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    6 Reviews
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      29.01.2015 17:52
      Very helpful
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      • "Easy online shopping"


      Check out their gift sets

      Twinings were the first company we tried Fruit or Green Teas from and our relationship has been up and down since.
      I like their black teas although they were to light for me to continue but it wasn't until they brought the EVERYDAY tea range [ those lovely yellow boxes] that I returned to their brand and started trying out the fabulous new flavours.

      However much I love their teas and am VERY impressed with their NEW flavours in the green tea section[since Whittards have reduced the amount of flavours they provide I had taken my custom elsewhere.]
      My friends have always loved Twinings and now I have started buying from their tea gifts range and I HAVE to rage and tell others how fantastic and different they are.
      Maybe I've been been sucked into the packaging but I really think they're wonderful enough to encourage others to head to their website and check them out for themselves.

      Wow! These are huge in size and flavour.
      The jars are reminiscent of the old sweet jars and store looks from times past.
      They provide two different jars:

      Beautiful gift options over 16 varieties which include:TEA [OBIVOUSLY :))

      Prices range from £9-£30 and subject to change.

      There are currently 13 hampers available and provide the choice similar to the list above. The prices range from £25 to £90 and subject to change.

      The choice on here is fantastic and the ease of the website is great, clear and consistent, only very small gripe is sometimes the gift set I want to buy is not in stock, but I think it's more of a testament to the fact these are great sellers.
      The whole process was a lovely customer experience and well worth the cost.
      I was pleased with the whole process and delivery and my gifts that I purchased went down really well with my friends.
      Honestly, head over to this lovely choice online, window shop or buy to your hearts content!


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        22.06.2007 16:58



        it is generally good and affordable.

        Twinings, are of high quality, they do differfrom the traditional teait has brought a new life to tea consumption. it is re atively sheap and easy to get in a number of food store. the package is so nice that a buyer gets attraction on sight. The package is small enough for people to purchase in any quantity they are comfortable with, it is a health beverages which makes it unique But negativity is that it is addictive that will end up making a person leaving other beverages.


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        20.12.2004 23:37
        Very helpful



        NAME OF DRINK:
        Twinings Infusions Refreshing & Revitalising Selection flavoured herbal teabags. You get 20 teabags all individually wrapped in their own colour-coded packets. They are naturally caffeine free and this selection box comes with 4 different flavours:

        1. Echinacea & Raspberry– the tag line states it is a “gentle yet reviving blend with a fruity twist”. For more details on this – see my individual review on this top entitled “Blagger’s Heaven”.
        2. Camomile & Limeflowers - the tag line states it is a “refreshing, floral blend with a delicate citrus taste”. This means it has hardly any flavour!
        3. Blackcurrant, Ginseng & Vanilla - the tag line states it is a “reviving drink with a lively taste”. I agree with this statement, it is extremely tasty and well worth buying the box for.
        4. Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower -

        I was trying to reduce my caffeine intake when a friend introduced me to herb teas. She recommended the Echinacea as it is supposed to enhance your immune system. As I had tried the Echinacea and the Cranberry flavours I decided to try a Selection box in order to try 2 more flavours – ones that I may not have decided to choose a box full (in case I didn’t like them). Hence my choice of this box – you get 5 bags of each flavour so I would only be wasting a quarter of my money if I didn’t like one particular flavour.

        As the teabags come as part of a selection box, they have a longish string attached to the bag with a staple at the bag end, and a staple holding a small card with the word Twinings at the other. Be careful with these as the staple can sometimes not be in right and the tag comes off completely or you can break the string. I wondered once if the staple came out whether the teabag would spill its contents into my drink – but I hasten to add this has yet to happen.

        Brewing instructions are allow one teabag per person and add freshly boiled water to the bag. Leave to infuse for 3-5 minutes according to taste. Can be drunk hot or cold – definitely prefer hot! I have tried all of them cold when I have left it too long and it does not taste right – but it is drinkable. Add honey to sweeten, if preferred. I have never tried this, as I do not like sweet drinks but each to their own.

        ALWAYS DRINK WITHOUT MILK. This means it is good for those on a lactose free diet.

