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Magimix 5100 Cuisine

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    1 Review
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      01.12.2013 16:31
      Very helpful


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      Accept nothing less

      The Product:

      Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5100

      About Magimix:

      Magimix are a French company probably best known for their Food Processors and Robot range of equipment to the catering industry. Indeed, I first discovered the joy of a Magimix when helping out in an hotel kitchen. 2013 is the 40th anniversary year of the star of the company with the invention of the food processor and anyone who has ever owned one will agree that Magimix are still the best today. Often copied - never bettered. You can find out more here: http://www.magimix.uk.com/produits/PREPARATION/Food-processor/


      "Magimix products are designed to make life simpler for the serious cook. Most have their roots in professional products designed for commercial use.

      For this reason they work well and are
      Built Better to Last Longer.

      The range combines the best cooking traditions with today's technology, and is supported by strong domestic use guarantees and after sales service.

      Thanks to Magimix innovations, the most demanding tasks can be accomplished quickly, easily and quietly."


      Having been introduced to the joy of a Magimix, I bought a second hand one as my finances all those years ago could not run to a new one. I chopped, blended and mixed with my Magimix, making wonderful soups and stews, midweek pastry became possible, and freeing up time for some things meant that things like baton carrots or perfectly matched roast potatoes was now easy too. Alas, in those pre-internet days my Magimix did not come with a cheese crater and slicer attachment.

      Anyway, I think that was being sold for a reason and it lasted a few months, I replaced it with a Breville food processor and that was not a patch on the Magimix and did not last the guarantee, replaced by a second Breville that just exceeded the guarantee before I could smell burning coming from the motor as it burned out. I had by this time also used another processor when house sitting and again that was not anything like as good as the Magimix.

      I managed without for a few years. I received a nice Kenwood mixer as a wedding present, complete with many accessories. So I was managing without the Magimix, but still in the back of my mind was a desire for another one.

      A few years ago, ill health meant that I reluctantly finally gave up horses (wait this is relevant!). Once it became apparent that I would not be using them anymore I sold off my horse equipment and the sale of a set of horse clippers on a well known auction site, enabled me to treat myself to a brand new Magimix Cuisenne5100. Offered with £35.00 off the normal price due to the Chrome models being the latest thing and all the rage. At the time I was living in a hard water area, so was happy to forgo the chrome that would have been a nightmare to keep buffed up anyway.


      Purchased via John Lewis, the Magimix arrived in a much bigger box than I expected and I opened the outer box wondering if I had been sent the wrong item. Nestled inside the generous packaging was the Magimix box, I opened this box like a child on Christmas morning and spotted the well packaged main machine through the semi-opaque packaging material. I pulled out all the bits and pieces and sat down with a cup of tea to read the book. The Magimix came with a comprehensive 3 year guarantee and 20 year motor warranty, better than the 1 year on the cheaper Breville then. Recipe ideas swimming in my head, I went back to the rest of the items and checked that everything was there. My Magimix came with a full and comprehensive set of accessories including a smaller bowl with its own mini disks and whisks. I was so pleased that I had bought the better model, I had everything here I could wish for:

      As well as the standard items of machine; bowl; lid; pusher and Sabatier the Magimix came with:

      Mini bowl
      Mini Sabatier
      Mini Whisk
      Egg Whisk
      Plastic dough blade
      1 each of large, small and medium grating and slicing discs
      Disc support
      Cleaning tool
      Citrus Press
      And interchangeable mini lids for the mixing attachments
      Plastic Accessories Storage Box

      The operation or the processor is easy, the older one I had used before had a multiple speed system, but the newer versions are simplified with a simple on/off and pulse button system for ease of use. A useful safety feature is that the machine will NOT work without the lid fitted correctly into place.

      My Magimix, mixes, chops, slices, whisks, blends, slices, purees and more. My Magimix can turn a block of chocolate into cocoa (style) powder, mince meat and crush ice and a whole host of less dramatic things as well. I follow the pastry recipes supplied and my pastry always turns out first class, it makes quick work of making baby food; mixing cakes and chopping nuts to whatever consistency I require.

      I make an alternative Farmhouse Fruit Cake by using the Magimix the fruit is all chopped up very small, but it makes for a fantastic cake without lumps of fruit for a change. If I am using it for a fruit cake that I do not want the fruit chopped in, I simply fold the fruit in by hand at the end.

      The instructions are by easy to follow photos with simple text. The recipes are easy to follow and all very good.

      When I bought mine the Magimix Food Processor was available in off white or chrome, I noticed checking the website today for the link that the 5200 comes in a whole variety of stylish colours. How very French!

      The Magimix electric lead will wrap around under the machine to exit at the point most convenient for your use. The parts are all robust and long lasting. This is the Ferrari of Food Processors!


      Well, to be ultra fussy the cleaning tool is not quite capable of getting into all the nooks and crannies and it is very difficult to clean in areas such as the handle, which is a hollow tube.

      Additionally, the wonderful powerful motor, is sometimes too much, but cannot be turned down, so the user has to decide whether to do a job by hand or carefully with the pulse button.

      Who is it for?

      Anyone and everyone, the list could fill 2 pages of A4, basically if you can afford one, get one! If buying used make sure you get plenty of good original accessories to make the most of your machine.

      But especially:

      Busy mums especially will benefit from a Magimix food processor.

      Disabled people who find fiddly manual tasks difficult would wonder how them managed before.


      Generally the Magimix Food Processer is the king of domestic Processors, handling all sorts of tasks quickly and efficiently. The manufacturer supplies a comprehensive tried and tested set of recipes that are wide ranging and many become useful staples. Home-made baby food becomes a breeze and more complicated cuisine worry free.

      I could manage without a lot of things, but would be very reluctant to part with my Magimix.

      Accept nothing less.

      STARS: 5/5

      Price and Availability:

      The 5100 has been superseded by the 5200, but other models are also available. The 5200 is from £278.96 from John Lewis. Also, available from other Magimix/Robot outlets. The 5100 can be bought used from outlets such as eBay or Amazon and Preloved from Preloved.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope you found it useful.


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