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Higgidy Spinach Feta And Toasted Pine Nut Pie.

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Manufacturer: Higgidy / Type: Pie

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    3 Reviews
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      15.04.2010 22:16
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      delicious and yummy wholesome food

      I am a vegetarian so this pie immediatley caught my attention as it is a little different from the usual things you get. Priced at £3.94 at the time it is a tad expensive, however for a apparently handmade pie with interesting, wholesome ingrediants I am willing to pay that occasionally.
      The pie itself is 270g, so not that small plenty for one and enough for two if eating with something else. It comes in a brown box with green pictures and writing in both green and white. There is also a small plastic window to see you actual pie.
      The box is a wealth of information from the usual nutritional values, ingrediants, how to store, how to cook and allergens too websites/addresses.
      Alongside this and even better in my view is the how we make it picture and writing story. As you open your pie box is a bit more writing which informs you your pie was lovingly handmade.
      So, on to the pie itself!
      The pie actually looks handmade which is a refreshing change and tastes it to in my opinion :)
      The pastry is great and has that wholesome taste you get from quaint little bistros food, it is crunchie not soft which is a refreshing change too.
      The spinach, onion and feta cheese are mixed into a lovely creamy paste type effect and has plenty of spices to note.The topping with roasted peppers and more chedder and feta is scummy and the pine nuts are unusual but fantastic finishing touch.
      This pie is delicious and I am ready to try out more of there small but interesting range of pies.


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        17.02.2010 21:08
        Very helpful




        Purchased on one of my must eat more healthy food trips was this little meal for one. Depends on the amount of food you eat as my mum would happily have two in one go but for me it's just right for dinner when my other half is out after work. I think what caught my attention most was the spinach and pine nuts. I've always loved spinach and have started an addiction to pine nuts over the past two years. Had never heard of them before that and after one gorgeous salad introduction have kept them around.

        Very quick and easy. Take pie out of the box and pop into the oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes. I wasn't sure what to expect when I first took this pie out but was pleasantly surprised. I cut the pie in half to find a wealth of filling. Higgidy certainly didn't skimp on the ingredients. And best of all ... the crust crispy but not burnt. I've found many times that cooking instructions aren't quite right. I didn't have a chance to check on this pie whilst it was cooking so luckily it all cooked fine.

        Higgidy is a small UK company started in 2003. James was an architect who had started a company building tree houses and Camilla was a chef with a homemade pie company. When they met and fell in love they became the husband and wife team turning Higgidy into what it is today. Selected by Sainsbury's in 2006 and by 2008 had 50 employees and a turnover of £3.2M. Not bad at all!

        British Beef, Stilton and Ale Pie
        Spinach, Feta & Toasted Pine Nut Pie (ate it too quickly but think there were a few pieces of red pepper on the top. The spinach is creamy and contains cheese.)
        Free Range Pork Sausage and Mash Pie
        Lemon Chicken Pie with Bacon, Spinach and Lentils

        Skinny Pies:
        Skinny Moroccan Vegetable and Feta Pie
        Skinny Mushroom and Leaf Spinach Pie

        Smoked English Bacon and Mature Cheddar Quiche
        Spinach, Feta & Roasted Red Pepper Quiche
        Asparagus and Herby Summer Vegetable Quiche

        OOOO! And don't forget the Herby Sausage Roll!! It's gooooooooooooooooood and filled with bacon, sundried tomatoes, leek and herbs!

        I have previously bought the Skinny Moroccan Vegetable and Feta Pie but they have a short shelf life and I didn't get to it in time.

        If you're into buying British this is a good company to add to the list. Not the best if you're looking to make a meal for a family of four as the portions are small. People from Good Housekeeping to the Waitrose Food Illustrated have raved about the wonderful tastes coming from Higgidy.

        Go and get yourself some!

        Pie retails at £3.49

        © oioiyou 2010


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          05.10.2009 23:39
          Very helpful



          A pie to delight!

          This Higgidy Pie made with Spinach, Feta and Toasted Pine Nuts is quite simply divine, and if you have never heard of the brand before I can assure you they really are the Queen of pies!

          I purchased mine in Waitrose where they are £3.49 each, but don't worry the pie is easily shared with a friend, and probably just as well as you are looking at 686 calories if you were to devour the lot! Often on offer though, so if you are extra hungry you can treat yourself to an entire pie, and it will certain fill a corner with no problem.

          Higgidy make a lot of pies and quiches, but one thing runs through all their range, and that is that they are hand made with no machines doing the work. They are also free from chemicals and weird ingredients; in fact they are a power house of nutrition!

          The Spinach Feta and Toasted Pine Nut Pie is my favourite from a wide range they make. Hubby and I just shared one for dinner, and together with a Greek salad it was a meal I would have been happy to have enjoyed in a restaurant setting. The pie is made with Spinach, and Feta which is coated in a béchamel sauce, and this filling makes up 64% of the pie. The short crust pasty which encases these ingredients is a seeded affair, and it only lines the pie not covers it, so the open top reveals the red peppers and chunks of feta and pine nuts which are sprinkled throughout the creamy layers beneath.

          The packaging has a clear window so you can peek into the jewelled top which is crammed full of rainbow coloured ingredients.

          Tasting this pie is an absolute pleasure-forget stodgy think luxurious, creamy, melt in the mouth pastry, and fresh ingredients, which marry together to make a main course to die for.

          The pie is chilled not frozen, though you could freeze it if you wanted to after purchase. I wouldn't, as you really want to give this pie the treatment it deserves- a chance to be sampled freshly made and glistening with vibrantly coloured ingredients.

          The pastry is speckled with poppy and sesame seeds which give it a real bite, and flavour, and there is a hint of cayenne pepper to give it heat.
          The filling does contain some Cheddar cheese as well as Feta which gives it a depth of flavour, and within the sauce double cream and eggs make an appearance, which helps the creamy texture to shine through.

          To cook all you do is to place in the oven 180c, 350f or Gas mark 4 for 25 minutes, which gives you a few moments to make a salad or some vegetables to serve with it. As I said we shared the pie, and usually do to prevent too many calories turning us into barrels, but my son who is 17 easily polishes off an entire pie. They are quite large so really sharing one isn't a case of eating a mouse's portion, you really do get a good helping.

          Whenever I have bought these pies they normally have a good few days shelf life left on them, so they are a good stand by. This evening we were out a fair bit collecting our son from places, and as I currently have a stinking cold I didn't feel like cooking a meal from scratch, as the evening was quite broken and chaotic. This pie was perfect and absolutely delicious.

          They make quite a range of different pies, not all vegetarian like this one and a few quiches too. I have seen them in Sainsbury's too so it's worth looking out for them there.

          Apparently their founder, a lady called Camilla, hated school and found her love making pies which she has turned into a career. Good for her because these are top class. Made in West Sussex and good enough to serve at dinner parties!

          Only downside, as sadly being a pie there has to be one I suppose, is the fat content which is 45.1g per pie with a massive 5g of salt. As adults are not supposed to consume more than 6g a day, which is easy to do if you eat some cereals and bread, so this pie is pushing you to the limit if you eat the entire one all to yourself!

          So sad that many lovely things carry a health warning, and so I have to say I only buy this on an infrequent basis, but if you love pies and want a top quality one to enjoy then this one is calling loudly to be tried. I promise you it won't disappoint!


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