


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        13.01.2010 22:29
        Very helpful



        It doesn't have to be a Magimix to get the job done!

        It's only in the last 2 years or so that I've really started cooking properly. When my friends heard about this, most of them recommended getting hold of a food processor to speed things up in the kitchen as my knife skills were somewhat lacking. This little beauty helped no end.

        Although the chefs recommend Magimix, those of us on a more limited budget can't stretch to that and you wouldn't go far wrong with a Kenwood.

        The usual attachments are included - chopper, whisk, grater, slicer, juicer, etc - and the operation is quite basic, just fill the container, clip in into place with the right attachment, then switch on or pulse.

        It isn't the most feature packed appliance, nor is going to wow in the design kitchen department but for the price and for what it does it is spot on.

        I have had a couple of issues with mine in that it does stuggle from time to time with heavy loads - buscuit mixtures, doughs, etc - and the shiny silver effect can get greased up under regular usage.

        However, these are minor issues for something which is a great workhorse for the kitchen, at a cracking price and from a brand that can be relied upon. Thumbs up!


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        20.12.2009 23:06
        Very helpful



        Cheap, reliable and easy to use

        A white plastic machine- it's easy to clean and looks smart and hygenic. This is a good value processor, the cheapest I could find on the market with a reasnoble power output, compact size to store (32cm long, 16cm wide, 26cm high- fits in cupboards easily although the cord wind behind the machine is meant to tidy the cord away- but no clip to keep plug in place means it unravels anyway) and with a generous bowl size and multiple attachments, to make kitchen tasks quicker and easier. With little rubber suckers underneath it keeps a good hold on the worksurface and doesn't move about. The holding jug is 0.8l capacity with a handy handle for moving the contents from container to container. Looking online it retails for £25-35. I bought it off ebay for £20 as it had a a damaged box, but the contents was perfect!

        There is 1 speed. There's also a pulse is handy when you are making dips etc like hummus where you don't want to over process foods. The controls are like a switch- easy to use, with continuos one side, off in the middle and pulse the other side.

        The jug locks in place on the base of the machine, and the lid locks into that. The machine wont start til you lock the lid in place into a little slot on the side of the machine- it must press on A or connector inside which means you activate the pulses. It's a good feature as it means the lid won't come off and you food go everywhere.

        I use the machine mainly for cake mixes, it does struggle with heavy doughs and mixes- I had to make the xmas cake, and all heavy fruitcakes by hand as the machine starts to whirr loudly. I have also tried to make bread dough in the mix, which it struggles with after adding water to the mix, however making breadcrumb type mixes it does easily.

        The mixing blade gets right to the edges of the bowl and is angled so food is moved about inside and evenly proccessed, which is something I've found lacking on other machines I've owned.

        I have also attempted pureeing soups, but the lid even when clicked in place lets liquid escape- however, it is easy enough to drain off the bulk, liquidise it and return to the stock.

        There are 2 different attatchments- one for grating, one for slicing which work well, but there is a gap between the lid and the grater/slicer which means that not all the fruit/veg gets processed, so must be finished off by hand.

        I've not been confident in using the whisk, it failed to whisk egg whites for me, so have stored the attachment.

        The juicer I feel spins a little to fast and is quite intimidating to use, however on larger fruits like grapefruit it works well. There is also a seive attatchemnt that allows you to drain the pith and pips from the juice which is very handy.

        Although cheap, it works well, and I find the machine to last 18months. When it did break down (it smoked when turned on) I replaced it with the same model as it was such good value for money.

        All the parts dissassemble easily for cleaning, and have not stained as yet, or warped. All the parts are dishwasher safe.

        The machine isnt overly noisy compared to say a microwave, or any other processor I have owned.

        *Steel blade for mixing.
        *''Maxi disc'' which increases the amount of liquid it takes.
        *Whisk attachment.
        *Juicer attachment.
        *Free plastic spatula.
        *1 Speed and pulse button.
        *Shredder tool.
        *Slicer tool.
        *0.8 litre capacity.
        *2.5 kg full weight
        *300 watts.
        *Safety Interlock
        *Handled jug.


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          28.05.2009 17:10
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          A good investment for your kitchen.

          Having owned several food processors, and been somewhat disappointed by their performance, I can honestly rate this as the best I have owned. It is compact and easy to store, easy to clean and seems very tough and durable. When I have used mine I dismantle it and put all the washable parts straight in the dishwasher. I have used the machine many times. i have used it to blend soups and sauces, to slice vegetables finely, to whisk eggs, cream etc. its very handy for making egg mayo ( my least favorite task with a fork!) just throw the eggs and may in and switch her on! There are so many uses, there are too many to list. I haven't even tried all the attachments yet. I would say this processer holds just the right amount for most kitchen tasks, and you can always blend large volumes of soup etc in batches. The only problem I have encountered was the first time I used it (a blonde moment!) when I tried for 20 minutes to take the lid off...you just need to press the unlock button! On the whole, a fantastic basic food processor that does everything you need it to do. Oh, and it's not as noisy as you might think! Well priced, good quality.


