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Aah Bisto Cumberland Sausage Pie

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Manufacturer: Bisto / Type: Pies

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    2 Reviews
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      29.07.2010 11:03
      Very helpful



      A good tasting microwave meal

      When it comes to food I'm about convenience foods all the way, just too lazy half the time to cook from scratch so when I was nosing at the microwave meals in Asda the other week and spotted the Ahh Bisto Selection I decided to give them a try.

      The first one I tried was the Cumberland Sausage pie.

      The bisto microwave meals come in a dark coloured, quite sophistocated designed cardboard box which clearly says 'Bisto' on each side of it, especially boasting it on the very front. There is a picture of the 'pie' on the front of the box which looks very appetising. The front of the box clearly tells us this is the Cumberland Sausage pie with lashings of gravy. It is sliced cumberland sausages and onions with lashings of thick gravy, topped with mashed potato. Based on a traditional british recipe.

      This microwave meal contains;
      347 calories
      4.9g sugars
      12.0g fat
      4.1g saturates
      3.24g salt

      It contains No artificial preservatives, no artificial colours and no artificial flavours.

      Once cooked you can see firstly the mashed potato on top, it looks smooth and slightly golden and you can certainly smell the rich gravy beneath. The mashed potato is plentiful, smooth creamy and very filling. You are soon met by thick, generously sliced sausages which really taste and smell very meaty too. The sausages were spread out throughout the meal, it wasn't lacking that sausage meatyness one bit. The gravy was rich and tasted delicious and mixed perfectly well with the thick cut sausage slices and the smooth mashed potato. I'm usually put off by onions in some meals, but they were very discreet within this meal. Possibly finely cut to really blend in and add flavour rather than texture. Overall the meal is lovely, especially for a microwaved one, it's satisfying and filling and each part of it tastes really good.


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      20.04.2010 12:16
      Very helpful



      Definitely one for the freezer for unexpected guests or a tasty treat for yourself after a hard day!

      While my son is having to go to see a Doctor at the hospital every 2 weeks, I'm using this to pop into our large Asda which is nearby. Being a lover of the "Aah! Bisto" range, I was pleased to discover two other ones that I have not tried out yet. These being a Chicken and Bacon Pie ( as in shephards pie with mashed potato on top with no pastry to be seen anywhere!) and this one that I'm about to review which is Cumberland Sausage Pie ( again with mash, so not so high on the calories if it had been pastry!).

      Coming in a brown cardboad box with the most mouthwatering picture on the front I just had to try this one. I'm a great lover of sausages if they are slightly different in their taste, like Cumberland, Lincolnshire or just with some herbs put in to make them a bit tasty and I also find that these sort are what I would call meatier sausages. If I don't eat these then I usually just stick to the Quorn range( one extreme to the other I suppose!).

      Never being let down by Bisto before I was really looking forward to this meal. With the lines on top of the mash leaving deep farrows it looked like a homemade dish. Now you can cook this in 2 ways, one in the oven on 190c/375f/Gas Mark 5 for 50 minutes. Now that was to long to wait so I microwaved it instead. Coming in a plastic tray with a film lid I stabbed the film to make a few holes and popped it into the microwave to cook on full power (850w) for 5 minutes, then I removed the film lid and cooked for another 5 minutes.

      The smell was wonderful, heating up a few baked beans to go with this and my meal was ready to enjoy. I was very surprised at the top quality of the sausages as they are sliced into reasonable slices and you can spot the herbs in them quite clearly. I was worried that the sausages might be a bit hard and on the chewy side being that I had microwaved this dish, but no they tasted like I had just prepared the meal myself. With plenty of sausages in this pie, (usually there is far more mash than anything else with some of these types of meals!) they were covered in a really thick Bisto gravy, there was a hint of onion, but it must have been finely chopped as it wasn't jumping out at me as I ate this food. The mash as usual was soft, buttery and fluffy and I must say that I really enjoyed this pie.

      I don't make a habit of buying these sort of meals as I love to cook my own, but as Asda have been doing a great offer with 4 for £3.00 they are really handy to have in the freezer if you have been to work or shopping all day.I would also say that when I have finished this pie with a few beans added it is more than enough for my lunch.

      Each 375g Cumberland Sausage Pie contains;

      ~~~Calories 338~~~
      ~~~Sugars 3.4g~~~
      ~~~Fat 14.6g~~~
      ~~~Saturates 6.4g~~~
      ~~~Salt 3.17g~~~

      Weightwatchers points are 6.5

      This does contain Wheat, Barley, Gluten, Soya and Milk. Also it may contain traces of nuts or have seeds in. Keeping these in the freezer are handy as they have a very long sell by date, with mine being Sept 2011, so handy if someone pops round unexpected just as you are eating.

      So another fine product from Bisto again a very worthy 5 Dooyoo stars!


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