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Asda Real Mayonnaise

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Asda / Type: Spread

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    3 Reviews
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      13.05.2010 00:55
      Very helpful
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      Very good value for money mayonnaise.

      Mayonnaise came into my life relatively late, considering how ubiquitous it is in our diet.
      I was 12 or 13 when I first gave it a try, and only in the past year has it become something I will actually have at home and make a note to buy at the supermarket when I notice it is about to run out.

      Up until a month ago Hellmann's was my one and only mayo, but since my dietary habits underwent a major overhaul to include newer foods that are healthier and cost less, this has changed.

      Obviously, mayonnaise fails miserably on the health factor, but at least there is the possibility of cutting the cost, with the major supermarkets offering their own brand of mayonnaise at a lower price that Hellmann's.

      At less than half the price of Hellmann's mayonnaise, I decided to give Asda's Real Mayonnaise a try to see if it was worth making a permanent switch.

      I don't buy the glass jars like the one featured in the image above, preferring instead the plastic squeezy bottle as I find it more convenient. The mayonnaise however, is the same regardless of the type of container.

      Because Hellmann's is my mayonnaise of choice, it is the standard against which I measure all other brands of mayonnaise.
      The Asda Real Mayonnaise has a similar colour and consistency to the Hellmann's one, so the difference is in the taste.

      Any mayonnaise is an emulsified concoction of lemon juice, vinegar and oil, and there is no way around that. For someone sensitive to acidic flavours - such as yours truly - this is where Hellmann's succeed and other brands tend to fail: making such a potentially astringent food taste smooth and pleasant.

      The Asda Real Mayonnaise, like other supermarket own brand mayonnaises, does taste perceptively sharper than Hellmann's.
      Yet, this is not to the point of becoming unpalateable, only zestier.
      Because I eat it with foods that offset the acidity, it doesn't bother me, although I still notice it.

      Like any Real Mayonnaise, the Asda mayonnaise is very rich in fat and highly caloric: 100 ml contains 62 grams of fat and 622 kcal.

      So, using Hellmann's as the standard, if Hellmann's Mayonnaise warrants a perfect 5 star rating, then Asda's Real Mayonnaise gets 3 stars for flavour alone.
      Taking the price and quality of the product into consideration, I will give it 5 stars for value for money. This averages a very respectable 4 stars. Well done Asda!

      I still prefer Hellmann's mayonnaise, but Asda's Real Mayonnaise is a suitable alternative. I can even imagine that those with a liking of acerbic tastes might even enjoy this one more.

      * A 450 ml squeezy bottle of Asda Real mayonnaise costs £1.07.

      * A 500 ml glass jar of Asda Real Mayonnaise costs £88p.


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        07.04.2010 18:37
        Very helpful



        Yummy Mayo!

        I'm a big times Hellmann's lover and would never in a zillion years buy a supermarket own mayo, but the other week my mum was looking a bit pleased with herself when the shopping was delivered and said she'd ordered a jar of Asda Real Mayonnaise to try because she'd read on a website that it was nearly identical to Hellmann's. It's not so get that out of your head now but the mayo isn't that bad actually and if I was skint I'd buy it again. We've just got to the end of this 750ml jar and it's been ok, on certain things you can tell this is cheaper mayo but most of the time I don't think you'd notice.

        It looks the same, I thought it would be a bit thinner but it's just the same as Hellmann's. I have my mayo in all different ways and this has been fine mostly. The only thing I thought it was different with was when I had some on my plate to dip salmon in, the salmon made it taste a bit eggy and it didn't taste as fresh. On butties it's lovely, it's got a dead cool feel as you eat it and it goes just as well with most other food as Hellmann's. I had some of this mayo mixed with cold pasta today and it was delish, I noticed the flavour didn't taste a light as Hellmann's when it was mixed with the pasta but it was still a nice meal.

        With tuna and sweetcorn you deffo can't tell the difference between this and Hellmann's mayo, it's got a delish creamy texture that makes the tuna taste nice and rich and when I had the tuna on a pitta bread it was yummy. It does nice mashed in with potatoes as well, if you just use a tiny bit of butter and a big spoon of this mayo you get a wickedly smooth and delish mashed potato and it also goes proper nice on top of a baked potato instead of butter.

        This mayo only costs £1.28 for the 750ml jar and I reckon that's a bit of a bargain because the same size of Hellmann's mayonnaise is double the price and sometimes more if you buy it from little corner shops. The only real stress with it is that a 10ml spoon has got 65 calories and 6.7g fat, that's bad news because the mayo is sooooo yummy that you'll usually want more than that whatever you're having it on!

        Recommended..... save a fortune on mayo by buying this one from Asda!!!


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        20.03.2010 20:44
        Very helpful



        Economical mayo!

        The one thing I do like particularly on chips and in sandwiches is mayonnaise and I do like it to be strong and thick in texture and of course...smooth. When I spotted this in Asda costing 53p and calling itself 'Real mayonnaises' I couldn't resist buying it to try out as I'd only just ran out!

        The Packaging:

        250ml glass see-through jar with a twist on/off dark blue plain lid to the top of it and around it's middle it has a yellow label. On that label I am told that it is Asda Real mayonnaise and that it contains no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat, that it is suitable for Vegetarians and the size is stated (as I've told you already!). Other information stated on the jar includes ingredients, meal ideas, a nutritional chart is shown, allergy advice and storage details are listed and contact details for Asda are given.

        The Mayonnaise Itself:

        Well this is actually a rather nice mayonnaise and of good consitency. It is a light creamy colour with a slight gloss to it and really isn't too stiff or runny! It tastes of egg in the main with an undertone of mustard to it, it's well seasoned and has a slight zing to it and I can only assume that is because it contains lemon juice (though it really isn't too sharp or anything!).

        Although rich in flavour it really isn't a heavy mayonnaise. It doesn't taste too greasy though it does a little of course as it isn't a low fat option but in the taste stakes this is simply great! Once opened it needs to be kept refrigerated as it really is best served cool/cold and it stays fresh for up to a month. I like this mayonnaise and think it offers great value for the price it costs and is really great quality indeed!

        Nutritional Information Per 100ml:

        Energy: 622 Kcal
        Protein: 0.9g
        Carbohydrate: 3.4g
        of which sugars: 2.6g
        Fat: 67.2g
        of which saturates: 5.3g
        Fibre: Nil
        Sodium: 0.55g
        equivalent as salt: 1.4g

        Only available in Asda stores costing 53p for the 250ml size, 90p for 500ml, £1.28 for 750ml and there is a squeezy bottle available in a 450ml size costing £1.14.


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