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Asda Smartprice Orange Marmalade

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Asda / Type: Marmalade

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    3 Reviews
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      09.02.2010 18:34
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      Smart price orange marmalade is something which I had never even contemplated buying before. We as a family unit have decided to experiment by sampling some of the smart price range. Having been more than suitably impressed with the smart price jam I decide to sample some of this orange marmalade.

      Since being a small child I have loved marmalade. I have always favoured marmalade over jam. I think i love it because I love quite tarte flavours and marmalade usually offers this in gusto.

      I found this orange marmalade on the shelf in adsa that stores all the jams and spreads. I was totally shocked at its 29p price tag. It amazes me how asda can manufacture such products for such a small price.

      Obviously It wasnt the packaging that drew me to the product. The packaging is slightly different to the one shown above. Atleast my jar had a orange printed on the front of it. The packaging is very plain, white label with green writing. It certainly does not convey a high quality image. The information regarding this product is written on the side of the jar and is very straight to the point and precise.

      There is average information on nutritional values. However there is no advice regarding allergies. Also the ingredients are written in very small lettering. I found it quite a strain on the eyes to read this. So i must admit I was not at all impressed with the packaging.

      When opening the jar I was suprised at the consistency of the marmalade. It is very jellified. Almost like a set jelly than a spreadable marmalade. The smell from the jar is almost non existent. The smell that was there there was very dark and spicy and carried hardly any smell of orange.

      I found this marmalade almost imposiible to spread on my toast. It is so set like a jelly that it was just coming out of the jar in scoops rather than as a spreadable marmalade should. Throughout the marmalade are generous slithers of orange peel which not only looked pleasing to the eye also added another texture to the marmalade.

      On tasting this marmalade I was really unimpressed by its almost bland and sour taste. It is not sweet and orange tasting at all. It just tastes very unpleasant. It is very strong in flavour but sadly that flavour does not taste like marmalade just very bitter.

      I would not recomend to anyone to buy this marmalade. It is of very poor quality and taste. I was very suprised at the lack of flavour and the extreme bitterness of this product. Also the gelling agent used was too strong as it was almost impossible to use. I for one will never buy this again. I know 28p is really cheap but Isuppose you get what you pay for and sadly this marmalade is very cheap too.


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        30.04.2009 20:07
        Very helpful



        A basic marmalade from 'ASDA' that fails to impress.

        I have to have something else in addition to margarine on my toast. Whether that be a jam, or marmalade, it has to be something that will add some flavour and prevent the toast being so dry.

        I'm not entirely fussed about what I have and when I saw 'ASDA's' 27p 'Smartprice Orange Marmalade' I couldn't not buy it. When 'Robertson's Golden Shred Marmalade' is £1.20 for a similar sized jar I had to see if this would be good enough. I know for sure that even though 'Robertson's' is the most expensive, it's also the best I've tasted.

        There's nothing fancy about this jar of marmalade, in fact there's nothing to entice you to buy it other than the price. The jar is extremely plain, but I guess cut out the packaging costs, and give to the customer the savings.

        You can see the exuberant orange colour from within the jar. It's wholesome, and makes it look really quite tasty. Some can be pale, and fail to make you believe that it is going to taste really good, be bursting with flavour, but this was beginning to get my vote; great price, great look.

        I have a problem with marmalade's that have lots of tiny sliced orange peel in them, but I think this has just enough, and the peels can only add to the flavour. The texture is also great and it's very easily spreadable. I didn't find that the marmalade was too stiff to spread, and that it ripped my bread apart, but laid nicely across the top.

        Unfortunately, even though everything so far about this marmalade was really good, it's got to be the taste that sealed the deal, and it failed to do so. Don't get me wrong, I like a bit of bite from my marmalade, otherwise it's rather plain, but the bite was too strong, and where was the orange flavour? I couldn't really begin to describe the flavour, it wasn't orange, and it wasn't really anything I had had before. I mean, there wasn't really even a hint of orange that I got from this marmalade. I would have thought from the visual appearance and orange shreds that it would have been tasteful, but this is very deceiving.