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            10.11.2008 10:39
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            A decent food processor and very reliable too

            Yet another great product from Kenwood, this food processor meets all your kitchen needs as per requirements. There are times when you just don't want to use a knife or a mini chopper for day to day tasks. At such times, this food processor comes in very handy. I have used it for various kitchen tasks like chopping, shredding, slicing and kneading.

            It has all the possible necessary attachment blades for chopping, shredding, blending and slicing. Also the jar is very conveniently made of durable acrylic.

            I have used the food processor for about 15 years now and I have had no complaints. The price is very good at around 25 pounds at most stores. You may get it cheaper if there is a sale going on.

            The maintenance is very easy with all easy to clean body. All the attachments are made of stainless steel and are easily washable. Only minus is that if you are intending to wash the jar in a dishwasher, it tends to wear out with time so make a note of that.

            If you are willing to place this appliance on your kitchen counter permanently, it sure will take charge of most of the tiring jobs like cutting, chopping and kneading and make your cooking process less stressful.

            Ofcourse there is a downside to this product and that is the noise it makes while turned on even the first setting. On the next level of the setting the noise can be almost unbearable so keep that in mind when you consider this.


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              23.03.2007 21:07
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              A good bargain basement food processor which gives Kenwood a credit to its name.

              Since 2003 I have often wondered what I could do without my food processor. The amount of cheap knives I’ve gone through cutting up vegetables for soups which have broken off by the handle has been pathetic. I’ve had riveted knives which have been better but when you’re rushed off your feet you really need a food processor which can chop, slice, mix, knead and blend – particularly if you like cooking. Before considering what I could buy my mum gave me her very old Morphy Richards food processor which had actually been left to her by a friend who moved to the U.S.A and couldn’t take the model with her. It had given her service for about three years and despite its bulky size, it coped well with the tasks I gave it but then one day decided to break down. ** This is a long review **

              Kenwood as a brand have been making food processors since the 1970’s although they were one of the first companies to make a domestic model for the common consumer rather than commercial companies such as RobotChef and Magimix who still today make wonderful machines with Sabatier blades but at a price! Amongst budget brands however there has always been Kenwood’s budget food processor FP 101/110/116 range, over the years which have been developed to incorporate other tools and more recently a blender attachment which the FP110 does without.

              The Kenwood FP 116/ 100/101/110/108 was available at £29-99 which was purchased at Argos (the Chrome version was the same machine but came in at £34-99) but now it is even cheaper at £24-49 at Argos and sometimes carries their exclusive brand name “Cookworks,” instead of the white Kenwood model. If Argos bring out the identical Cookworks model it is usually priced at a lower scale of £21-99 so it’s well worth looking for this model regardless of the name.

              ** Quick Skip Product Review **

              • Steel blade – Dishwasher safe including all plastic attachments.
              • Shredder plate & Slicer plates (fits into a plastic PVC universal holder).
              • Maxi disc – a wonder canopy which doubles capacity of liquids!
              • Plastic whisk attachment – great for eggs.
              • Citrus Juicer attachment – open design.
              • 1 Kenwood plastic spatula.
              • 1 Speed plus Pulse button.
              • Red shredder/slicer tool plug.
              • 0.8 litre capacity & 800 ml capacity with Maxi Disc added.
              • 2.5 kg full weight and 300 watts.
              • Safety Interlock with thick acrylic lid and handled jug.
              • Price £29-99 but on average £20 to £35.

              • This review originally appeared elsewhere online. (Ciao)

              ** Design **

              The design is very simple but efficient and I find the whole design quite nice looking even if it is basic white plastic which adorns the body. The numbers for the speeds are clearly marked and the controls move nicely without looking overly cheap - a consideration given the price. Kenwood make three different models which is why there are three model numbers – the FP101 has a slider bar, my FP110 has the same slider bar to control the speeds and additional push down button for pulsing. The FP116 however is a waste of money in my eyes as it is the same as my white model in terms of spec other than the fact the chrome version heralds a bigger price just for the finish. For the chrome version for example you’ll spend around £10 more but on all three models there is also cord wind hooks fitted behind the main front fascia which is a boon as the 3 metre cord can be too long in use if the machine is near a plug socket. Four rubber sucker plugs complement the Kenwood and ensure the model sticks to a flat level surface permanently which banishes older models moving across work surfaces when the highest speed or bulky food is being processed.

              ** Attachments **

              The juice attachment has a catch already fitted on which means it’s the only attachment that can be used without the lid in place - but as with the rest of the attachments on the Kenwood, it is easy and incredibly safe to use. A spindle fits inside the juicer vent which spins around at high speed and its here that you place halves of limes, oranges or lemons to be juiced.

