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5adaybox operates a hugely popular home delivery BOX scheme. We source fresh produce direct from farmers and growers - local to our depots! With a 5adaybox Box you’ll get a huge range of high quality fruit, vegetables and salads delivered straight to your door.

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    2 Reviews
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      12.09.2009 09:56
      Very helpful
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      Boxes are excellent quality and value for money

      5adaybox (www.5adaybox.co.uk) is a fruit and vegetable delivery box scheme serving the South West. We've been having a box regularly now for about 4 months and love it... I've recommended it to all my friends.

      There are 3 boxes you can choose from:
      Small @ £11.95
      Medium @ £15.95
      Large @ £19.95

      They also accept Healthy Start vouchers.

      You can choose to have them delivered weekly, fortnightly, 3-weekly or monthly.... there is no delivery charge. Each box contains a variety of seasonal vegetables, fruit and salad produce and the box contents vary each week. The boxes are delivered in a refrigerated van, and come in a silver box which helps keep the produce cool if you're not able to unpack it straight away.

      We love the fact that the produce is always so fresh and really tasty and there's always a good variety, not just your basic fruit & veg, there's often some really different/exotic stuff to try. We are always excited to see what we've got in our box each week.

      You can also add to your order with other produce.... extra fruit, veg, salad, dairy, juices, bread, cakes, pickles etc. They do gift boxes too.

      Ordering and managing your account online is so easy and the staff have always been extremely helpful when I've phoned the office.

      I woud say it's definately a lot cheaper than what you would pay in the supermarket, it's always fresh and we are definately eating a lot more different things that we wouldn't normally buy.... highly recommended.


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        25.04.2009 00:30
        Very helpful



        Veg to your door and so much more.

        5 A Day Box:

        (Please note www.5adaybox.co.uk only serves the South West. Sorry to all of you that can't use them but there are similar companies in other areas, just search for them).

        My Dad has been having a fruit and vegetable delivery for ages now and at first I have to admit that I thought it was a bit "la-de-da" to be honest and I assumed that it would be very expensive. I can't believe how wrong I was!

        After a bit of persuading by my Dad, (he should earn commission), I decided to give it a go mainly because if you bought one box you got a second free, (delivered the week/fortnight after your first box). With that kind of deal I thought I had nothing to lose. I really and truly expected to cancel after the second delivery but now I look forward to my fortnightly veggies!

        As the name suggests you can sign up for a box of fruit, vegetables and salad either weekly or fortnightly or you can make your own by adding at least £8.95 of fruit and vegetables.

        There are three sizes of box available:

        > Small, (suitable for couples): £11.95

        >Medium, (the one I have, suitable for a family of four, or my case three adults and the occasional fourth mouth): £15.95

        > Large, (suitable for large families): £19.95

        The boxes work out amazing value, you get so much in there. It is a random selection so you don't know what you will get and I don't think you can "eliminate" items so you never receive them either but if you have an allergy or really hate something then perhaps if you spoke to them they would help out. I have always found them friendly and helpful and so has my Dad. I love the surprise of not knowing what's inside and love the smell when I open the box.

        It does make you try new things as well; I tried a mooli recently which is a white Japanese radish type vegetable. To be honest I thought it was a long turnip, (duh), but it was fine as they, (unlike most radishes), are also delicious cooked and I would never have tried one otherwise. I also got to try celeriac which isn't something I would choose because they are so ugly! I guess though, if you had fussy eaters in your house then this might not be ideal.

        There are loads of other things on the website that you can add to your box. They do bakery stuff, (I got some caramel shortbread and it was incredible), preserves, dairy products and loads more. At the moment they even have a few general grocery items at really good prices. I love their fruit juice too and the other half loves the smoothies.

        The website itself isn't the most professional looking in my opinion but it works very well and is easy to use. When you add an item to your order you get a list on the side so you can keep an eye on how much you adding and what it will all cost. I have never had a problem with the site in any way.

        I had a delivery today and in my box I got, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, cress, celery, 2 types of apple, pears, satsumas, seedless red grapes, carrots, parsnips, spinach, cauliflower, plums, bananas, potatoes, and onions. I also ordered a few extra things too. Sometimes you get some free stuff, last time I got a box with some cheese, some cherry tomatoes, some apple and cider chutney and a smoothie.

        In each box you get a leaflet, (one side of A4), with a recipe, information about one of the things in your box and a few other things which vary. This is often interesting and quite useful too. It also tells you how much you have saved compared to the cheapest supermarket for the items in your box.

        The box gets delivered on a set day but it can be any time during the day so someone will need to be in all day but they can leave it in a safe place or with a neighbour if you advise them to do so. They have plastic boxes which you have to pay a deposit for or they will deliver in big cardboard boxes that can be re-used or re-cycled. I will warn you that the boxes are heavy when they are full; I usually get the driver to leave it just inside my front door and unpack it a bit before moving it to the kitchen.

        Signing up for a box is easy; you simply enter your postcode and choose your box. The payment system requires you to pay by card via futurepay which allows them to charge your card 48 hours before delivery with whatever amount they need to. When they have taken payment you will get an email letting you know.

        Over all I am really impressed with both the service and the quality of the produce too. I would whole heartedly recommend this service to anyone in the area.


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