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Kenwood FP190 Food Processor

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    9 Reviews
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      13.11.2013 16:13
      Very helpful


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      A great buy

      **What is it?**

      The Kenwood FP190 Food Processor is an all in one system which integrates a multi function food processor with a jug blender all in one unit.

      **Why Buy?**

      For me, I wanted a Kenwood because we have a Kenwood Chef mixer and it's absolutely amazing. I knew that Kenwood would be a safe bet when it came to a food processor as I trust them for their quality and experience with kitchen hardware.

      **Price and Availability**

      We purchased our Kenwood FP190 Food Processor in September 2013 from Sainsbury's, as it was on a half price offer. We paid £47.99 for it which I thought was amazing - off sale, I've seen it between £69.99 and £89.99 depending on where you look. It seems to be cheaper off sale by buying online however keep an eye out for amazing half price offers like we got with Sainsbury's.

      **What's in the Box**

      In the box you get:

      The Kenwood FP190 Food Processor main unit (with black cord and fused plug)
      The blender jug attachment with lid and built-in blade
      The food processor jug with clear lid and food spout cover
      1 x chopping blade
      1 x dough blade
      1 x grating / slicing plate attachment
      1 x grater plate
      1 x slicing plate
      Instructional manual
      Warranty information

      For the money I paid, I think we got lots to play with.


      The Kenwood FP190 Food Processor looks great in shiny chrome with matte black plastic. The accessories are in stainless steel and white plastic.

      When the jugs aren't attached, they are automatically covered by a hinged piece of black plastic which means it looks good on the kitchen counter top when not in use.

      The cord storage and comparitively small footprint of the Kenwood FP190 Food Processor (easily within an A4 piece of paper) means it looks good in the kitchen and you can keep it out on your counter.

      **In Use**

      Here's my review of the features:

      Operation - the Kenwood FP190 Food Processor is very safe to use as the jugs lock in before you can switch it on. It has rubberised suction cups to the base so it stands nice and steady when in use. It isn't too noisy and has a range of speeds all selected from the dial on the front of the unit.

      Chopping (Food processor) - the chopping blade is easy to install and handle and it mixes up ingredients well. It is great for making sauces and marinades, chopping up nuts and so on.

      Grating - The grater plate clicks into place in the main plate attachment and is easy to operate, a mid speed gives you a longer grate. It works well for cheese, carrots, and any vegetable or fruit, meaning fruit pies, salads and home made coleslaw are a breeze.

      Chopping Plate - Again the chopping plate is easy to install and as you can fit small onions in whole (larger onions need cutting in half) it will chop 500g small onions without issue into thin slices suitable for salads, soups and so on.

      Dough mixing - best on a slower speed the dough hooks work dough well and you can fit plenty into the Kenwood's bowl so a loaf of bread is easy to achieve. It's great for pizza dough, too and you can leave it to prove right in the removable bowl before the second knead.

      Blending - blending soups, smoothies, ice, cream drinks, sauces and so on is a doddle in the Kenwood FP190 Food Processor, all you need to do is add your ingredients, hot or cold, place the lid on and turn the dial.The blender has a pouring spout and can be lifted right off the main unit and soup poured into bowls or drinks into cups. It's a very good, powerful and leak free blender and a great asset to a standard food processor setup.

      Cleanup - It's so easy to clean the Kenwood FP190 Food Processor, the main unit can be wiped down with a cloth or antibacterial wipe and the blades, bowls and lids can all be washed in the dishwasher or in the sink. It's so easy to clean, no bother at all.

      Storage - the blades for the Kenwood FP190 Food Processor fit right inside the main bowl for easy storage and retrieval.


      Overall I am so happy with my (slightly impulse) buy of the Kenwood FP190 Food Processor, I purchased it primarily for the name and for the amazing sub £50 price, I'd been looking for a food processor for a while and was holding out for a good name and deal and I am so happy I did because the range of features, looks and quality of the Kenwood FP190 Food Processor speaks for itself.

