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Asda Good For You Brussels Pate

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3 Reviews

MAnufacturer: Asda / Type: Pate

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    3 Reviews
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      04.01.2009 00:05



      good price - good for you

      Pate is not something that we have regularly in our house - usually have it in at Christmas and maybe a couple of other times so don't have a favourite brand. When buying this year saw this one at was attracted to it by the - good for you label - although did think that other half would grumble that it wouldn't be as good. Decided togive it a go, at christmas we need to save a calorie wherever we can eh?. At home didn't mention to anyone that it was .from the healthier options and waited for the reaction. Not one of them noticed, in fact it didn't last out the day and i was being reminded to get more the next time I was shopping. From being a fairly seasonal item in our fridge it has the shaping of becoming a regular on the shelves - i must bring home another flavour next time. just goes to show that if they taste before knowing what brand etc it is they like a lot more


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      19.04.2008 18:46
      Very helpful



      Tasty Paté from Asda

      I don't normally do my weekly shopping in Asda, but for various reasons, of which I won't bore you, this week I found myself trawling the ailses of my local Asda for my groceries.

      I don't particularly like unfamiliar supermarkets, and was disappointed that I could not find all the items from my list, however, I was pleased to find Asda do their own Brussels Paté, as I'm going through a bit of a paté phase at the moment and am eating it on just about everything.

      ~The Product~

      Asda's Brussels Paté is part of their 'Good For You' range and can be found in the fridge section of the store along with all the sandwich meats etc.

      The paté is in a 175g yellow and white tub which clearly states what it is, ingredients, allergy and nutrition information, use by dates, etc.

      This particular type of paté is a smooth pork liver and pork paté, with no artificial colours, flavours, or hydrogenated fat. As it is part of the Good For You range it contains 25% less fat than Asda's standard paté.

      ~Nutrition/Allergy Information~

      In every 100g of paté you can expect to find:

      212 Calories
      15.9g Fat of which 6.3g is saturated
      2.8g Sugar
      1.8g Salt

      This product does contain gluten and wheat and may contain traces of nuts and/or seeds.

      Not advised for pregnant women due to a high concentration of vitamin A.

      ~Other Information~

      This product is produced in the Czech Republic for Asda stores, and costs £0.53 for a 175g tub.

      It should be kept refrigerated, and when opened should be used within 2 days.

      ~My Opinion~

      I have previously bought paté from Tesco so I was worried that I might not like Asda's version. It turns out I like this one very much, although it doesn't taste too different from the one I normally buy.

      Upon removing the yellow lid of the tub there is a foil sealing to keep the paté fresh. When you open this, the paté smells nice and meaty, and well...like paté.

      I've eaten it in sandwiches, on toast, bagels, crisp bread etc, and it is a nice smooth paté with no jelly or grisly bits. I do have to point out that even though it has 25% less fat than Asda's standard paté, it does have quite a high fat and salt content, so you need to bear this in mind.

      I personally don't consume a whole container within 2 days, which is how long you should keep the paté once opened. I know they say this for legal reasons etc, but I've found that my paté does ok for about 4/5 days - make up your own mind, I know some people like to stick rigidly to manufacturers guidelines.

      How does it compare to my Healthy Living Tesco brand? Well it costs the same, however the Tesco version is slightly healthier, with a bit less sugar and fat, and 199 calories per 100g. I do, however like Asda's packaging better as it is easier to get into than the other.

      Would I buy Asda Good For You Brussels Paté again? Yes - if I'm doing my shopping in Asda. I enjoyed the taste, and smoothness of the paté, however it is very similar to the type I normally buy in Tesco so I wouldn't go out of my way to get some from Asda.


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        06.02.2008 01:28
        Very helpful



        Not a bad pate and low in fat.

        I adore pate! I love toast, and muffins anything bread like, cracker bound I go! I have pate every week and I've tried many as Mum can't decide where she likes to get the shopping from best.

        However this one arrived this week so thought I should review it!

        Asda - Good For You Brussels Pate.

        Well it comes in white and yellow recyclable long tub (as shown on review). On the top I'm clearly told who it is by and what is it and tells me its a smooth liver and pork pate. That it has no artificial colours or flavours & no hydrogenated fat and thats it got 25 % less fat. No hidden nasties and 212 calories per 100g. Tells me best before date and size (175g) and tells me to keep it refrigerated and there's a phototograph of some pate on toast on there too! On the bottom tells me the ingredients and nutritional information and contact details for Asda. Underneath the pull on/push off yellow lid when you first open there is a pull off tin foil lid for freshness.

        The Pate is a very smooth looking salmon pink colour. It's very spreadable which is unusual for pate and I prefer it this way for toast as it doesn't tear as I'm trying to spread it on.

        Taste wise it is more pork in flavour than the liver though when you've finished eating it you are left with a liver after taste which is quite bitter. If you don't like liver that much then I wouldn't suggest this one for you. As it stands I do like the liver taste so I'm ok. It's nicely seasoned, not too heavily salted and you can taste a hint of what I think is cinnamon and spices.

        It's not as 'lardy' as alot of Pates and doesn't contain any coarse bits. For me it's perfect for spreading on toast but for crackers and that its a bit plain and boring and I prefer something less smooth.

        Overall it's an ok low fat version of pate but I do prefer my pate with a little more omph to it. It isn't the flavour that is lacking its just the body and being smooth can become dull after a while!


        Pork Liver (36%), Water, Pork Fat (10%), Pork (8.5%), Pork Connective Tissue, Tapioca Starch, Tomato Puree, Salt, Dried Onion, Sugar, potato Flake, Emulsifiers (Citric Acid Esters Of Mono And Diglycerides Of Fatty Acids), Wheat Fibre, Spices ( Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Ginger), Acidity Regulators ( Sodium Acetate, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid), Pork Protein, Dextrose, Preservative (Sodium Nitrite).

        Contains Gluten and Wheat.
        May contain traces of Nuts and/or Seeds.
        Not advised for pregnant women due to very concentrated Vitamin A.

        Nutritional information per 100g....

        Energy 212 kcal
        Protein 12.5g
        Carbohydrate 4.8g
        Fat 15.9g
        of which is saturates 6.3g
        Fibre 1.1g
        Sodium 0.71g


        Keep refridgerated. once opened keep refridgerated and use within 2 days.

        53p per tub only in Asda.


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