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Burgen Soy-Lin Bread

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Burgen Soy-Lin bread is specifically designed for women's wellbeing. Full of flavour and natural ingredients, Burgen Soy-Lin bread's balance of soy, linseed and wheat has been carefully selected to optimise the phytoestrogen level as well as omega 3 fatty acids. The ingredients are combined to provide goodness packed with taste, which can be easily incorporated into your daily eating pattern. Each loaf of Bürgen Soy-Lin bread contains folate. Increased maternal folate consumption in at least the month before and 3 months following conception may reduce the risk of fetal neural tube defects.

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    4 Reviews
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      04.10.2008 19:51
      Very helpful



      A good GI source

      I came across Burgen Soya and Linseed bread in the supermarket. From the outside it looked very different to other breads and it also looked very appealing.

      I think it was the fact that it was made with soya and linseed oil that caught my attention as I had recently been reading about the health benefits of linseed oil for women who were experiencing the menopause and its associated symptoms.

      I decided to buy one and I am so glad I did. It is an absolutley delicious tasting bread that is packed with various seeds and great tasting natural grains. It is also very moist.

      I particulary like to make a sandwich with it packed with bananas! It is really scrumptious..... Indeed, it is tasty enough to eat without any filling or spread at all...

      The bread is very rich in calcium and very high in fibre. It is also a low-GI bread. As a result you feel fuller for longer and are less likely to snack.

      Low GI foods help to sustain steady blood sugar levels through slow release and helps you to feel fuller for longer. As it contains both soya and linseed it is a rich source of plant oestrogens which it is claimed are beneficial to women's health.

      The cost of a loaf is about £1.25 but it can often be found on offer in the various supermarkets...


      Soya (13%) and Linseed (12%) Bread.
      Wheat flour, Water, Linseed, Soya Flour,
      Cracked Wheat, Toasted Kibbled Soya,
      Wheat Protein, Vegetable Oil and
      Vegetable Fat, Yeast, Sugar,
      Salt, Calcium Carbonate,
      Vinegar, Emulsifiers: E471,
      E472e, Flour Treatment Agent:
      Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).

      Contains Wheat Soya and Gluten


      Per 100g / Per Slice
      Energy 1151kJ / 274kcal / 460kJ / 110kcal
      Protein 15.9g / 6.4g
      Of which: sugars 29.8g 11.9g / 5.4g 2.2g
      Of which: saturates 10.1g 4.0g / 1.4g 0.6g
      Fibre 6.8g / 2.7g
      Sodium 0.30g / 0.12g
      Salt 0.77g / 0.31g
      Calcium 265mg / 33% RDA* / 106mg / 13% RDA*


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        14.08.2008 21:57
        1 Comment



        Thoroughly scrummy healthy bread

        I discovered this bread when I had to begin lowering the GI in my diet. I've never been a brown bread lover but this was something else and I've never looked back! It's gorgeous stuff! I can highly recommend it! I now prefer it to white bread any day :) And if I run out I'm gutted that I have to eat stodgy white unhealthy stuff instead ;)

        It's stuffed full of seeds, so if you're not a seed fan don't touch it with a barge pole.

        The thing I like best about it, other than it's taste obviously, is that it stays lovely and fresh tasting even if it doesn't get eaten up as quickly as I'd like it to. I've had slices last up to about 5 days before they've visibly gone off, and even then it's still been very moist to eat. I think it's worth every penny.


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          05.08.2008 11:19
          Very helpful



          You should just try it for yourself - it tastes divine and the seeds are so good for you.

          Please note packaging has changed - it's now brown and yellow.

          Ok, here goes. This is probably the best bread in the world. It is absolutely delicious. I cannot believe I ever ate white sliced or wholemeal. It is a white bread at it's basic to pretty light but it is absolutely rammed with soya and linseed. You know how most seeded breads might have a few seeds inside but generally speaking have the majority on the top for show, which fall out into the packaging. Well this one has thousands of seeds all the way through the dough. There are hundreds and thousands. This is good because you feel you are getting value for money from your seed allowance but also because seeds are so good for you. They contain lots of vitamins and minerals and things that make you healthy and strong and they also are a slow-release source of carbs. So, if like me your sugar levels jump all over the place and you get hungry quickly, this bread will make you feel fuller longer and stop the highs and lows of a sugar rush. So it's basically great if you are on a diet and great if you have a sugar intolerance.

