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Asda Duo Banoffee Spread

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Brand: Asda / Type: Banana and toffee flavoured spread

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    1 Review
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      11.03.2011 21:09
      Very helpful



      my toast treat

      As you approach the jam and spread aisle of Asda supermarkets, the choice is substantial. Various flavoured jams and marmalades are available as a traditional spread. Chocolate spreads and peanut butter spreads also sit on the shelves. Asda also have a range of different flavoured spreads which are part of the Chosen For You range. The current choice includes :

      *Chocolate and Caramel
      *Dark Chocolate
      *Strawberry and Yoghurt

      and then we have the Banoffee Spread. This spread is suitable for vegetarians. It promotes itself as being a banana and toffee flavoured spread which makes an ideal topping for hot toast or as a cake filling. It has no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fats.


      The spread comes housed in a round, glass jar. The clear glass shows the generous thick, lines of brown and cream spread. The screw off lid conceals a large opening which is foiled sealed until you choose to open it. A round label adorns the front and back of the jar with all the relevant information. The jar can be recycled following use. The spread should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


      Sugar , Vegetable Oil , Maltodextrin , Whole Milk Powder , Lactose (Milk) , Skimmed Milk Powder , Whey Powder (Milk) , Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithins) , Dried Caramelised Sugar (0.4%) , Natural Flavourings , Colours (Curcumin, Paprika Extract) , Salt .


      The jar contains 400g and it is recommended that 20 servings are obtained from it. The following values are based on 100g which is 1/4 of a jar. I have given a breakdown of 1 potential serving which would be 20g.

      572calories ( 114)
      56.3g sugar (11.3g)
      8.3g saturated fat (1.6g)

      *~*Availability and Price*~*

      This Banoffee Spread is available online from www.asda.com or instore next to the jams. It is priced at £1.14 for 400g.

      *~*My Thoughts*~*

      Although I am on a diet, I can't seem to give up bread. I buy Warburtons Toastie loaf and of course need something to put on it! Around 2months ago, I spotted this Banoffee Spread in my local Asda. At the time it was on a 2 for £1.50 promotion and I selected this and the Strawberry Yoghurt one. This is now my favourite and I have been using this as a different toast topper. I bought my 3rd jar today and thought it was time I told you all about it!

      The jar is thick and deep. The spread itself is presented nicely and keeps the banana, toffee, banana, toffee design throughout the jar. The banana lines appear to me thicker than the toffee so can tell which will dominate. On opening a new jar, the foil seal gives my confidence my spread hasn't been tampered with. The spread looks very tempting and appealing. The scent omitting from the jar is sweet and oh so yummy!

      *~*Banana and Toffee = Very Happy Consumer!*~*

      I do like a banoffee combo especially in a tart of a dessert of some kind. The first time I bought this, I was so excited about trying it! This spread has been so versatile in providing me with delicious breakfast, suppers and cakes. Fair enough, it isn't the healthiest of products but its taste takes you to a place which has you licking your lips and forgetting about the calories!

      My main use for this is toast. I keep my spread in the fridge to keep it extra fresh. Of course this makes the spread go slightly firmer than it was straight off the shelf but no harm done. When I want to use this, I take it out the fridge 5minutes prior to actually needing it allowing it to soften a little bit. Whilst my bread is toasting, I sometimes have a sneaky spoonful of this. My spoon sweeps through the spread with ease and the spread is thick and creamy. Alone, this is a strong, sugar hit as the spread melts in my mouth.

      I usually use a warm knife to spread this. I like my toast lightly browned and find this works best with the spread. I dip my knife in scraping out a small blob of spread. The two tone spread goes onto plain toast..no butter which is what I would have had if I had went for the jam option. As the spread makes contact with hot toast, it spreads out a bit like a softened butter. It quickly starts to melt and although keeps a thickness, it melts down into a creamy, generous topping.

      The spread changes to a light brown colour and even the smallest amount offers a sufficient topping. The taste is delicious. As I bite into the toast, I get a creamy, indulgent sweet hit. The crispy crust area of the toast blends with the spread for an appealing taste. To me, the banana taste is more apparent and tastes fresh and light. The sweetness is contributed by the toffee which is more caramel tasting with a sugary top and burnt undertone.

      There is enough of each part to produce a tasty toast topper without being sickly sweet. Another option I try is thinly slicing a small banana over the top. The contrasting textures make a very interesting breakfast if I don't fancy cereal! The sweet taste of the spread is apparent during the whole eating experience. As I finish my toast, I feel satisfied for a few hours and feel less like snacking on sweets which is a bonus. The aftertaste offers a banana taste with a hint of sweetness in the form of a gritty texture but this disintergrates quickly.

      This is recommended for cake fillings though I haven't been making many cakes recently. I would imagine this would need to be applied to hot cakes to allow it to melt otherwise it wouldn't be much good. I fancy adding a small amount over the top of cupcakes as opposed to icing but too much and it could be over sickly. I have tried this on Aunt Bessies Pancakes which I heat up in the microwave and then spread a small amount across them. I also tend to use sliced banana here and wrap it all up. The spread melts effortlessly on my hot pancakes giving them a thick, creamy and slightly sticky topping. The pancakes alone are very plain so this is a nice treat as a topping.

      *~*Lasting Freshness*~*

      As I keep this in the fridge, it stays really fresh and cool. I mainly use this perhaps once a day and my fiance occasionally uses it so one 400g jar lasts us around 2weeks. I find unlike real bananas, the spread stays fresh from first opening until I get the last dreggs out from the bottom of the jar.

      *~*Conclusion and Recommendation*~*

      This delicious sweet spread makes a gorgeous alternative from jam. I don't like chocolate or peanut spreads but this allows me to experience a new taste. It isn't healthy but all in moderation and we all need treats! At £1.14 it is a good price but if you see it on offer, go for it. Personally this is the only one I buy in this range as the Strawberry and Yoghurt one wasn't nice. It is high quality considering it is an own brand and suitable for all the family for a range of uses.

      I highly recommend the Asda Banoffee Spread and thank you all for reading x


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