      I highly highly recommend you purchase one if you're looking for an inexpensive full on food processor and blender unit which looks good, has the Kenwood name, a range of excellent features and easy operation, storage and cleaning. I cannot fault it whatsoever and it thoroughly deserves the 5 out of 5 star rating I will be awarding it.

      It's great for £69.99, it's flipping amazing at £47.99. Either way it's worth every penny and I can't recommend it enough.


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        09.11.2013 17:08
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        Fantastic addition to any kitchen

        This food processor is fantastic. I use it daily to make smoothies and I find it fast, and quiet - which is fantastic, because I use it early in the morning (don't want to wake anyone!)

        This has all the tools to provide for a HUGE range of jobs. It can deal with heavy tasks, such as cake mixing, or even dicing vegetables. What I like most about this product is the speed at which is delivers the goods. Brilliant if you want to make a quick tea and your just in from work!

        One issue I find is the capacity, I thought it would be a little bigger when I ordered it. This isn't a massive issue though.

        The product is dishwasher safe, which many will be glad to hear in this day of modern appliances.


        - Very powerful 600watt motor
        - Very fast
        - Surprisingly quiet
        - Very well equipped for a range of tasks
        - Quite a small capacity
        - Easy to use


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          27.10.2013 16:32
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Good, compact, modern design. Easy to use and clean

          We wanted a trusted brand food processor that would quite simply, chop and liquidize veg etc for baby meals.
          The Kenwood FP190 was on offer in our local tesco (almost 50% off rrp) and so we purchased it on a whim, without having read any reviews, or even knowing much about it other than the headlines on the box.
          The Kenwood FP190 promises a 600w motor, and two speed settings, plus a "pulse" function. There is a 1.4 litre bowl, 1.0 calibrated liquidiser, stainless steel chopping blade, and various "accessories" including a whisk tool, slicer plate, and citrus press!

          The design of the unit is simple, yet clean and modern enough to fit in with most kitchens, it certainly didnt look out of place in ours. It is also a very compact unit, and doesn't need much work surface space. An unexpected, but pleasant surprise, as these days, our baby equipment had just about taken over every room of the house!
          Everything comes apart very easily for cleaning, and its all dishwasher safe - just be careful when you release the blades, I did manage to cut myself first time, but think this was more down to the fact I had been up all night with a teething baby!

          It is very simple to use, and extremely efficient, I was soon knocking out bulk veg dinners for baby, which i was then able to liquidise (with a simple change of attachment) and freeze! It wasnt just baby who benefited from our new purchase, we managed to whip up some beautiful fruit smoothies and milkshakes for the rest of the family, and I even used it to mix pancake batter - a little lazy, but with amazing results!

          In short, a good buy, and at the price we paid, an excellent buy. After 12 months this is still used on a almost daily basis (although mainly for milkshakes or smoothies nowadays) and is still in almost pristine condition. Although, I think we have yet to try the citrus press!!!


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          30.09.2013 18:09
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          well woth having the Kenwood FP190 in your kitchen

          I'd been after a blender and food processor for a while and when I saw that the Kenwood FP190 had been reduced in Sainsbury's to around £50 I knew that I had to buy it as it seemed like great value for money. Plus, a lot of the television cookery shows use blenders and processors and it now almost seems like a given by the chefs that everyone owns one.

          As soon as I got the product home I was keen to get it all set up and see what it could do. Whilst at the supermarket I had also bought some milk and berries. I followed the instructions and put it all together, which only took about five minutes and then I was ready to go. The booklet contains decent and easy to understand pictures of assembly, which really helps. I then made my first ever liquidised strawberry and raspberry milkshake and it was very nice. The blades are so strong and just cut through whatever you put in their way. With the milkshake within seconds their was a burst of pink liquid as the fruits combined with the milk.

