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Russel Hobbs 12709 Electric Salad Xpress

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2013 16:04
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      A great useful machine

      We have had our salad spinner for a few years now, I seem to think we bought it at Aldi or Lidl during one of our health binges. This is branded by the programme "You are what you eat", and at the time we were both a fan of the programme. I think we paid around £25 for it.

      **So what is it?**
      This is more then a device just to spin salad, as who spins salad?, well clearly not me:) It chops, slices or grates fruit and vegetables and puts them in the bowl it attaches to. We bought it with the idea of making our own salads, and used it for chopping up cabbage etc., before mixing it with salad leaves. It will also wash or dry salad, but I've never used this. It consists of the top machine part, a plastic bowl, a plastic basket which fits inside the bowel, and two interchangeable blades (one for slicing, one for grating). The plastic bowl (ours is plastic, although it's described on Amazon as glass)has a plastic lid so that you can easily use it to store your salad.

      **Using our salad spinner**
      Mostly these days I use this for grating up apples before turning them into cider, but in the past we have used it to make salads with carrot, cabbage etc, and to make coleslaw. To use it you have to chop the vegetables up first into small wedges which will fit down the chute at the top, then making sure the top part is securely attached to the bowl (it won't work if it isn't) you put them down the chute part hold the button on the handle in and use the supplied plastic presser to encourage the vegetables to go down and be grated or sliced. I can be a bit impatient with this, and as a result some of the vegetable end up sliced, but stuck between the machine and blade. This can easily be removed by unscrewing the blade. The blades attach easily, each one has a large hand screw attached, which just screws onto the electric section. I believe the plastic basket is something to do with washing or drying the salad, but we've only ever used it for storage.

      This is thankfully quite easy to clean, the electric part just needs a wipe, and the rest can be washed in a sink or in the dishwasher. The only crevices are in the blades and these clean out easily under running water or with a sponge.

      **What I think**
      This is a great machine, and has proved itself a useful addition to my kitchen. While vegetables still need prepped first (peeled, chopped etc.), I find this does make life easier if you are making a large salad or coleslaw, as it saves on grating or chopping. It definitely makes the process or grating apples to turn into cider easier :) I'm now trying to think why we no longer use it as much to make salads, and I think it's probably because it is best designed to make large salads, and there are only two of us. In the past my step daughter lived with us for a while (she's now all grown up with a family of her own), and I think large salads which could be stored and eating whenever, were more practical when we first bought it, either that or we've just become less healthy :(

      A quick look online shows that this is now quite hard to get hold of, it's listed as currently unavailable on Amazon and doesn't seem to be on sale elsewhere, although you might find one on ebay.


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