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Aldi Crestwood Cornish Pasty

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    1 Review
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      22.11.2009 17:18
      Very helpful




      I do love anything food wise that contains pastry and it's a real weakness of mine even though I know it's not great for my figure!

      Cornish pasties I do enjoy whether they be warmed up or served cold and the other week my Mum got me one of these and I've had a few of them since! These only cost about 59p each (only in Aldi stores) and I actually really like them and think they offer real value for money!

      The Packaging:

      Clear and light and dark blue plastic oblong packet which is easy to tear into to open. On the front of the packet I'm told it is Crestwood Cornish Pasty 'Minced beef with selected vegetables in a puff pastry case' and I'm told it is delicious hot or cold, that it's ready to eat and freezable and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there as well as the best before date being clearly stamped on. Other information on the back of the packet includes ingredients and allergy advice being listed (Contains: Gluten, soya, milk and egg), nutritional information in full is given, directions for heating it up (if desired of course) are also listed and finally contact details for Aldi are given. Nice enough packet which I can see the pasty through and it's all informative enough of course.

      The Pasty:

      Well as I stated earlier I have had this particular pasty more than a few times of late and I am a bit addicted to them and I have eaten them both hot and cold, cold as a simple snack and warm with chips and stuff like that and turned it into a quick meal!

      So the pasty is a light golden brown colour and it is really heavy in weight and sort of oval in shape and the pastry is pinched together on the top sealing it. Within the pastry you have a mushy seasoned beef mixture of which you can see speckles of seasoning in it and then you can see thin slices of onion, carrot and swede which of course all all pre-cooked and therefore are very tender and taste as you think they should.

      The pastry isn't all that flaky if your eating it cold, and if you want it flaky and warm you simply cook it on a baking tray for about 35-30 minutes. This is not suitable according to the instructions on the packet for microwaving and I agree with that totally cos I have done it and it goes soggy and stodgy and ever so floppy to handle so if you want it warm don't be lazy and use the oven or eat it cold lol.

      So the pastry is ok, it isn't messy to handle and isn't brick like though I can't say it's amazingly buttery or anything but it is easy enough to digest of course. The filling is flavoursome and with no fat or gristle in there and it's moist and flavoursome and the flavours don't get lost because of the pastry.

      I find this a substantial pasty size wise and I like the fact that there is plenty of tasty, good quality filling within it's case. Nice hot or cold so what are you waiting for then? lol.

      Nutritional Information per Pasty:

      Calories: 574
      Sugar: 2.6g
      Fat: 37.6g
      Saturated Fat: 17.1g
      Salt: 1.65g


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