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Asda Vegetable Samosas

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Manufacturer: Asda / Type: Other

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    1 Review
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      06.05.2009 10:19
      Very helpful



      OK, but I've tasted better

      I love spicy food and I especially love samosas. I've actually started making my own, and they're surprisingly easy to make, however like a lot of people I don't always have time to cook, so I treated myself to a pack of ready made vegetable samosas from ASDA recently.

      You get four samosas in a pack and they come in a plastic tray sealed with film. This is encased in a cardboard sleeve with all the product information on which can easily be recycled. Annoyingly when I peeled off the film it wouldn't come off in one piece, it sort of shredded into little bits, but I suppose that's something that I can live with.

      It does say that you can heat these in the oven, but personally I have them as a quick snack and am happy enough to eat them cold. If you do want to heat them, they will take 14-16 minutes in the oven.

      The appearance of the samosas is OK, but the pastry did look a little bit wrinkled which was slightly off-putting. These are smaller than I expected them to be, but not so small I'd class them as mini. It does say on the box that it serves 2 people, meaning you should have 2 samosas each, and I did find I needed to eat two to be satisfied. Maybe that's just because I'm a greedy pig though!

      The taste of these samosas was a little disappointing if I'm honest. The packaging describes them as 'expertly spiced', however I didn't think that they were all that spicy really. I do like my hot food to be hot though, so perhaps I'm just being fussy.

      The pastry outside was nice, and wasn't as greasy as some of the shop-bought ones I've had in the past which I was pleased about. It was also peppered with onion seeds which was a little different, but again very nice.

      There wasn't a huge amount of filling in these, which again was a little bit of a let down. They contain peas, onion, potatoes and carrots and the blend of vegetables does go very nicely together, but although the textures are nice, you can't particularly pick out the flavour of any of them, as they were all so bland and seemed to blend into one tasteless mouthful!

      Nutritional Info (per samosa)

      101 calories
      2.2g protein
      12.9g carbohydrate
      4.5g fat

      These are suitable for vegetarians and can be frozen.

      A pack of four will cost £1.16 from ASDA which I think is pretty good, especially considering I used to buy single ones from Somerfield which cost £1 each!

      Overall, I thought these were OK and more than edible, but I would not buy them again. The flavours were disappointingly bland, there was only a hint of spices and there was nothing to make them stand out as special.


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