          Also, and probably most importantly for a food-stuff, it is delicious. It's good in sandwiches and on it's own. Also makes really scrummy croutons.

          Best of all, my husband loves it and I can con him into eating healthy seeds without him even realising. Oh dear, perhaps shouldn't have put that, as he'll read this review and know what I've been up to!

          It's a bit pricey but bread is these days and I think it's worth investing in a loaf that is tasty and good for you. It's between £1.10 and £1.30 depending on the supermarket. At the end of the day, although I do remember the good old days, not so long ago, of spending 60p on a loaf of bread and I begrudge paying so much these days, £1.30 is nothing. I'd spend it on chocolate so I should spend it on bread.

          We've converted all the family - you should try it to.


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          02.01.2007 12:26
          Very helpful



          A healthy, tasty loaf of bread

          I have my Mum to thank for introducing me to this bread. She started taking note of the GI diet and apparantly this bread is much better for you than other breads, all will be explained below.

          I am an absolutely huge fan of bread and could easily devour a full loaf in a day, with or without a filling. That's why I actually only have half a loaf out at a time and freeze the other half to stop myself as willpower isn't in my vocabulary!

          ~ Packaging ~

          Ok, I know you will all skip this section but I wanted to point out that Burgen have just changed their packaging for this bread and instead of the blue shown by dooyoo, it's now in a bag that has brown writing etc which in my opinion is far better. The blue looked a bit cheap and nasty which the bread certainly isn't!

          ~ Price and Availability ~

          I've seen this bread in Asda, Morrisons and Tesco but I'm sure all of the other major supermarkets will stock it.

          At Tesco it is currently £1.17 for a standard 800g loaf. They did however have a BOGOF offer a few weeks ago and I stocked up on it big style which was a huge saving!

          ~ The taste ~

          Being a huge white bread fan I was dubious about this one as it looks inbetween white and brown but I have no hesitation in saying that this is delicious!

          It's a light bread, not stodgy at all.

          The crust is a very dark brown, not hard or crusty, just a nice pleasant chew to it, so no false teeth problems but certainly not for those of you who love very crisp, crusty crusts!

          The bread is a very light beige colour and is absolutely full of seeds, what's great though is that when you pull a slice or two out of the packet, the seeds don't drop off all over the bench or floor which is what happens with my Ryvita Sesame crackers and it's a real pain.

          It has no definite taste other than basic bread, it's the texture of it that makes it so good. The seeds and grains aren't crunchy but give it a lovely mildly rough, gritty feel to it.

          This bread is certainly very 'more-ish' and because it's so light I can easily eat up to eight slices without feeling bloated and too full which is sometimes the case with other 'stodgier' versions of bread.

          ~ Health Benefits ~

          * Soya and Linseed are good sources of plant oestrogens which are beneficial for women's health, particularly menopausal symptoms rather than using HRT. (I haven't reached that stage yet!)
          * It is a very nutritious bread.
          * It is a low GI bread which means that it provides a slow steady release of energy and helps you feel fuller for longer.
          * Rich in calcium
          * High in fibre

          ~ Other Info ~

          * Suitable for vegetarians
          * Suitable for freezing
          * Recommended daily allowance is 4 slices (oops! I go way above this allowance, it's just too tasty!)

          ~ Other Burgen Breads ~
          * Cholesterol
          * Hi-Bran

          ~ Burgen ~

          These breads are made by Allied Bakeries who are the largest bread producer in the UK, making Kingsmill, Allinson and Sunblest.

          For more info visit www.burgen.co.uk

          I wish they would lower the price but when Tesco do the BOGOF offer it's well worth you having a try of it, it is truly delicious for any bread fan!


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