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Freshpak Chicken & Vegetable Pies

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Manufacturer: Freshpak / Type: Pie

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    1 Review
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      10.06.2009 22:00
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      Stick to Birds Eye

      I love Birds Eye's chicken pies but do find them to be really pricey at just under £2.50 for a pack of 4, so when I came across a same sized pack in Iceland by Freshpack for only £1 I quickly bought some thinking what great value they were. However, sometimes you get what you pay for and it often works out better just to pay that bit more for something which is of much better quality.

      I'd never heard of Freshpack before and even now I can't seem to find much about the company on the internet. But the packaging looked good and the pies looked tasty so there was nothing stopping me from trying them.

      The chicken and vegetable pies come in a creamy/yellowy box with a picture of a pie on the front looking golden brown and tasty, along with the usual trimmings. Each of the 4 pies contains chicken breast meat and vegetables in a rich gravy and flaky pastry. The pack says that it takes 30 minutes for the pie to cook on gas mark 7 / 220 degrees but I found that mine only took about 20-25 minutes until it was a golden brown colour and the edge of the pastry was crispy. The pies look completely the same as the Birds Eye pies and so I happily sat down ready to tuck into one. As soon as I cut it open some of the gravy spilled out and I could see peas and carrot slices inside but couldn't see any chicken. I delved a bit deeper into the pie and ended up splitting the entire thing down the middle and I still didn't find any chicken. After a bit of confusion, I then noticed that there was in fact chicken in it. However, it was not as it is shown on the front of the packaging - small chicken chunks the same as in the Birds Eye pies - but was tiny little slithers of chicken. Not even slithers - it was just ridiculously small bits of chicken (smaller than a piece of grated cheese) which sat in the gravy. I was completely disappointed as I really enjoy the small chunks of chicken and like to have quite a lot of it in chicken pies which is the best bit in my opinion. I checked the box after and the picture on the packaging does show that it contains chunks of chicken which is obviously very misleading. I don't know, maybe I was just unlucky and got some dodgy pies but, due to the company which I've never heard of, and the cheap price, I'd say that they're probably just not very good pies.

      Regardless, they did still taste fairly good - the pastry was crispy on the outside and softer in the centre and bottom, the vegetables were soft and tasty and the gravy did have a slight chicken taste, but it just wasn't enough chicken for my liking. When I buy a chicken pie I expect it to have chicken in it - proper chicken. So I definitely won't be buying these again and will only be sticking to Birds Eye in the future.

      Nutrition per pie:
      Energy - 316 kcal
      Protein - 7.2 g
      Fat - 17.7 g
      Salt - 1.5 g


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