          There is a safety feature on both the liquidiser and food processor to prevent any mistakes or injuries and this is that you cannot turn either on until both are locked in position with the lid on. Although I must admit I did find this a little frustrating at first as I could not work out why the machine would not turn on.

          The instruction booklet that accompanies the machine is very helpful and explains all of the different functions. There are 3 different speeds including a blitz function which is a quick surge of energy. Also there is a knife blade for chopping, pureeing and pates, a canopy which can be added when making soups and milkshakes to stop the contents from shooting out, a whisk for egg whites and creams, a slicing / shredding plate for firm food items such as carrots, hard cheeses and cucumbers, a citrus press for citrus fruits and the liquidiser.

          Also, contained in the instruction booklet are recipes for some cracking dishes which are actually easy to make with the machine. The recipes are for mackerel pate, shortcrust pastry, beef cobbler, layered salad, Victoria sandwich, white bread and carrot and coriander soup.

          The machine is very easy to use and I'm sure that it speeds up food preparation. The best thing about it for me though is that it is just so easy to clean. Simply add water and some washing up liquid and have a blitz, it's basically self cleaning which encourages me to use it even more. It is also not too large, which means that you can either have it sitting on the kitchen side or hidden away in a cupboard somewhere.

          Overall, I have been very impressed and would urge anybody to get one, especially if you can get it for the discounted price like I did. Would make a great birthday or Christmas present. I give the Kenwood FP190 liquidiser and food processor five dooyoo stars *****. If you liked the sound of the machine why not go to www.kenwood.co.uk to look at some of the other Kenwood products. If I had to give a negative for the product it would be that it is incredibly noisy, I was quite shocked at how noisy it was. The idea of having a healthy shake in the morning may have to be given a miss as it think in our flat I would wake the neighbours if I got liquidising early in the morning.


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          10.06.2013 11:49


          • Reliability


          Highly recommended if you're looking for a food processor for chopping and for liquidizer.

          The Kenwood FP190 Food Processor is a great product with a strong 600W motor and offer two speeds plus the 'pulse' function. For me, I first looked at this product as I trust the brand name. I've always found Kenwood products to be extremely well put together.
          If you're like me and prone to cutting your fingers when chopping then you need to look at getting a food processor. I also use the liquidizer for my health shakes. Having bought other food processors before they can sometimes prove a bit fiddly to clean but this again gets a thumbs up from me as it all comes apart easily, including the blades, and it's dishwasher safe.
          The design of it is also nice and 'clean' in that it fits in well with my kitchen and it has a nice smooth design and sits nicely next to my Kenwood jug kettle.
          Versatile and efficient are the key words that I would use here, not just for this processor but for Kenwood products in general.

          What you get: Kenwood Compact FP190 Food Processor, 1.4 Litre bowl, 1.0 Litre calibrated liquidiser, Stainless steel chopping blade, Thick slicer plate, Coarse shredder plate, Whisk tool, Citrus press, Maxi blend canopy, Spatula.


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            09.05.2013 15:32
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            a great time saver in the kitchen

            I originally got my Kenwood FP180 for Christmas about 5 years ago now but for various reasons I have only been using it for 4 years but over that time I have grown to love my food processor. First of all I should probably explain that I don't have a family so I don't use it to make family meals but I do use it for baking and when I am catering for large number of people.

            ***The Food processor***

            While my model is quite old (I got it five years ago) looking at the Amazon website as well as the Kenwood website there are similar models available. Mine is a nice compact machine with a 1.4L bowl, a separate smoothie/soup maker (which is 1L in capacity) which attaches to the side of the processor and various attachments (including a blade attachment which is used for general chopping and mixing, a grater, a citrus press, an egg white whisk, different slicing plates (which I have never used) and a maxi blend canopy. However, it doesn't come with a dough hook (although I have them on my hand blender and never got on with them anyway) so if you want to make lots of bread you may want a higher spec.

