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Hipp-a-bisc Organic Breakfast Cereal

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3 Reviews

Hipp-a-bisc is a brand new breakfast from Hipp Organic which is made of wholegrain wheat and contains less than half the sugar of standard wheat-biscuit brands. Unlike similar breakfast cereals made with adults in mind; Hipp-a-bisc also meets the strict guidelines concerning pesticide levels for baby foods; as well as containing low sodium levels which are appropriate for babies; making it a perfect healthy meal option from age 6 months to 3 years plus. / Food quality: Organic food

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    3 Reviews
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      11.07.2008 17:29
      Very helpful
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      A great cereal for children at a good price.

      I love Hipp-a-bisc

      When my baby decided recently that he did not want to drink his milk anymore and wanted food i had to try alternatives to give him to get him to drink his milk!!

      I was shopping in asda when i came accross this product. It was priced at 0.99p which i thought was resonable as you got quite a few inside and lasted quite a while.

      As normal weetabix do, the hipp-a-bisc soaked up the milk and if you left it for a few minutes it went all mushy. I tried this with my baby and he borked, he did not like the taste at all, i tried again and again and he soon got used to the new taste.

      As this as a cereal was quite bland i started to add tastes to it. i.e. mashed banana and he loves it, a great way to give your baby an each day is to add different fruit, and its all for a really resonable price.

      Hipp-a-bisc is made of wholegrain wheat and contains less than half the sugar of standard wheat-biscuit brands, it is specially designed for children, it has low sodium levels unlike some.

      Hipp-a-bisc is designed for children from 6months - 3years and above.

      You can buy Hipp-a-bisc from the Hipp website for only £7.99 where you can get 6 large 180g boxes (each box contains 12 biscuites) and have them delivered straight to your door. You can also buy them in most supermarkets.

      Have fun xxx


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        30.01.2008 22:21
        Very helpful



        great healthy organic breakfast suitable from 6 months

        On the lookout for some new varieties of breakfast for my little man I came across this new product in my supermarket. Hipp-a-Bisc or as they are called in my house, baby weetabix!

        THE PACKET

        The box is yellow and green in colour with the logo across the middle in blue lettering. There is also a picture of one of the biscuits. The Hipp Organic logo is on the front as well.

        On the back of the box there is loads of useful information to be found such as contents, nutritional information and information about Hipp organic.

        On the sides of the box you will find the mixing guide and best before dates.

        The contents are in a white plastic packaging and there are 12 biscuits inside this.

        NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION - per biscuit

        50 Kcal
        1.7g Protein
        9.8g Carbohydrate
        0.3g of which sugar
        0.4g fat
        0.1g of which saturates
        1.7g fibre
        0.03g sodium


        Organic wheat
        Organic malt

        This product does contain gluten


        Place one of the biscuits into a clean bowl and add approximately 100ml of your babies usual milk, slight warmed if required. Using a clean spoon mix the biscuit with the milk and you will see it breaking up and softening. I have personally found that leaving the biscuit to soak will make this process much easier.

        If you find the mixture too thick for your baby then you can add more milk.

        MY OPINION

        It did take a few days for my little man to take to these which was quite unusual as he loves his food but I think it was just because they were a completely new texture for him. Now he is used to them he loves them.

        They are a very healthy option for your child as they are totally organic and very low in fat and sugar.

        I was really persuaded to try this product not because it was organic but because they were on offer for £1 a box which I thought was excellent value. I really cannot imagine what price they will be after the offer so I have stocked up now as they do have a long shelf life.

        To me they have the same look and appearance in texture as normal adult weetabix, only smaller in size. I personally have not tasted these so I cannot comment on the taste, sorry!

        They are designed and suitable for any baby from the age of 6 months up to 3 years which is very good as by that age he can start having proper ones so he will still be getting a good source of fibre every morning.

        The only problem I have found with these is that once the inner packet is opened there is no way of resealing it to keep the contents fresh, but the box does have a closable slit in the side which helps slightly.


        This new product has been made by Hipp and has the Organic Certificate logo on the side of the packaging. It is also low in sugar, contains no artificial additives and is suitable for vegetarians

        If you would like more information about this or any Hipp product then you can find it on their web site at www.hipp.co.uk


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          16.09.2007 18:06



          this is great my son loves it and it helps to regulate him too! i add some other flavours from dried breakfasts as the taste can be a bit bland but my son loves it either way. shame i cant buy it in any shop. only shop i have found is tesco! and i shop asda and sainsburys too.that is the only down side


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