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Asda Lemon Curd

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Asda / Type: Jam

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    3 Reviews
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      13.02.2010 22:14
      Very helpful



      Delish Zesty Lemon Curd

      I brought a jar of lemon curd last time I was in Asda because I've been fancying it for ages, I usually buy Gales because it's got a wickedly tangy flavour but there wasn't any on the shelves so I got this Asda own brand lemon curd that was only 58p for a 400g jar.

      The jar is different from in the photo Dooyoo have got up and it looks worse I reckon! lol It looks dead 70's now and they should have kept this one I think!!!

      The lemon curd is delish. I'm just eating a piece of toast now with some spread on and I've got loads on it, the bite I'm chewing at the minute has started going slippy because the hot toast has melted it a bit! Yummy! It's dead sweet with a lovely smooth lemon taste, it's not as tangy as Gales but has got a wicked zesty after taste.

      It tastes a bit like sherbert lemon but the flavour is just yummy, I love how thick and sweet it is and how versatile it is. I love making my own jam tarts and when I did some last night I used this instead of jam and the tarts were wicked, this is just the right texture for them and the sweet flavour went perfect with the pastry.

      I even had a dollop on a pancake tonight and it was delish, the texture was a bit thick for that but I reckon it would have gone good on a pancake with some ice cream. Dammit, I should have thought about that while we was still eating! lol

      I reckon this is a proper tasty lemon curd and worth the money because it's quite a bit cheaper than Gales but just as nice. I had some lemon curd from Sainsburys the other week and it had a proper weird chemical aftertaste but this one is perfect.... and cheaper actually!!



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      07.04.2009 09:53
      Very helpful



      Asda Lemon curd does have a good flavour

      Lemon curd can vary greatly, often the cheaper varieties can either be glutinous or tasteless, so more often than not I stick to what I know.
      But when I was nosing around Asda I noticed that the Asda lemon curd was the same price as Gales and out of pure interest I decided to try it. The Asda Smartprice lemon curd was just 30p for the same size of jar but I couldn't muster up the courage to try that one.(yet!)

      In the past I have made my own lemon curd, it is really good but the problem is that once you have made it , it only keeps for a short while. At least if you buy a jar you can stick it in the fridge and know that it is going to keep for a while.
      We don't use masses of it but it does come in handy for baking, it fills jam tarts and sometimes I put it in the middle of a sponge cake for a change.

      So Asda have put their lemon curd in a plain glass jar with a bright blue screw top lid. The label is aptly blue and lemon and a half a lemon is portrayed in the centre of the label. The big green `V` lets you know that it is fine for vegetarians to eat.

      When you take the lid off you will see that the lemon curd is a pleasant colour but one thing that I noticed straight away was the `jelly like` appearance. I prefer lemon curd to be softer and creamier but maybe the only way you get that is either to make your own or to pay a lot more for it.
      It is quite obvious that Asda haven't tried to make cutbacks on the lemons though the curd smells very sweet and` lemony`.
      I would say that the biggest test for any lemon curd is when you stick your knife into it and you see how it responds, some lemon curds are creamy and refuse to stay on the knife and with others you have to remove the spread by `cutting out a lump`.
      The Asda lemon curd falls in between the two categories, it is a firm mixture and does have a slightly translucent appearance but even so it still has a certain amount of creaminess.
      Although lemon curd is good on toast, crackers, muffins or crumpets I love it on a hunk of fresh bread that has been liberally spread with butter.
      Initially the lemony taste makes its way to the forefront and it is fairly strong and tangy too. I was in two minds about the texture though, maybe not as creamy as some, it slightly lacked that buttery taste.
      Overall the lemon curd was good and what it lacked in texture was made up for in the flavour.

      Usually I end up using a good half of the jar for baking purposes and the lemon curd has plenty of flavour to create tasty jam tarts.
      All in all I was pleased with my investment, 64p well spent.

      The lemon curd is free from all artificial colour. It is high in calories, a 100g contains slightly over 1000 calories. 61G of carbohydrates and a mammoth 54g of sugar.
      Asda want to make you aware that the product contains egg.
      I always find that lemon curd stores much better when it is refrigerated.


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        16.07.2008 16:00
        Very helpful



        Worth trying... If you like lemons!

        I adore jam and thick cut marmalade. As a massive bread based food fan I get through humoungous amounts of bread, muffins, crumpets and croissant's a week which really causes alot of rows between me and my Mother because even though I'm 33 (I live at home) she goes mad that in her view I bung myself up and she wants me to eat proper meal every now and again. Me however, I prefer to eat bread products and eat them for most meals! As I'm typing I have 3 huge slices of toast covered in butter and this particular product is dripping off it!

        So where was I? Oh yes jam and marmalade, pate, soft cheese and peanut butter are purchased just for me each week but even I get bored from time to time (not often though!) So I asked my Mum to get me some lemon curd cos I hadn't had it in years and I just fancied it for some reason.

        The Packaging....

        411g glass jar with blue screw on/off lid with the best before date stamped on it. There's a sticky blue and yellow label on the front and I'm told it's Asda, Lemon Curd. The size is stated (as I've listed already) and I'm told it is vegetarian and there's a photograph of some lemons on the front. On the sides of the jar I'm given a list of ingredients, allergy advice is given (contains eggs), given a really basic nutritional rundown and then a longer in depth version, how to store and contact information for Asda. Through the jar I can see the lemon curd. My jar is exactly the same as the one on the review photograph.

        The Curd....

        Well what can I say! Thick rich and deep yellow when you open the jar you get a distinctive waft of lemons with a creamy, sweet kind of undertone to it. It really isn't runny but it isn't really hard set at the same time. The best way I can explain it's consistency is when you've eaten some and got space in the jar if you tip it upside down it does move and tip to the lid if turned upside down but you can still see where its been sat in the bottom of the jar as the curd takes the shape of the jar. So it's nicely moist and dense and not drippy!

        Spreadable it is. Really smooth and no lumps. Taste wise, well if you like lemons and you like lemon curd products I can't see why you wouldn't enjoy this. Sticky, sharp and sweet when it hits the tongue it melts and tastes very much of lemons. For a product that only contains 1% lemon juice it really does taste of lemons! It's distinctive in what it is and simply very light and tangy. I love it on all levels!

        Fabulous on toast and cream crackers and my favourite way? Spread thickly on croissant's!

        Totally recommended it's very like lemon meringue though not so jellified!

        Yummy! 5 out of 5 and me, I'll be eating a jar a week for the foreseeable future!

        Nutritional Values.... Per Tablespoon (15g)

        44 Calories,
        Trace of salt
        (That's all the information given on a tablespoons worth, sadly cos that's more the amount you would possibly use per serving rather than the information I'm about to give!

        Per 100g

        Energy 291Kcals
        Protein 0.5g
        Carbohydrate 61g
        of which is sugars 54g
        Fat 5g
        of which is saturates 1.1g
        Fibre 0.2g
        Sodium 0.1g
        Approx 16% of calories from fat

        Free from artificial colours.
        Suitable for vegetarians.

        64p a jar only in Asda and worth the money!


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