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Asda Creamy Coleslaw

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Asda / Food Type: Salad

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    2 Reviews
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      24.02.2012 14:31
      Very helpful



      I doubt I would buy it again!

      I regularly enjoy eating a baked or 'jacket' potato at home, and quite often this snack appeals to me more than eating a larger evening meal as I often have a reduced appetite as a result of several health conditions that I suffer from.

      I enjoy eating a variety of toppings on my baked potato, but one favourite of mine is a combination of some freshly-grated cheese and a large helping of coleslaw. I find this combination works very well together, and often have it on a sandwich or pitta pocket as well as in my beloved spuds.

      One brand of shop-bought coleslaw that I had not tried until recently was the "Asda Creamy Coleslaw" which I bought from Asda of course, paying only 50 pence for the 300g tub. It is my understanding that this price is as a result of a recent "Roll Back" from Asda, and the previous price was 66 pence for the tub.

      The packaging for the product is fairly basic I must admit. Comprising of a plastic tub made of thin clear plastic, complete with some labels printed onto the tub giving me information about the product, as well as the nutritional information and the like. There is a plastic lid on top of the tub which can be replaced after each use of the coleslaw to keep it fresh, but it seems fairly flimsy to me, although it does seem to fit well and so is sufficient in keeping the coleslaw fresh and hygienic once the tub has been opened.

      As soon as I opened the tub and spooned some of the coleslaw onto my baked potato, I felt a small pang of disappointment. The mayonnaise dressing used in the Asda Creamy Coleslaw looked to be fairly runny and not at all thick and luxurious, as I had hoped it would be. I was fairly impressed however, by the generous chunks of delicious-looking vegetable evident in the coleslaw that looked extremely appetising.

      I did find that the chunks of vegetable - which are carrot, cabbage and onion incidentally, were extremely delicious and had a lovely crisp 'crunch' to them which added a lovely 'bite' to my pitta pocket or baked potato when the Asda coleslaw was added. I thought too that the crunchy vegetables were not at all scarce in their quantity and the pieces of vegetable were quite generously-sized.

      As for the mayonnaise dressing, well unfortunately this did not fare as well. I though that the mayonnaise used in the Asda Creamy Coleslaw was rather watery in its texture and far too thin as I touched on earlier. Matters were made worse by the fact that the taste of the coleslaw was lacking too, so I thought that the watery, bland impression given by the appearance of the mayonnaise was absolutely spot on and this resulted in a disappointing overall taste. Considering that the product is called "Creamy Coleslaw" I had naturally expected a thick, creamy mayonnaise type dressing to be evident in the coleslaw but this was not the case at all and I felt quite disappointed as a result.

      I can see from the nutritional information provided on the plastic tub that 100g of the Asda Creamy Coleslaw will provide: 22.0g fat and 232 kcal. This seems quite a lot considering how decidedly un-creamy the dressing was. The coleslaw is free from artificial flavours and colours and is suitable for a vegetarian diet as I had expected.

      The Asda Creamy Coleslaw is available to buy in three different sized tubs, and there is also a "Lower Calorie" option available. You can buy directly in-store in branches of Asda, or you can order Asda products online at www.asda.com.

      Overall, I was quite disappointed in the Asda Creamy Coleslaw and I doubt I would buy it again. I would award it one point for being such a good "budget friendly" price, but as the quality was fairly poor I would probably have been better off buying an actual 'budget-branded' coleslaw product. I would also say that it deserved one point for having such delicious a generous amount of crunchy vegetables present. Other than that though, I can't really recommend it too highly.


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        13.10.2010 18:58
        Very helpful



        Not for me this one sadly!

        I love coleslaw so when I spotted this in my local Asda store costing 42p for 180g, 64p for 300g or £1.20 for a 600g tub of the stuff I decided to try it out...I mean what beats a cheese and coleslaw sandwich eh? Lol.

        The Packaging:

        The coleslaw comes in a see-through plastic round tub and around the front of it we are told that it is Asda 'Chosen By You' Creamy Coleslaw and the size is stated and we are told that it is suitable for Vegetarians and on the back of the tub we are given contact details for Asda. On the lid the best before date is clearly stamped on it, ingredients are listed, nutritional advice is given as well storage details. It's a nice enough and informative pot and pull off the lid and under that there is a protective film you need to remove which pulls off with complete ease.

        The Coleslaw Itself:

        Made up with lots of shredded white cabbage and some cubes of carrot and a few slithers of white onions, this comes in very thin, white and slightly sweetened mayonnaise. On the ingredient list we are told that this contains 1% of single cream but because of the sloppiness of this and the sweetness that cream, in flavour really does get very lost indeed.

        The vegetables are crunchy and fresh enough but swimming in watered down mayonnaise and I found myself having to drain a lot of that watery juice away or I would have lost loads down my top!

        This is a actually a rather boring coleslaw. I mean sure the vegetables are crunchy enough but I can't really taste any onion within it and like I said no cream at all and I just don't understand why an earth its called creamy when its so runny! Not one I would personally buy again this one I'm afraid as I didn't enjoy it one bit!

        Nutritional information Per 100g:

        Energy: 177Kcal
        Protein; 0.9g
        Carbohydrate: 4.4g
        Of which sugars; 4.4g
        Fat: 16.9g
        Of which saturates: 1.4g
        Fibre: 1.9g
        Sodium: 0.16g
        equivalent as salt: 0.4g

        Only available from Asda stores.


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