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Asda - Thick Cut Orange Marmalade

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Manufacturer: Asda / Type: Marmalade

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    1 Review
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      05.06.2009 02:18
      Very helpful



      A good, economical buy....this is...

      In the morning as soon as my eyes ping open I jump out of my bed for real! I'm always starving and 9 times out of 10 I have the same breakfast and I love it! I pop two slices of white bread in my toaster and whilst waiting for that I always have a small bowl of cereal and then when me toast is done I butter it up...and usually have thick, dark marmalade and a cup of tea to swill it down with lol! I love marmalade I really do and I get through a huge jar a week and simply I don't think I could live without the stuff! I'm sure I'm addicted to it now I come to think of it lol!

      The Packaging....

      The marmalade comes in a standard 454g glass see though jar with a dark green tin lid that simply twists on and off easily and has a button type thing to the top of it so that if it's tampered with or once it's properly opened the centre part pops out slightly to let you know. On the light orange label at the front there are is a photograph of fresh, sliced oranges and under than in brown and orange writing I'm told it's Asda Thick Cut Orange marmalade 'With chunky Orange Bits', I'm told it's Vegetarian and the size is stated as I've listed for you already. Around the back of the label I'm given contact details for Asda and a full refund if I'm not completely happy with the marmalade for ANY reason, I'm told the best before date is stamped on the lid (which it is of course),ingredients, nutritional information and storage information is all given and finally there is bar-code on there. Simple jar this is and informative enough too and all in all it doesn't scream cheap and nasty either!

      The Marmalade Itself....

      A nice dark orange in colour with visible chunks of orange peel that are quite thick and plentiful through an otherwise clear looking but dark marmalade. The marmalade when you first go to use it, is of course set firm but the more you use it the more soggy and jelly like it becomes but no matter whether it's set or not it's very easy to spread indeed and on anything you want to of courselol.

      Taste wise well it's very orangy indeed, slightly bitter but quite and naturally sweet. It's a rather sour marmalade really and is very citrusy and if I didn't know from looking on the ingredient list I would swear blind there is some grapefruit in there giving it an extra twang (but there isn't and I know there isn't lol).

      Its got a smoothish texture to it apart from the orange peel the only problem with the peel is that I think it is rather soggy and fermented so doesn't pack as much punch as it could however the whole thing together comes across very well indeed and it's tasty enough just make sure you like quite bitter marmalade before rushing out to purchase ten ton of this or anything mad like that lol!

      I would buy it again though to be fair to it! I find it tasty and economical though it's seriously is sticky as hell and does leave a sour after-taste for ages afterwards! lol.

      Only available in Asda Stores priced 58p a jar.


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