        Sadly, although this is so many pennies less than the other alternatives on the market, I won't be buying it again. It has to at least taste half decent, I can tolerate a slightly poor tasting marmalade, but not this.

        If you are needing to find ways to cut back, it doesn't hurt to try this marmalade, but don't get your hopes up.


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        30.04.2009 16:32
        Very helpful



        I have tried it, maybe you should try it and see what you think.

        A 454g jar for 27p, I find it hard to understand how Asda can get a company to produce a marmalade for their Smartprice label and still be able to retail it at that price.
        Like all of the Asda Smartprice range the marmalade is offered to the public in the most basic and non-eye-catching packaging. But financial pressures are now dictating the market and more and more of the cut price goods are becoming number one sellers.
        Maybe go back a year in time and many supermarket shoppers would have instantly by-passed this marmalade in favour of a more up market brand.

        A plain glass jar with a green and white paper label and a screw top, no picture of juicy Seville oranges or buttery toast just the basic facts.
        The marmalade is clearly visible through the plain glass jar, an orange coloured jelly with a number of very finely cut strips of peel running through it.
        I have to admit that on appearances alone the marmalade would score lowly.

        A good quality marmalade demands the definite sharpness of the Seville orange, as I scan the label I can see that the marmalade contains oranges but as for the type or origin there are no clues.
        The cut of the marmalade is very much up to the individual, some prefer fine cut and others love a good chunky marmalade.
        The texture of the marmalade can be make or break and looking into the jar doesn't offer me any reassurance.
        The vacuum seal on the lid breaks easily and the jar is virtually filled to the brim. I am not naïve enough to think that I am going to have the experience of a lifetime as I try this brand but at 27p a jar if we can achieve `passable` that would be ideal.

        Inside of the jar the orange jelly does have a rather artificial appearance, the colour has no depth and the consistency of the marmalade appears `springy`. In reality we would be expecting the marmalade to have a distinct citrus smell, a tangy zesty smell of fresh oranges, that is clearly lacking. I can only detect a mild `orangey` smell and the remaining smell seems to be one of incredible sweetness.
        I took some of the marmalade out of the jar on the edge of a teaspoon, the jelly sits still on the spoon and a small amount of light orange coloured liquid swims around the jelly.

        At this point I am lacking smell and texture but the taste hangs in the balance.
        Yet again I have referred to the ingredients and have discovered that only 20g out of every 100g of marmalade consists of oranges, a fairly poor ratio.
        The total sugar content is 64g for every 100g of marmalade. Some of the colour in the jar is being generated from the addition of Plain Caramel colouring - in other words a food additive. Sodium Citrate has been used to bind the marmalade together and there is glucose syrup to add yet more sweetness to the mixture.
        Sulphur Dioxide and sulphites are the two preservatives used during the production of the marmalade, both preservatives comply with EU Legislation.

        The finely cut peel is lost as the marmalade is spread, the soft peel disintegrates against the hot toasted bread. The warmth of the toast fails to enhance the marmalade and there is still very little citrus smell rising.
        As I explained the texture is quite jelly like and this jelly still stays fairly firm as you try to spread it and although the spread tastes sweet in my mouth it most certainly doesn't taste like marmalade in the true sense of the word.
        The dominant flavour has to be the sugar and in all fairness to the product I am struggling to taste the oranges.

        Every 100g of the Asda marmalade contains 260 calories, 64g of carbohydrates of which 50g are sugar, 0.2g of protein, 0.5g of fibre and 0.02g of sodium.

        When you have opened the jar it then needs to be stored in a cool place and the contents need to be eaten within six weeks.

        Marmalade is a tricky thing to `use up`, unless you make a marmalade roly poly pudding.
        I appreciate that at 27p it is a basic product and I am like every one else on this planet, trying hard to look after my pennies. I have tried the Smartprice marmalade once and although I am sure the jar won't be wasted I will revert to a better brand next time.
        If you are going to have toast and marmalade for breakfast then you need to enjoy it to a certain extent.
        At least I tried it.


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