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Annabel Karmel Beef Cottage Pie

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Manufacturer: Annabel Karmal / Type: Pies

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    1 Review
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      02.06.2010 22:31
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      Tasty For Little Kids And Healthy Too

      My mum loves taking surveys and buzzes when she gets one of them product trials and then gets paid for taking the survey as well. She's not had many of the trials and gets a bit jealous of me because I get loads from Ayton Moon and all she's had so far this year is a SACHET of shaving gel! lol She went one better a couple of weeks ago though and bagged herself a trial of a few different Annabel Karmel toddler meals. My sister is 2 and is a bit fussy with her food so it was a brill way to give her something a bit different at dinner time.

      She LOVED this Beef Cottage Pie and ate the whole thing straight off even though she usually only eats half a dinner at a time. It looked yummy when it was cooked and the meal had a lovely meaty smell when it come out of the oven. It was easy to put on a plate and still have it looking like a cottage pie, it deffo didn't fall to bits like a lot of these sorts of meals.

      I tried a bit and thought it was mega bland tasting but that's a good thing because it means there's no salt and this is pure FOOD with no nasties in it.

      The meat I tried was lovely and tender and it's obvious from the taste that it's mega high quality. It comes in more of a sauce than a gravy and to me even that was bland but one good thing is that it wasn't full of the taste of salt...... I'm an adult though and actually PREFER food to be a bit salty but it's not good for kids so it's good that this range of food for toddlers is available.

      The mash is yummy, it's got a bit of a buttery flavour but the main thing you can taste is the potato and that's a good thing AGAIN because it shows the meal is make of proper food without shedloads of stuff added to it just to make it taste nicer.

      The real test is how my sister got on with it because she's the one who was supposed to be eating it..... and she LOVED it! She ate every mouth full and that's proper unusual for her especially that she ate all the meat because she's not all that mad on anything too meaty. It come in the perfect portion size for her as well, too big I thought to start with but she loved it so much it ended up being just right.

      Recommended..... for toddlers but not people who are already used to salt in their food!!!


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