            This particular food processor also only has two speeds on or pulse so you can't really control the speed but that has never bothered me.

            ***Using the food processor***

            Despite having a number of attachments I confess there are still functionalities of this machine that I have yet to discover but having dug out the instructions for this review I am going to experiment.
            I mainly use it for baking and batch cooking. In fact one of the things I use the blender most often for is making butter cream icing because I don't want to have to clear up the dust left every time I use icing sugar and because this is enclosed it is far cleaner and I would rather clean out the blender bowl then the walls, cooker etc. However, it also has the bonus of making really creamy icing and it blends the icing sugar and butter together far better than I could with a hand blender or by hand (if you forget to take the butter out of the fridge early enough it also warms it slightly - although not loads it's a help). The general chopping blade is also a pretty good mixer and if you are making a large batch of sponge etc it is good for that as well as pastry as I can never be bothered to do that by hand but it rubs it in and mixes it well (just be sure not to overwork it) and I have always had excellent results with my pastry. It also mixes food really well (Jamie Oliver always used a food processor in his 30 minute and 15 minute meals) and is just generally so much quicker then chopping things by hand. The instructions also have a recipe for bread using the knife blade so it looks like you don't need the dough hooks but I have never tried it out for bread as I do that by hand.
            The egg whisk attachment does pretty much what it says on the tin it whisks egg whites and it does a good job of it - although it is worth pointing out that the bowl and attachments are plastic so make sure they are really very clean or you will not get as good results so for this reason I often use the hand blender and a ceramic bowl - the food processor is good for large batches though or when you can't be bothered to stand with a hand blender.

            The grater attachment I can imagine is a god send for families. I recently had to cater for a birthday party and being able to put a whole block of cheese (cut it into about 4 first) was so easy and far better than doing it by hand. The grated cheese tastes like you did it by hand and is far nicer than the pre-grated stuff you get in the supermarkets so is great if you have to make a lot of pack-ups. One thing I would say is that there is a very soft cheesy residue on the top of grater where it gets smashed up rather than grated but there isn't much of it and it still tastes nice and melts well.

            The liquidiser is incredibly handy and even if you have to pay more for a processor with a liquidiser I would recommend it. My one has been used to make soup, smoothies and even managed to cope with a skittles milkshake so it's incredibly versatile for soups etc and even things like pasta sauce.

            When it comes to the other attachments I confess I barely use them because the ones described above are so versatile but they are there and just make the blender even more practical.

            In terms of operation it's fairly self explanatory you just have to make sure the bowl and its lid are properly clicked in but as that is a safety feature it doesn't bother me. However, if you want to use the liquidiser you need to make sure that the main bowl is clicked in with a lid and it can work without the lid on the liquidiser so make sure it's on as I discovered when I put hot soup in if it's not it will make a mess and burn you if it is too warm. There are also only two speeds on or pulse so you can't control that but that said I have never really felt the need for other speeds. It is also nice and compact and has suction feet so sits nicely on my kitchen counter and doesn't take up to much room.


            The food processor itself has to be cleaned by hand, as does the liquidiser but the bowl and attachments are fine in the top shelf of a dishwasher so it's pretty simple to clean. I would say that if you are cleaning the blade attachment make sure you pay attention to the whole where the blender spool goes as I can imagine that could get mouldy.

            My food processor is also incredibly durable - it's lasted well over the years and has even stood up to the rigours of a house share which can cause the most hardy kitchen gadget to give up the ghost. It's still going strong and is showing no signs (touch wood) of dying.

            Well for me there are very little disadvantages but I can imagine for a family the bowl could get a little small so if you are cooking for more than a few people it will be worth going for a bigger bowl. It can also be quite noisy but that is expected with food processors.


            As mine was a present I have no idea how much my family spent on it but at around £50 online for a similar spec model it is a bit of a bargain given how long mine has lasted and how versatile it is (you can pay more than that to get all the gadgets separately). If mine were to stop working I would definitely reinvest in a Kenwood and so far it has been one of the best Christmas presents I have ever been given.