        The packaging is good - not too much of it. The box itself has a tear off part, which goes around 3 sides of the box and this creates a lid. If you buy each flavour alone the bags are loose inside, so not extra packaging inside. Brownie points for Twinings there – no excess packaging. If each flavour is in a selection box, you get each bag inside its own packet to preserve the flavours, which is a good idea.

        As this is a selection box, each tea bag comes in its own individual packet, which are colour coded according to the flavoured teabag inside. The box is a bright yellow with a square picture of each of the combinations on the front. The Echinacea is depicted as a pink coneflower similar to a sunflower.

        Camomile and Limeflowers: Yellow
        Blackcurrant, Ginseng & Vanilla: Purple
        Echinacea & Raspberry: Pink

        I am sorry I cannot remember what colour the other one comes in and I do not have any of that flavour left to check, although pale blue springs to mind.

        The teabag is transparent white and there seems to be hay and leaves inside the bag – colour unknown. However, the drink becomes a becoming pink for all the flavours other than the Camomile & Limeflowers. This particular drink becomes a dirty yellowish brown – sorry but it looks rather like urine! It doesn’t taste quite that bad though!

        The best thing since sliced bread, it is very difficult to describe the taste. Each one is different naturally, but you can definitely taste the raspberry in the two that have it as an ingredient. Other ingredients include liquorice but I cannot taste it. However, there are other citric ingredients such as orange peel in all of them. I must admit I cannot taste the vanilla in the Blackcurrant flavoured drink.

        There are plenty of different smells (possibly due to the citric ingredients). It makes the room smell fruity. It is a strong smell but not unpleasant. My colleagues definitely know when I have been brewing these drinks.

        Echinacea & raspberry:
        Hibiscus, Echinacea (20%), Apple Pieces, Orange Peel

        Camomile & Limeflowers:
        Camomile (42.3%), Limeflowers (13.3%) Orange Peel, Lemon flavouring

        Blackcurrant, Ginseng & Vanilla:
        Hibiscus, Orange Peel, Blackberry Leaves, Lemon Peel.

        I do not have a list of ingredients for the other drink as I have drunk them all and not saved a packet, silly me!

        89p for a box of 20 loose. They can be more if they are included as part of a selection box. Usually about £1.29. Prices from Tesco.

        GOOD POINTS:
        · Caffeine free
        · Smells gorgeous
        · Tastes brilliant

        BAD POINTS:
        · I run out too quickly
        · Loose ones are harder to remove from the mug/cup because there is no tag.

        Buy another box!

        Each box of loose teabags recommends a different flavour – this one recommends Cranberry, Raspberry and Elderflower. I have tried other flavours and have enjoyed trying the “Refreshing and Reviving Selection”. I am very keen on three of the flavours and not so keen on the camomile one. It just isn’t sweet enough for me and the colour is enough to put anyone off for life. I have tried Wild Blackberry & Nettle and this may be my next review.

        The carton is supposedly 100% recyclable and made from renewable resources. Unfortunately, my local council provided me with a blue box for recycling which expressly states NO CARDBOARD so I can’t recycle it.


        Importer in New Zealand: The Bell Tea Co Ltd, 305 East Tamaki Road, Auckland.

        Blended and packed from imported ingredients by R. Twining and Company Ltd, South Way, Andover, Hampshire, England. The box states that it is a product of United Kingdom.

        www.twinings.com I once logged on to this website and did a quick quiz asking about my feelings/needs particular times of the day, etc and it suggested a drink for each of these times and they sent me 3 free samples from the selection it had brought up and a money off voucher for the teabags. If this is still working, I would highly recommend it as you often get to try a flavour that you would not have possibly picked out yourself. I definitely highly rate the website and the products. This is a blaggers' heaven!



