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Asda Pate - Brussels & Garlic

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Asda / Type: Pate

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    2 Reviews
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      31.03.2012 22:00
      Very helpful



      a delish pate that i eat often

      I love pate or warm toast or crackers and get thru quite alot of it i think its yum !
      Asda now stock a wide range of different pates now from course ones to smooth. Personally my fave pate in the asda range is there "Smooth brussels pate with garlic".
      Priced at just over 60 pence i dont feel the need to go for the cheaper option of pate, not only because really cheap pate frightens me with the contents in the ingredients but the thought of eating "connective tissue" as listed on the smart price pate just makes me feel physically ill !!!
      For just over 60 pence you get 175g of yummy pate with 34 percent pork liver its one of the cleaner pates and you can really tell its quality in the taste compaired to cheaper versions.

      For years i was always put off my pate reading the ingredients untill a friend kept on and on at me to try "a decent one" with warm bread and i didnt realise what i was missing , so when i brought this asda brussels pate with garlic it didnt disapoint.
      Opening the packet you smell a lovely hint of garlic not to overpowering but you know its there, And of course the smell of liver (which i have to throw to the back of my mind lol).
      it is also worth noting that on the label there is a warning stating "it is not adviced for pregnant women to consume pate because of the high vitamin A content" , the reason i put that in my review is because i never had a clue about this until i read the tiny tiny writing on the packaging , and i wondered to myself how many other consumers never realised this about pate.

      All in all a fantastic tasty and wonderful pate that works well on toast tiger bread (warm) and cold on crackers, and smashing pate,,, think i might have to go and have some now :D


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      05.08.2009 17:16
      Very helpful



      Tasty pate!

      As a fan of bread and the likes I get through a lot of toppings and fillings rather regularly! I love pate on toast and pate with some salad and rolls and things like that so I decided to give this one a go!

      The Packaging....

      White plastic oblong rather deep container with a matching lid that pulls on and off easily to the top of it. The lid has a purple label on it and on that there is a photograph of the pate residing on a piece of bread and I'm told it is Asda Brussels & Garlic Pate which is 'Smooth Pork Liver Pate With Garlic' and I'm told to keep it refrigerated and the size is stated (in this case it's 175g). On the tub the labelling ingredients and allergy advice is given as is nutritional information,storage advice, contact details for Asda and then finally the size is once again stated, the best before date is stamped on and there is a bar-code on there.

      The Pate....

      A rich pinky smooth looking pate that when you open it you get a little bit of a liver smell with garlic to it. The pate is set and as I said smooth looking.

      Taste wise well it is rather livery with a hint of garlic that is well blended throughout it. It's as easy to spread as it looks, not at all glossy but like I say spreadable, it is! You can of course slice it too if desired and if you do that it appears moist as well as smooth.

      It's a tasty, well seasoned and well blended pate and really just a really good quality and tasty pate! It's well seasoned, not lardy and very versatile and rather light though not healthy lol.

      Allergy Advice....

      Contains gluten and wheat.
      May contain traces of nuts and/or seeds.

      Nutritional Information Per100g

      Energy: 254 Kcal
      Protein; 11.8g
      Carbohydrate: 3.3g
      of which is sugars: 2.3g
      Fat: 21.5g
      of which is saturates: 8.6g
      Fibre: 1.0g
      Sodium: 0.66g
      equivalent as salt: 1.7g

      Only available in Asda costing around 57p a tub.


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