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            05.03.2013 11:19
            Not Helpful
            1 Comment



            A good machine as first processor

            The Kenwood FP190 Food Processor come with a great range of extra attachments, including a 1 litre blender which is great for making drinks and smoothes, this food processor comes with 13 functions and easy to use and it comes with easy to read manual, as with a lot of processors with extra bits they all have to be washed not a problem if you have a dishwasher.
            This is great food processor for a first time user as it is easy to use, If you have used a food processor in the past you my find it is a little small as the bowl is only 1.4L and there is no dough attachments for baking, As I do a lot of baking I tend to use it for making soups.
            As a first machine it is great but if you have a family of more than 2 you may find it a problem (get a bigger Kenwood) a usefull machine to have handy to make soups and drinks and it takes up a small space.


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              22.02.2013 11:26
              1 Comment



              best on the market

              i am a big kenwood fan, so i was looking forward to using this product after buying it at a relatively reasonable price. i can confidently say that you will not regret buying it, because it is the most effecient all round food processor on the market.

              *powerfull 600-watt motor
              *one of the cheapest food processors on the market
              *easy to use for anyone
              *takes uplittle space in the kitchen and can be packed into any cupboard
              *longlasting so can be considered as an investment
              *not noisy
              *liqiudizer is great for smoothies
              *easy to clean

              *small capacity considering it only uses a 1.4 litre bowl
              *user manual is not user friendly
              *not time effecient since it takes up a lot of time when preparing a big meal
              *doesnt accomodate baking, so people who love baking will be disapointed

              as you can see it has very little disadvantages so it is worth a buy


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                23.01.2013 20:14
                Very helpful


                • Reliability


                Kenwood = Good

                ~~~Kenwood Food Processor FP190~~~

                The Kenwood brand is synonymous with cutting edge, quality and long lasting appliances since being established in 1947. I wasn't looking out for a food processor when I bought this, but as my previous machine was on its last legs, and this one being somewhat of a bargain, I couldn't resist. It was a total impulse purchase but one I've not regretted and my review discusses the appliances features and my thoughts about it.

                ~~~ The Unit~~~

                This Processor is available widely from most high street vendors. Sainsbury's seem to be selling a white version at the moment (January 2013), although mine is a rather classy chrome and black. I like this because if I should want to, it could be left out on the counter top to be within easy reach and use - It's not an ugly looking machine that you feel the need to hide away at all. The smart and shiny effect could be seen as a downfall though, as the chrome is rather a dirt magnet and no matter how much you try, it will not remain fingerprint free. It's easily wiped over with a damp soapy cloth though.

                The whole machine except the blades (and internal motor I expect) is manufactured from plastic and although hardwearing, it doesn't have the robustness of a metal construction. The black detailing adds a smart touch, and blends well with my gloss black fitted kitchen, although I'm sure it will be just as at home in many styles of home.

                The 600 watt motor isn't the most powerful on the market, but is adequate for home use. I find it copes adequately with whatever job I throw at it, and after roughly around 8 months use, it hasn't failed me once.

                The metre long electric cord means that it can be positioned more or less anywhere within reason, in your kitchen. A point to note is that there is cord storage to the rear of the machine, should it need to be stored away. I find it odd though, that the plug isn't a moulded one as one would expect from a kitchen appliance.

                Four rubberised suction feet at each 'corner' keep this sturdy and absolutely rigid when in use. My last machine used to vibrate and manoeuvre around the work surface while I used it - this Kenwood FP feels totally safe and secure.



                This has a rather handy feature of being not only a food processor, but having a blender attachment too. With a black plastic base, it is quite strongly fastened into its home on the top of the main body of the processor. It locks into place and feels really secure. Other security features on the appliance means that it will not actually work until the main (chopping) bowl is securely locked into its position too. If I'm using the blender, I lock the FP bowl into place without the blade attachments in situ.