              The trick with this cheaper machine is that the slicer plates and shredder plates fit into a universal carrier - similar in look to the whisk attachment which is a flat rounded attachment with 4 holes either side to allow air into whatever mixture you wish to whisk - please note it's not a balloon whisk. My mum's bigger Kenwood food processor has complete discs but these are difficult to store - at least the plates on this model are a great deal smaller and therefore much easier to hide away.

              All slicer & shredder plates are easily changeable which snap fit into the universal carrier when you need to use the machine. However there is a red catch which must be fixed to the bottom of the universal spindle before any food is placed in the blender jug - otherwise the blades will stop working half way.

              ** What the Kenwood Can Do **

              Well to start with it is great at shredding cheddar cheese, partially because Kenwood haven't been stingy with the power ratio of the speed - the machine is quite quick at shredding cheese compared to my larger, bulkier and dated Morphy Richards model. Like many food processor systems however, the last bit of cheese does tend to get stuck and ends up flying around the lid of the bowl instead of being shredded. All the more for me though!!

              For general vegetables such as carrots and greens the steel blade must be used and it only takes a few pushes on the manual controlled pulse button to zap anything you want. For example after a couple of seconds you'll get perfectly diced onions without tears. Chopping nuts isn’t a problem for the FP110 either. It manages to chop generally all food items very well, but it is a pity that it cannot for example grind coffee beans, which would surely be of benefit for anyone looking for an all-rounder.

              And it is so easy just to whip out the blade via the pick up design at the top whilst the shredder/slicer plates are easy to push out or push in and lock when in use.

              ** Maxi Disc - What is It? **

              Whilst the blade works really well and the similar slicer and shredder plate, the biggest surprise has been the Maxi disc. You get a full paper user manual which shows you in diagrams and good English what each part is supposed to do, but even I at the time was initially confused as to what the Maxi disc actually does. Looking like a part for a cyclonic vacuum cleaner it is a simple round lid with a middle hole which has been raised. This is the collar which fits over the blade at the time in use. The maxi disc is however aptly named - for blending liquids such as soups or sauces, the Maxi disc when placed over the blade and then with the top lid and feeder tube placed over and locked into place will double the volume of liquid in the jug! Now this is a neat idea and gives more versatility to a machine which doesn't look like it can cope - but it does so very well!

              ** Quality & Ease of Cleaning **

              The bowl/blender jug itself is of good quality plastic/PVC Acrylic which is dish washer safe - In fact everything seems to be dishwasher safe according to the manual and I've had no problems so far. Although the plastic jug is a good thick quality item, the body of the machine can be wiped clean and with it being white, it still holds a good gleam. My friend went and bought the chrome version and constantly moans that it gets finger marked easily, so let that be a warning for you if you like your machines to look clean in the kitchen.

              ** Space And Measurements **

              Given that the FP100 series is the smallest food processor in Kenwood's range the measurements for this model are 32cm (length), 16cm width and height of 26cm.

              What does this equate to? An average cool wall 2 slice toaster!

              ** Any Downsides? **

              Generally if there is one aspect which is annoying (aside from the red catch which can be lost over time for the spindle to the shredder/slicer plates) is noise from the motor. Whilst the pulse is great in short blasts, the continual noise of the food processor in speed 1 (the only continuous speed) gets really obtrusive at times, but in its defence the Kenwood can be left on its own at the other side of the kitchen whilst you do other food prep tasks. It doesn't however stop working if you have it on for more than an hour although it does have a thermal cut out facility and the product is BEAB approved for safety in mind.

              And if you don't have a dishwasher then washing everything by hand is just as good - although it’s best to leave the top lid and jug just to soak in the sink instead of applying more manual hand power! The blades and shredder/slicer plates are stainless steel made so washing these down take a matter of seconds.

              Another downside is the whisk attachment. Since this is a budget machine it does without Kenwood’s better geared mix tool. Here the flat tool has holes to allow air into mixes, but it fails on whisking cream or any milk added recipes. It can however whisk eggs very well, but that’s about it. For general whisking the steel blade is so much better in this respect.

              ** Conclusion **

              So far I have found that the FP100/101/110 by Kenwood is ideal for me and it could be a good buy for couples who do a little bit of baking but need a machine to cope with shredding vegetables etc for salads and similar recipes. It's ideal for slicing vegetables, including hard raw vegetables such as carrots and potatoes and as such it is a general good all rounder. Obviously if you have a more demanding palate as well as adore baking, this machine could well be too small by its very capacity. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2007

              Kenwood Appliances
              New Lane
              PO9 2NH
              Tel: +44 (0) 23 9247 6000
              Fax: +44 (0) 23 9239 2400



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