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Kenwood FP920 Food Processor

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4 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • lots of accessory
  • some parts are just too fragile
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    4 Reviews
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      14.02.2015 14:43
      Very helpful


      • "lots of accessory "


      • "some parts are just too fragile "

      lots of function's be weary of its shortfalls

      if you are looking for something that can do a lot stuff this producer defiantly covers that. however like meany things that can do a lot it often doesn't do them exceptionally well. the biggest let down on this i found were the mixers that had a tendency to be ripped out of they're holders if what was being mixed became stiff such as making fresh wiped cream.
      the liquidizer was also a problem. the rubber seal on the bottom of the jug is not grate unless it is placed in exactly the right way you will quickly find you have your meal not only leaking out of the jug but in to the electric moter that is in this case differently underneath the leaking jug.
      that being said there are things in which id dus a fantastic job the slicing and grating weals are are grate as long as you can fit the food down the what is in my opinean to narrow neck.
      the biggest tubule with systems like this is there are a number of key parts that work with a lot of the other parts and if they get damaged as things do in a family kitchen you ether have to find a replacement part that can be hard to find or lose the function of about half of the feathers.
      the meager advantage of this system and others like it though is space. when packed together tidily it it takes up a lot less cubord space than 4-6 other appliances you would need to have all of the function of this one set.
      the base moter is powerful enough to almost any job you through at it as long as the parts themselves dont get damaged in the process (see reference to whipping cream)

      despite all my complaining it is a relatively good unit and i will be buying anther when the one i have wears out however you need to be aware of its shortcomings before you buy one else you may find yourself out £100 - £150 with somthing that is not good for you to use


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      19.09.2013 12:53
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great buy for the keen cook

      I was bought this food processor as a Christmas gift, and being the foodie that I am, it was a great choice. This can currently be bought for somewhere between £100-125 depending on where you look but I believe my mother got a good deal!

      In terms of the initial opening, it's easy to be overwhelmed with all the bits that come in this box and immediately I was thinking "where on earth am I going to store this all?" but actually it can all slot quite compactly into a large tupperware, which is where I store the bits and then keep the unit separate. This also comes with a blender/liquidiser sort of deal, which is easier for milkshakes as it just slots on the top. I've also been using this for soups and it works well and pours better than the main unit. The spatula that comes with the machine really is custom made for the shape of the bowl. It effortlessly fits into every bit and you won't waste a drop. I have unfortunately ruined this by putting it in the dishwasher though, you have been warned!

      The most annoying thing about this item is that to get things working you have to put this extended large 'cog' onto the base of the unit then slot the main processing bowl over the top and then attach the relevant gadget to the cog. There are a variety of attachments that you'd expect, grating, slicing, juicing etc. but mainly we used the dough hook to do pastries and the traditional blades. It would be much easier just to slot these in like our old processor. The only advantage to the weird cog is that the whole thing comes apart much easier and it's a breeze to clean. One comment I would make is that became of the chrome like finish, be careful what you use on the chrome parts as I'd manage to damage the finish using an anti-bacterial wipe. It's also been quite hard to clean in between the cogs where the long stick fits into.

      My favourite part of the processor, and a feature I wouldn't really expect is the spice mill, which I've actually been using to grind all sorts of things but it's great for coffee as we actually don't have a coffee grinder.

      On the whole this is a really sturdy and varied machine that cuts the mustard in more ways that one. I'd recommend it to anybody who is into cooking, but would probably consider it overkill for the occasional chef with limited needs.


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      13.03.2009 00:47
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      This is the king of food processors

      I have been using food processors for over 30 years and for the last 10 years I have sworn by Magimix. At 80 my interest in cooking was getting a bit jaded but I have recently invested in a Kenwood FP920 and am completely won over. It is the best of a long line of processors. It has a wide range of tools and is extremely efficient. I also appreciate the storage carousel - it is convenient to have most of the tools to hand and I find myself becoming more adventurous and making good use of all of them. Above all, though, the proof of the pudding is in the eating - literally so. Since using the FP920 I have not had a single disappointment: the textures are easily controlled, with no more mushy overprocessed onions! My only criticism is a minor one: the spindle is a bit wobbly and to begin with I had a little trouble fitting the bowl onto it. I soon got used to it, however, and assembling the bowl is no longer a problem.