                The main body of the blender jug is transparent, and made from some polycarbonate material. This provides three main benefits: 1, you can see through it, 2, it makes for easier cleaning, and 3, if you blend something that might stain such as tomatoes, beetroot or curry ingredients, the blender doesn't get tainted by either colour or odour. The addition of a pouring spout is a rather handy feature to have too; there's nothing worse than jug that dribbles.

                There are increments up the sides of the blender for ease of measuring - one being in cups (presumably for the American market) and the other being in ml. This has a 1 litre capacity with room at the top to spare for the blitzing action.

                The lid has two rather wide finger indentations, with room for three fingers in one, and your thumb in the other. This gives it quite a good grip for people with dexterity problems. The final feature of the lid is that it has a whole in which sits a little plug, this allows you to drizzle in liquids such as oils for making mayonnaise etc, while the machine is in use and the lid is still on, to prevent splashes and splatters.

                ~FP Bowl~

                The Food Processor bowl has many of the same features noted above but with a maximum 800ml (3 cup) capacity, it is noticeably smaller. I find that even so, it's not small enough to make a huge difference when utilising it. You may need to empty it a couple of times during use, depending on what you are doing.

                Like most other machines of this type, there is a handy feeding tube through which you can either pour liquids, or push through foods while chopping or grating, safely keeping your fingers from harms way.

                Although I'm not 100% sure if they are dishwasher safe (I've lost the instructions), I've but both the blades and both vessels in the dishwasher with no ill effects at all.


                All the chopping/grating/slicing blades are made from quality stainless steel and have not tarnished or become less sharp over time. The blending blades that are non-removable from the jug are easily able to crush ice, and have suffered no ill consequences from doing so. I feel that the Kenwood quality shines through in this respect.


                This is really just a basic food processor and only had two speeds plus a pulse. Speed one is slower (obviously) and two is faster. I haven't noticed any difference in results when chopping or grating at different speeds. The main benefit is when making dough or when you want to have keep foods chunky, having a slower setting means it's more controllable and you can obtain the texture you require.

                The pulse feature is great when making soups or smoothies, and lumps and chunks are trapped either at the sides of the bowl or around the blades. This gives a quick blast of the motor and is often just enough to dislodge the food and enable a more consistent blend.


                Now, as you would expect with something that cuts, slices and chops, it does make a bit of a racket. This machine is no exception to the rule; in fact, I would say it is considerably noisier than my previous food processor. It wouldn't put me off buying it though, as you are unlikely to be using this for more than a couple of minutes at a time.

                The absolute main downfall with this appliance though, and it could just be mine that is faulty - When I utilise the fast setting for anything over a couple of seconds, or hold it down in the pulse position, there is the most awful smell of burning rubber. In the eight months I've owned this; it has diminished a little, but not faded completely. This appliance is used quite regularly so it can't be due to newness. It doesn't stop me using it, or hindered its performance in any way. Having read many other reviews of this FP, I've not seen any other comments about this matter, so hopefully like I said before; this may just be a one off.


                Now here's the thing - At £90 I feel this is overpriced, even for the Kenwood branding. Half price is a much more reasonable price to pay, so I would say that if you're in the market for a Food Processor, if you can find one around the £40 - £45 mark, I would still go for it despite the (possible) burning smell when in use. However, I purchased mine from Tesco's for an unbelievable £9 - no, that wasn't a typing error, it was £9!!! If you see one for that price, grab one, hand over your money and get out of the shop as fast as you can; it's a bargain.

                ~~~My Thoughts~~~

                Despite its flaws, I would still buy this again. Granted, if I had more money to spend I might go for a higher spec model, but I think this one is more than adequate for my needs at the moment. It does everything I need it to, so why waste money by spending more than you need? The Kenwood name continues to live up to the high standard expected of it, in my opinion, and therefore I would give this a five star rating despite its minor flaws.


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