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Moulinex DFC7 Odacio 3

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    3 Reviews
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      29.09.2011 01:11
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      It is hard to find a food processor to replace this.

      I had Moulinex food processor for the past seven years. It is cream colour- and did look a bit outdated in my kitchen but still all the jobs a food processor could do. It was of good quality and even with our rough usage, it lasted for seven years. It broke because I accidently dropped the liquidiser jug to the floor. I bought it for nearly £50 but that was years ago, and I dont think they maufacture this model anymore but I have still seen some going on ebay.

      It has a 3 Litre processor Bowl and a 1.5 Litre liquidiser jug. Both are made of plastic. The attachments include-
      dough tool
      citrus press
      grating disc- small and large
      slicing disc
      disc for making french fries/chips
      chopping blade made of stainless steel

      I used it regularly to make salads and dough for breads and pizzas. I used the blender or liquidiser jug to make curries and blend soups. The machine was strong enough to handle the kneading. I never crushed ice so dont know if they are suitable for this function.

      It has two speeds- 1 and 2 and a pulse funstion. It was knob style, so just turn the knob to the speed wanted.
      It was easy to clean the bowls and all the attachments- they were all dishwasher safe. But since the machine itself is cream/light coloured, and if anything splashes on it, it would be difficult to get the mark off.
      But overall, it was a great food processor and now that it is broke, I am struggling to find a replacement.


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        11.09.2010 12:26
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Very good food processor from Moulinex

        Well, so I wanted a food processor that was very easy to use and did the standard things you expect from a food processor, and my choice fell on this Moulinex DFC7 Odacio 3. At first gaze, I noticed that it looked really nice, with a very charming and sort of modern shape and design, all though in white therefore fitting with the style of my kitchen. I`ve taken notice in the fact that the price of this product bounces up and down a bit, but when I bought it, I paid 38.99, which I think to be a really good deal, as this is a solid and good functioning food processor, not really bringing all that many disadvantages to the table.

        A food processor can be used for a variety of different things, but I mainly use mine for whipping up cake batters, blending ingredients for soup, mixing batters for waffles and pancakes and blend minced meat in order to make my own meat balls... So for that use I found this machine to really do the work well, it works efficient and fast, yet anything but silently! Yes, there is a noise level to take into account here, but it really isn`t too bad, just enough to make you notice it and hopefully without bursting into irritated shouting... A variety of use also means a variety of equipment to come along, including;

        grinder, citrus press, juice extractor, plastic blade, grating disc, balloon whisk, slicing disk, french fry disk, liquidiser jug and a mini chopper, all of these so far functioning very good and solid, not having had any problems of any of them breaking in any way. With this level of variation it the equipment, it goes without saying that you can use this food processor for a lot of different activities in the kitchen, whether it`s making juice or chopping vegetables. This product comes with a retractable cord which makes it very practical, and to add to the joy, it`s very easy to clean, as everything from the bowl itself to all other accesories can be washed using a dishwasher, noting that the balloon whisk should be washed by hand. The largest bowl holds 3 liters, whereas the jug holds half that ammount. With a motor speed of 800 W, all tasks go by swiftly and efficient, and it really has making food much more fun and easy!

        I see no reason why I shouldn`t recommend this product, a real good buy!


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        12.06.2010 22:20
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A very good buy from Moulinex

        About eighteen months ago I decided that my food processor, after many years of use, needed replacing. I'm not one who uses a processor very often, as I don't regularly bake, but there are times when a food processor is very useful. I mainly use it to (occasionally) make cakes and pastry, soups, batter mix for Yorkshire puddings and pancakes, and sage and onion stuffing mix.

        Because I'm not one who goes in for baking in a great way I was really just looking for a simple processor that was easy to use and clean, and of a decent size. After perusing a few electrical stockists I was most impressed with this Moulinex model ( Odacio 3 model DFC7).
        Really this fulfilled much more than my basic requirements but as it was on a good offer and only cost around £40.00, I thought why get a model that wasn't as good?

        This processor does everything you could want it to do. If you're into baking then you'll love it. Or if you want to make life easier then you'll also love this.


        It has plenty of attachments for different jobs. These include:

        Metal blade: For chopping ( vegetables,fruit, fish, meats), mixing batters etc. Also, for blending (soups and pates).

        Plastic blade: For kneading and making a light cake mixture

        Slicing disc: Slicing of fruit and vegetables

        Balloon whisk: For easy whipping of cream, egg white etc.

        Grating disc: This is good for grating carrots and other vegetables or fruit.

        Citrus press: To make up to one litre of fruit juice

        Liquidiser jug: To liquidise baby food, soups, sauces and more.

        Juice extractor: Can make up to one litre of juice.

        Grinder: Ideal for pepper and spices

        French fry disc: Helpful to chip potatoes and vegetables.

        Mini chopper: Ideal for chopping nuts and herbs.

        From this list, I'm sure you can see the enormous scope offered by this processor and it really does encourage one to experiment.

        The attachments are easy to fit- you have to press the release button and fit the different attachment. If it isn't fitted correctly the appliance won't work and this is a good safety feature.

        Other features that I find particularly is the retractable cord. This makes storage easier.

        Intelligent controls: It can automatically set the speed when you press the speed symbol indicated.

        I find I often use the pulse button. With this feature you can judge manually and switch speed on or off by a press of a button.

        As to noise I've only had two processors. This isn't as noisy as my old Kenwood processor but it makes itself heard. As I haven't much to compare it with, I can only say that I don't find it too noisy.


        All accessories with the exception of the balloon whisk can be cleaned in a dishwasher, some top shelf only. The bowl, jug and lids are also dishwasher safe. The bowl and liquidiser jug handle can both be removed with ease. The remaining body of the appliance can be wiped over with a warm, soapy cloth.

        The manual supplied is very easy to follow with diagrams and even recipes included.

        The liquidiser jug has a capacity of 1.5 litres which is a good size and a large capacity bowl of three litres.

        The motor is 800 watts.

        Overall, I consider this a great food processor. It's proved reliable, easy to use and with many functions. It certainly has made many food preparation tasks simple.

        A similar review of this product may be found on Ciao by AnneLorraine1


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        Short name: Moulinex DFC7

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