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Country Life Lighter Spreadable Butter

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Country Life / Type: Spread

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    3 Reviews
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      13.02.2011 20:07
      1 Comment



      A tasty product that will enhance most recipes and is a pleasure to eat on toast.

      My husband and I like nothing better than the taste of butter on hot toast. However, at the same time, we like to be as healthy as we can and so, in our search to satisfy both requirements, we decided to try Country Life's lighter version. That was about six months ago now, and since we have converted most of our family to it! I would like to point out that we have compared this to the Country Life butter and really can't tell alot of difference taste wise. What a result!

      Apperance and Spreadability factor.

      Country life is pale yellow in colour, unlike low fat spreads which I think are rather artificially yellow. Even when it is used straight from the fridge it spreads easily and we haven't experienced any problems with the bread breaking up as we have from some other lighter butters.

      Use in cooking

      Country Life lighter is great in cakes and other recipes too. It gives a creamy flavour to curries that you would expect from a full fat butter.

      Health considerations

      This product has 549 calories per 100g. You can buy a reduced salt version too.


      Country Life lighter is available in most supermarkets. Tescos often promote it, selling two tubs for £3.00. Not surprisingly, there are never many tubs on the shelf when this happens. Otherwise, you can expect to pay about £2.50 per tub.


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        16.09.2009 14:42
        Very helpful



        Good value and nice taste!

        It was whilst I was in my local grocery store recently that I happened to remember that I had run out of butter or low fat spread at home. I decided to see what offerings were available in store and I scanned over the goods in the 'chiller' refrigerators in the store to see what was available.

        My first instinct was to buy the Lurpack spreadable lighter butter, but after noticing that the Country Life spreadable lighter butter was working out to be much better value, and was a lower price, I opted instead to buy this brand. I did note that the size of tub was bigger in comparison to the Lurpack butter too - the Country Life butter was a much bigger size, coming in at 500g.

        Thus, I was happy that I was getting a bigger size of tub for less money, when compared to the Lurpack brand of spreadable butter. With that, my choice was made and money duly handed over! The 500g tub of Country Life spreadable 'Lighter' butter cost me £1.25.

        I did think that the packaging was quite impressive- looking, and to be honest I thought it was probably more so than the Lurpack brand. The Country Life butter is supplied in a gold-coloured plastic tub - in itself impressive looking - with a little 'Assured Food Standards' logo on the lid and sides of the tub, next to the name of the product.

        Whilst making a sandwich for my lunch later the same day and taking the lid from the Country Life tub, I did note that the appearance of the butter looked to be of quite a high quality. It did look nice and creamy and was a pleasant pale- yellowish colour.

        Taking some from the tub and spreading onto my bread proved to be a bit of a chore - the Country Life butter was no way as soft and easy to spread as other spreads and spreadable butters that I have bought in the past. This proved to be a bit of a disappointment for me - especially as the words 'British Spreadable' are printed on the lid and sides of the plastic tub right under the Country Life name! Tutness!

        On more than one occasion I did find that spreading the butter caused my bread to break which is obviously a bit annoying when making a snack or sandwich. I have to be honest and say that I don't really find this to be a big problem when using the Lurpack spreadable butter.

        To be fair, I did find it was a different story when using the butter on something hot such as toast or a heated baguette or croissant. The butter was easy to spread on such items and I did think that the little bit of heat made all the difference.

        I did think that the taste of the butter was very nice - not overly salted or anything. I did also think that the taste was really quite creamy and was most certainly on a par with other spreadable butters that I buy on a regular basis - I did not find that the quality of this butter was any poorer than these other brands. The overall taste was quite rich and full-flavoured, which is my personal preference when using a product like this on a sandwich or baked potato or whatever.

        The texture too was pleasant - I found the butter to be quite creamy and not overly greasy or sickly in any way. I also found that the overall texture of the butter was again on a par with other brands that I buy on a regular basis. I did not feel that the quality of this Country Life butter was any better or any poorer than what I usually buy.

        The nutritional information on the reverse of the tub informs me that 100g of this Country Life butter will provide me with 549 calories and 60g of fat, which I did think was still quite high - 'Lighter' brand name or not!!

        That said, if I wanted a much lower in fat option I would have opted for a low fat spread and chosen to buy that instead of butter. I'm very glad that I bought this Country Life butter though, and I would definitely buy it again!

        I will knock a point or star off the rating, because I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't a bit more easy to spread - especially given that the butter is marketed as a spreadable butter, so I did think this was a bit much! Apart from that though, I cannot really fault its taste or quality and I would highly recommend it for the most part.

        The Country Life spreadable butter is quite readily available in all good major supermarkets (I have seen it in both Tesco and Asda) and grocery stores.


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          15.09.2009 20:53
          Very helpful



          Yummy spreadable butter...lovely!

          The one thing I love in life is butter. It's the one thing my Mum refuses to buy though cos it gets devoured to quickly in my home! However she broke her own rule last week and I found this hiding in the fridge lol. I used it all the time, thought it was gorgeous but failed to notice it was butter and thought it was amazing quality low fat spread for ages lol.

          The Packaging:

          I've only seen this particular spread in what my Mum bought and that is a 500g tub though it is available in the normal spreadable variety and in packs of normal butter too and all the packaging looks similar. The tub is gold in colour and on the front and the back I am told it is Freshly churned Countrylife British Spreadable 'Made with British butter & vegetable oil, reduced fat blend' that it meets assured food standards, is 'lighter' in fat and of course that it's 500g in size and there is a picture of a tree on there. Other information on the tub tells me a bit about the product, nutritional information, ingredients and allergy advice is all given and contact details for Countrylife are listed. Nice packaging this is and it looks and feels like quality.

          A Bit ABout The Butter According To The Information Provided On The Tub:

          Countrylife Lighter Spreadable is made from the milk of British dairy farms with all the great taste of Countrylife Spreadable but lower in fat. It's delicious straight from the tub, on fresh bread or toast and it's also a great cooking ingredient - whether your baking or roasting.

          No additives, or preservatives. Suitable for Vegetarians.

          The Butter:

          Wow! This is simply gorgeous and I ate a tub in a day lol! A light yellow in colour with a creamy aroma to it we left ours out in the kitchen so that it was really easy to spread though it is easy enough to spread straight fromt the fridge too. Taste wise it's creamy, slightly salted and even though it's salted goes well with sweet foods (I.E jam and stuff like that). I liked the versatility of this! Great on toast and stuff (though it does melt rather badly) I used in in sandwiches and I added some to fry an egg in and things like that (though do use some sort of cooking oil to it because it does burn if used on it's own).

          I found this to be a great all round butter and although lighter in fat option it doesnt mean it's lighter in flavour because it isn't. Me, I didnt know what I was eating I just know I loved it!

          Full on taste if you like your butters I say try this. I love the fact it's 'spreadable' making it easier to use when I wanted to the only problem is it's so moreish it vanishes pretty quickly in my house!

          Allergy Advice:
          Contains: Milk

          Nutritional Information Per 100g:

          Energy: 549 Kcal
          Protein; 1.0g
          Carbohydrate: 1.3g
          of which sugars: 1..3g
          Fat: 60.0g
          of which saturates: 23.9g
          of which monosaturates: 23.1g
          of which polyunsaturates: 8.2g
          Fibre: Nil
          Sodium: 0.4g

          Available in all good supermarkets and expect to pay about £2.20 a tub.


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