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Asda Great Stuff Kids Porridge - Choc Chip 256g

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2007 11:59
      Very helpful



      Porridge with pieces of chocolate in


      My little girl is sixteen months old now and is not a big fan of milk. Trying to get her to drink her formula milk every day is proving a difficult task. I’ve been disguising it by mixing with Weetabix and rusks, but I think she’s cottoned on to what I’ve been doing and has gone off them a bit now.

      In desperation I tried to look for something else that I could mix her milk with. The only alternative I could think of was porridge, but seeming as I can’t add sugar or honey to it, I thought she may find it slightly bland. I needed something that was a little bit different and on one of my frequent shopping trips to Asda I thought I found it.


      Asda Choc Chip porridge is from their ‘Great Stuff’ range. This range is aimed specifically at children. The product claims to be high in fibre and with no added salt. Another claim is that it has been taste tested by kids and is endorsed by Asda nutritionists.

      Asda also claim that all the products in their ‘Great Stuff’ range have controlled levels of fat, salt, sugar and the minimum use of additives.

      The box cost me 98p. What I liked about this was the fact that it wasn’t one large bag that you open and have to use up as quickly as possible, but sachets instead. This box contains eight sachets and each sachet contains 32g.


      The box is about half the size of a normal cereal box. It is identical to other products in the ‘great stuff’ range – the top half of the box being a bright green with the bottom half being purple. Also on the front of the box is a superhero type character. With this box being so bright you can’t really miss it on the shelf.


      It’s coming up to Chloe’s supper time so its time to prepare the product.

      Upon opening the box I find eight white sachets inside. One thing I like is that each individual sachet has the instructions on how to make printed on the back. I find this ideal if you have no room in the cupboard to keep the box – you can just remove the sachets and pop them anywhere you have space, without having to worry about forgetting how to make it.

      I open up one sachet and am greeted by porridge flakes with a decent number of chocolate chips mixed in with it. Following the instructions on the back of the pack I mix half a sachet (I thought that using the whole sachet as per the instructions would be too much) with her milk in a bowl and then pop in the microwave for the recommended time.

      Upon taking the bowl out of the microwave I can see that the porridge has turned a light brown colour where some of the chocolate chips have melted and mixed in with the porridge. I have to wait a few minutes for the porridge to cool before I can test it on Chloe.


      I put a small amount on a spoon and give it to her. She opens her mouth and in it goes. We have a bit of face pulling (which isn’t unusual at feeding time) and down it goes. We manage a few more spoonfuls being eaten, before she starts spiting it out.

      I couldn’t help feeling slightly disappointed because I thought I would be onto a winner with this seeming as it contains chocolate and Chloe being a little chocoholic. Never mind, I will try it out on another willing volunteer. This time my three and a half year old.

      I make up the remainder of the sachet for him and he eats the lot fairly quickly. When I ask him about it he says it’s yummy and can he have some more tomorrow. So that’s a bit better, I’ve had the thumbs down from Chloe and the thumbs up from Gareth. So it seems that I need another opinion.


      I make a sachet up for myself and have a taste.

      I find that it actually tastes quite pleasant. When I smell the porridge, I found that I couldn’t actually smell the chocolate a lot, but I could definitely taste it. The chocolate taste mixed in with the porridge works very well. It is pleasant, yet to me quite unusual because I’m not one for chocolate flavour cereal normally.

      The chocolate taste was definitely there, but it wasn’t too overpowering. I think if the chocolate taste had been any stronger then it would have been slightly sickly, so they got the mix just right.

      The porridge and chocolate seemed to mix together very well. Some of the chocolate melted in with the porridge, turning it a slightly brown colour. Some of the chocolate chips remained whole, so sometimes when you have a mouthful of porridge, you have an added surprise of a bit of chocolate.

      I found the consistency of this porridge to be very smooth and it wasn’t dry and crunchy like some other porridges. I have to say that it actually tastes nicer than the expensive, branded porridges.

      I did find that this porridge tasted slightly sweet, but not too much. This was probably down to the chocolate bits. Normally I add quite a bit of sugar to my porridge, but with this one I found there was no need, as it was sweet enough for me.


      The ingredients etc are listed on the back of the packet, so I won’t put them here. What I will say is that this product contains gluten, milk, oats and soya. It may also contain traces of nuts or seeds. Just a note for those with allergies.

      Again nutrition information is listed on the back of the packet. Each sachet that is made with 180ml of semi skimmed milk will contain 201 calories and 5.1g of fat.

      For further information on this product, you can visit their website, which is; www.asda.com


      I have to say that I was slightly disappointed that Chloe didn’t like it very much, considering that she was the main reason I purchased this product. It would however be unfair to rate this product on the fact that she spat some of it out, as she does this with a lot of food.

      Gareth was more than happy eating it and has had quite a few sachets since. He enjoyed it and found it really good that I was giving him cereal with chocolate in for breakfast!!

      As for me, well I liked this product too. I found it tasted a lot nicer than other porridges I have had. It tasted nice and smooth, and it blended well together. There were no annoying bits in it that make some porridges feel ‘crunchy’ in your mouth. The fact that there were chocolate chips added to it was for me a bonus.

      The fact that it was slightly sweeter than other porridges wasn’t really an issue for me as I just didn’t bother adding my normal spoonful of sugar.

      I also found the price to be quite reasonable compared to the price of other porridges that are currently available. I also found the idea that it was healthier for children, due to the controlled levels of salt and sugar etc appealed to me, because I knew I was buying something beneficial for my children.


      Yes. This is a tasty cereal that children and adults like which has the added bonus of being good for them.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my review, Cath. xx


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