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          03.04.2003 02:17
          Very helpful



          As a regular tea drinker, I am always looking for alternatives to the usual brand makes. I recently decided to try Twinings teas, and was certainly not disappointed. Their teas are rich and full of flavour. Ceylon, Assam, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Lapsang Souchong are available in most supermarkets, although some of the rarer teas, like Keemun and Yunnan, may be more difficult to find. All types are sold in both bag and leaf form. PACKAGING As you browse the shelves in the tea aisle, you are instantly enticed by the neatly stacked boxes of Twinings teas. Their sophisticated boxes seem to stand out from among the other teas. Boxes seem to have a regal quality about them. They are black with a strip of gold across the top embodying the "Twinings" logo. On the reverse of the box is a very informative "tea guide". This tells you about the origins of the tea, its flavour, when it is best drunk and gives brewing instructions. Packets are very easy to open thanks to a thin strip around the centre of the box which you tear to open. Inside you'll find another strip of card protecting the tea bags. This is again easily perforated. You get the impression that boxes have been meticulously designed to allure even the most fastidious of tea connoisseurs. PRICE Whilst Twinings are certainly more expensive than other brands of tea, they are very good quality. You can expect to pay about £1.49 for a box of 50 tea bags or £2.49 for a box of 100. RECOMMENDATIONS Having so far tried Darjeeling, Assam, Earl Grey and Lapsang Souchong, I would definitely recommend the first three. The last one, however, smelt awful (I didn't even bother to taste it!). Apparently it is a "a strong smoky Chinese tea" produced by "laying the tea leaves out on bamboo trays, and allowing smoke from pinewood to permeate through them". This distinctive flavour is not my cu
          p of tea, if you pardon the pun, although it is clearly marked on the box that it has a "strong flavour". Others, such as darjeeling, are labelled as "delicate". Overall, I would highly recommend Twinings teas. The range of different teas and the quality of the end product is second-to-none. Have a look at the Twinings website (www.twinings.co.uk) for more information on their range of organic and herbal teas.


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            27.05.2002 03:21
            Very helpful



            As most of you will have gathered by now we are in the throes of house moving. We are selling our house here in the Midlands and moving to North Wales. My parents will then also sell up and come and join us. Stressed? Me? Of course I am bloody stressed!!!!! Wouldn't you be? Seriously though, I do suffer from stress at the best of times and moving house is supposed to be one of the most stressful experiences of one's life, so I am getting a bit tetchy from time to time. When Dave reads this he'll say 'Is that what you call it?' In order to try and help to combat said stress I decided to try herbal tea and I chose Twinings Cranberry, Raspberry and Elderflower for my first foray into the world of herbal teas. Twinings do produce a range of herbal infusions from peppermint to camomile and orange to spearmint. I bought a box of 20 tea bags or 'herbal infusions' as they are described on the box which cost me 0.83p and I had a voucher for 20p off any herbal tea at Tesco's, which may have had something to do with the fact that I actually decided to try them! The way to prepare the infusion is to put one tea bag in your mug and add freshly boiled water. You then leave the tea bag to infuse for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on how strong you would like the taste to be, remove the tea bag and drink the resulting concoction. You can either drink it hot or leave it to go cold, and you can add honey to sweeten it if you need it. The only unusual thing (compared to ordinary tea) about it is that you do not add milk. As it is infusing it smells delicious as the aroma of the various fruits pervades the air in the kitchen. The liquid turns a light red in colour, but since the bag contains raspberry and cranberry I suppose it would wouldn't it? As for the taste I would say it is what is known as an acquired taste, especially if you are a tea drinker as I am. I do love a cu
            p of ordinary common or garden tea - milk, no sugar, so this was somewhat of a culture shock to me. I enjoyed the actual taste but it isn't something I would crave. I usually drink it hot or warm but I intend to try it cold with ice and sprigs of fresh mint if we should get any hot summer days, as I expect that would improve the flavour a lot. I'll try and remember to return to this opinion and let you know. The tea bags contain the following ingredients: Hibiscus Rosehips Apple Pieces Elderflowers (8%) Cranberry Flavouring Liquorice Root Raspberry Flavouring Cranberry Pieces (1%) Raspberry Pieces (1%) All the infusions are caffeine free and is described on the box as 'the uplifting blend to revive and refresh'. I can't say that I felt any particular benefits from drinking this infusion, but I certainly didn't have any ill effects either and surely the fact that it contains no caffeine can't be a bad thing for my stress levels! It is blended and packed using imported ingredients by R Twining and Company Limited South Way Andover Hampshire All in all I would certainly buy this product again, but it wouldn't be something that I would want to drink all the while. I shall be trying one or two of the other flavours to see if they're any different in their effects on me - I'll let you know how I get on. By the way I will just add that having to go through every opinion I submit and retype every apostrophe so that the Dooyoo software doesn't print it as a question mark does nothing for my stress levels!!


