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GO3 Chicken and Sweet Tomato Wrap

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MAnufacturer: GO3 / Type: Sandwich

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    1 Review
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      01.09.2009 10:13
      Very helpful



      I wouldn't buy this , but then I haven't got small ones to cater for!

      I thought I would write about these wraps now, as at first I wasn't to sure about them. I had seen these in my local Tesco's in the freezer section and didn't quite know what to make of them. A wrap in a freezer seemed a bit on the lazy side, so I didn't bother with them, until one week my Tesco's decided to have a clear out of certain foods and were selling these for 16p in the reduced part of the freezers along side with the GO3 mini omlettes.

      So I thought I might as well give it a go at that price and I got 4 of each. Being that they had a long date on of 04 2010 I wasn't in any hurry to try them, but one lunchtime I fancied something different for my snack. So I thought I would give it a go.

      This comes in a long tube box which is very eye catching as it is basically a white cardboard box with a red strip along the top with the letters GO3 written in very large bold blue writing with a picture of the wrap and David Beckham with his signature alongside his photo.This packaging also promotes Omega-3 as you will find this is written all over the box several times. It is difinitely a box that would catch the eye of youngsters and would have them wanting to try this product with out any doubt!

      On opening the box I slide out the wrap to find it is wrapped in a cellophane wrapper. It is tiny and doesn't look very nice ( that's to me anyway!)With cry's from my family saying " umm that looks nice" being sarcastic !

      This wrap is microwavable ( in fact this is the only way you can cook it!!).
      you just pop it on to a microwaveable plate and cook ;

      ~~~750 watts 2 minutes 20 seconds~~~
      ~~~850 watts 2 minutes 10 seconds~~~

      Leave to stand for 1 minute, also you have to be very careful as the filling can be very hot inside and could burn tiny mouths ( as in toddlers not someone with a tiny mouth!!).

      Now this wrap comes as a wholemeal wrap filled with chicken and a sweet tomato sauce stuffed with Omega 3 as I'm informed.

      Per 100g wrap which is what this wrap weighs contains;

      ~~~150 calories and has 5g Fat ~~~

      This also contains Wheat, Gluten, Milk, Fish for anyone who has allergies (I don't know why they say fish as I've never seen that in an allergy list before!).

      Now for the taste it was very sweet like it say's and did have a fair bit of chicken in it, so I can't fault it in anyway for that. It certainly wasn't very filling and left me feeling still hungry and then the penny dropped this product is aimed at children as when you read the box it has a little quote from David Beckham about doing sports;

      "Sometimes there isn't enough time in the day! This is good wholesome food to grab on the go whether at lunchtime, after school or before sports practice."

      The 3 in GO3 stands for;

      ~~~1 Fortified with extra Omega-3 to obtain higher levels of the essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA~~~

      ~~~2 Wholemeal wraps with the goodness of wholegrain~~~

      ~~~3 A source of protein, which is an essential part of a balanced diet~~~

      I personally would not buy these again as I am a firm believer in trying to make my food on a fresher basis especially for children, but having said that if someone really hasn't got the time to do this then I suppose at least you know what is in these wraps and most children would enjoy the sweetness of the tomato sauce. As they usually sell for around 80p they are not to bad in price as a one off.

      I think that kids will also like the picture of the chicken on the side of the box holding a very angry looking tomato saying " you're so sweet I could eat you up"

      For more information on these products go to :

      ~~~www.GO3.co.uk ~~~

      All the GO3 products are aimed at children and are fortified with Omega-3 which can't be a bad thing, there is a lot to choose from be it pasta pots, omlettes, noodle pots, wraps, ect... so if in a hurry handy to have as a standby in the freezer !!

      I will give this 3 stars as I still feel that fresh would be much better!


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