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Clover Lighter (Low Fat Spread)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Clover / Type: Spread

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    2 Reviews
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      10.05.2010 19:21
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      Wont be moving over to the Lighter life

      Clover has been in our family for years and years and we don't use any other butter. We use it on bread, crackers, Biscuits, baguettes, we use it on practically everything, we use it like pate sometimes.
      We started seeing commercials for Clover Lighter and we did consider switching over from Clover to the Lighter but my family is a little bit like "Better The Devil You Know" and "If It's Not Broke Don't Fix It".....but as I am writing this review you have already guessed I tried it, and we liked it .

      It comes in a bright yellow container with a picture of a clover on all sides of the tub with Clover Written (in a darker green) over the top and just under that is written Lighter (in a light blue).
      The smallest size you can get this in (that I have seen) is 500g, but you can get it bigger but I don't know what the grams are but I want to say about double.
      Directly underneath the tub is the ingredients and the nutrition information that breaks it all down and tells you how much of each is in there.

      Nutrition Information Is:
      Per 100 Grams

      Protein 0.7 g

      Carbohydrate 2.9 g

      Of which sugars 0.9 g

      Fat 49 g

      Of which saturates 23.5 g

      Of which monounsaturates 17.4 g

      Of which polyunsaturates 5.6 g

      Of which omega 6 4.2 g

      Of which omega 3 1.15 g

      Fibre NIL

      Sodium 0.7 g
      32 calories per 7g serving

      It has 30% les fat than Clover original and you can taste that its missing that 30%.

      When you open the lid it is sealed with a gold tinfoil covering which when you peel it back you are greeted with a yellow almost golden spread that just looks inviting, it has less of a salty bite than the Clover original and the taste is less rich but never the less it is still nice and doesn't take much away.
      Both Clover and Clover Lighter has a very easy spreadable quality to it whether it has been in the fridge or not, they both have a thick creamy taste that just leaves you wanting more whether it be on a cracker or toast, it has something that is very addictive in its ingredients, but Clover Lighter has less of the addiction part which I guess is a good thing because then I don't have 20 million toasts for breakfast.
      Now because Clover is halfway between butter and margarine (which I didn't know till recently) it does make it ideal if your cooking or baking a cake, although Clover is not 100% butter its also not 100% margarine so the mix is ok (believe me I know).

      So for me Clover is an old family friend and have enjoyed it as far back as I can remember but do I approve of Clover Lighter......not to sure, But I guess it's a good healthy option, but I will still be keeping to my Clover original


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        21.09.2009 15:58
        Very helpful



        A tasty, high quality buttery spread but not the best!

        In my house my Mother never ever buys butter. Not just because my Step-Father has had 2 serious heart attacks but because we all love it and would stuff ourselves silly with it given the opportunity!

        So as a compromise my Mum gets butter like spreads as we don't like margarine and things like that at all!

        Th Packaging:

        Iv'veonly ever seen this available in the 500g size and that will set you back about £1.50 a tub (in all good supermarkets). So the tub is plastic, oblong in shape and bright yellow in colour. On two sides of the tub and on the lid I'm told it is New Clover 'Churned For Taste' 30% less fat 'Lighter' and there's a picture of a clover leaf on there. Other information on the tub tells me what it's suitable for and a bit about the product, nutritional information and contact details for Clover are listed. Nice enough informative packaging this is.

        What It's Suitable for:


        A Bit About The Product:

        30% less fat than standard clover
        Less than half the saturated fat of butter
        Natural colour & flavour
        No hydrogenated fats
        Virtually trans fat free
        Suitable for Vegetarians

        The Spread:

        Well it's light yellow in colour with a rather greasy consistency. It has a slightly creamy taste to it and is very salty indeed. Best stored in the fridge because left out it melts rather quickly in room temperature however if it is stored in the fridge it still spreads reasonably well.

        Although it is salty it's still fine for use with sweet things I.E toast and jam or whatever. I mainly use this on sandwiches and toast but have been known to shallow fry in this and the only word of warning I will give to that is if doing so use a little oil (like olive oil or veggie oil or whatever) to minimise burning which it tends to do by itself. It does give a nice creamy taste to bacon and things like that though! Yep you can bake with this too and I have made a cake and used this instead of margarine and once again it does give a nice creamy richness to things!

        Not my favourite 'pretend' butter to be honest as it is rather on the salty side of things but it's ok and taste-wise is very like the standard Clover only saltier!

        Nutritional Information Per 100g:

        Energy: 455Kcal
        Protein: 0.7g
        Carbohydrates: 2.9g
        of which sugars: 0.9g
        Fat: 49g
        of which saturates: 23.5g
        of which trans fats: 0.5g
        Fibre: Nil
        Sodium: 0.7g


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