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      23.05.2006 15:09
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great buy for foodies, watch out for the spindle...

      After the sad demise of our third mid priced foodprocessor we decided the time had come to buy something a bit more expensive. We knew we wanted one piece of equipment rather than a separate liquidiser, chopper and mixer and after an intense bout of cyber browsing we settled on this one. We paid £104 for it from Amazon, but they are now charging £123.


      Most importantly you get a brilliant quality base unit, which all of the attachments fit onto. It has a 1000 watt motor which means it can deal with pretty much anything you want to process at home. The controls are very simple, turn the dial one way for a powerful pulse, the other way to turn up the power slowly. It is this very simplicity that makes it so wonderful to use.

      There is a fitting on the top of the base unit where the spindle sits. Now, the spindle (they call it a drive shaft, but that just makes me think of Charlie from Lost, so I'll stick to spindle) is my only gripe about this machine. Whenever you are using the bowl, you have to put the spindle in first, then the bowl slots over it. "Sounds simple" you might say, and indeed it is. Putting aside the fact that both hubby and I have managed to load the thing up and switch it on, only to find we forgot to put the spindle in (not exactly a fault of the unit, I grant you), almost without fail the spindle falls off when you lift the bowl up.

      When (if!) the spindle is in place, the large bowl slots over it, and the usual array of slicing discs, mixing blades etc. can be added (List at the end of the review). The top then slots into place and away you go. The 3 litre size shuold be big enough for most domestic use.

      If you want to mix small quantities (perhaps babyfood) there is a smaller bowl (minbowl) which fits into the larger bowl with its own blade.

      Using the 1.5 litre liquidiser is even easier, it slots into the fitting on the top of the unit. This makes billiant smoothies and milkshakes, also VERY good for mixing ice-cream mix!

      The spice mill also fits straight onto the base unit and is ideal for curry officianados as it grinds up spices (and coffee) to a very fine consistency.

      There is also both a citrus and a centrifugal juicer, I haven't used either so can't comment on those.

      A special mention must be made of the flexible spatula, it doesn't look much but it certainly gets every last bit of food out of the bowl. Terrific!

      There is also a storage unit which is great but you can't fit all the blades etc. in (at least I can't). This is a white bowl which sits inside the big bowl for storage.

      The most noticeable advantage of this over other food processors we have owned, is how solidly eveything fits together. Everything is made from good quality materials and very well designed (except perhaps that blessed spindle!). I thnik for the price it is exceptional value for money.

      The base unit, while maybe a bit chunky, has a good quality chrome finish and looks great out on the woorktop.

      You need quite a bit of cupboard space for all the attachments,even with some of them in the carousel. I put all of it away when not in use and it pretty much fills one shelf of my kitchen cupboard.
      The base has integral cord storage and handles.

      You get a leaflet that shows you all the bits and pieces etc., plus the obligiatory cook book, which I haven't dipped into yet. The instruction leaflet is clear and well laid out.

      I never usually buy extended warranty but I have in this case for two reasons;
      1 It only worked out to £3 a month and
      2 We spent over £30 on one replacement part for my last processor (which wasn't enough to save it) and as the liquidiser is made from glass, I thought it a wise investment.

      Everything except the base goes in the dishwasher, and all the bits dismantle so it gets a thorough clean. The base is wipe clean.

      I guess if you've read this far you've worked out that I am pretty pleased with this unit. If you like cooking and you are prepared to pay the extra, this is an excellent machine that I expect will last for years and year.

      Thankyou for reading and rating this review.


      Thick Slice and Shredding disk
      Thin Slice and Shredding disk
      Parmesan grating/Potato rasping disk
      Julienne/fine chipping disk
      Twin metal beater geared whisk
      Dough tool
      Knife blade

      3.0L bowl capacity
      Glass 1.5L liquidiser
      KenstoreTM attachment storage carousel


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      Short name: Kenwood FP920

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