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              25.05.2002 15:55
              Very helpful



              Parts of this op have now been re-written as I am getting Usefuls only. I personally find overly long ops a bit boring but that appears to be what is wanted so... I have always been a 'normal' tea drinker, preferring round, drawstring type tea bags. I have been known to occasionally have a cup of coffee and to also down a cup of hot chocolate once in a while. I have always admired from afar people who drink fruit and herbal teas; they do smell wonderful! However, on having a sip they seem so tasteless and of no consequence. A BRIEF HISTORY OF TWININGS Twinings teas have been around since 1706, set up by a man named Thomas Twinings. He learned about tea products from an East Indian Company and opened up a tea house in London. During this time, coffee houses were very popular and competition was rife. Thomas Twinings knowledge of teas, and the fact that he marketed his product well, set his house apart and his teas became sought after by many. It was only the upper classes that could afford tea, though, in those days, as taxes, import costs and production was expensive. The cost of 100gms of tea in 1706 was about £150. Another obstacle that Thomas originally had to face was that in those days women were not to be seen in coffee houses. They were considered masculine places and only women of ‘ill-repute’ were found frequenting them. However, tea became popular with ladies of high class, in particular Twinings teas, as Thomas’s reputation for importing only the finest became well known. Ladies would serve tea, bought dry as opposed to wet – ready infused in the coffee house, at their own homes. To cut a very long history short, Twinings thrived as a family business, with Queen Victoria giving it the royal stamp of approval in 1837. There is still a member of the Twinings family within the business although Twinings in now owned by Associated British Foods.
              THE PRODUCTS There is a huge product range placed within 6 main categories: Speciality teas: the classics i.e. Lapsang Souchong, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Darjeeling etc. There are around 15 of these. Decaffeinated: just English Breakfast and Traditional English are within this category. Green teas: Jasmine green tea and Gunpowder green to name a couple. Iced teas: most come with a hint of lemon or lime and are ready made, I believe. Organic: a few of their classics and some fruit teas, produced in an organic fashion and have been certified as being organic by The Soil Association of Britain or equivalents in other countries Herbal and Fruit infusions: There are plenty of varieties, from simple Peppermints to different blend mixes such as Cranberry, Raspberry and Elderberry through to the exotic and unusual teas as Mandarin and Lychee. TEA AND ME I have no idea what made me pick up a packet of Twinings Exotic Selection of fruit infusions around 5 months ago as I don't like exotic fruits to eat. My partner loves Mango, I won't eat it. He adores Guava juice and I can't stand it. Lychee doesn't do it for me at all. I am an Apple and Oranges kinda girl...But! These teas just do it completely!…So what made me choose such an unusual item? Was it the bright orange packet? Was it an act of God who felt that my tea drinking needed some new guidance? I don't know, but I am glad that whatever it was made me! Exotic selections come in a pack of 20, 5 teabags of 4 different flavours. Each one individually placed in a little packet of its own. Pear and Guava; Mandarin and Lychee; Pink Grapefruit, Mandarin and Lime; Orange, Mango and Cinnamon. My favourite being this last one, but all nice in their own ways. The best way to drink them is if I leave the teabag in the mug during the drinking time, let the tea brew for a fairly long time or at least stir vig
              orously, and include one teaspoon of sugar, mmm, perfect. Since I have been drinking these fruit teas a) I don't feel I am being evil to my body if I drink more than 4 cups (the guilt of regular tea created enough stress for me to have to have another cup of tea just to relax!) and b) makes me feel slightly superior to those who continue to drink regular tea. What, no will power? If only they knew! So, there you have it. If you love tea but feel that you are not doing your body any favours by drinking it, try exotic selection from Twinings. You will like them, alot! and at 85P for 20, they are not as expensive as they once were. Now, although I am a total convert to their exotic fruit teas, I am not overly keen on their herbal ones, but that is simply a matter of personal taste. We each have to find out what is to our cup of tea.


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