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Hipp Organic Biscottes

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Hipp Organic Biscottes are a new snack food ideal for babies from 10 months onwards and have been made from carefully selected organically grown ingredients. They can be enjoyed by toddlers and older children as a delicious finger food. HiPP Organic Biscottes have been baked twice, making them light and crispy. / Food quality: Organic food

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    1 Review
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      28.03.2008 10:46
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      a nice snack

      Hipp Organic Biscottes

      Biscottes are a new product from the group Hipp Organic. For children aged from 10 months to 3 years or even beyond. I paid only 99 pence for this large 100g box and this I think is standard price although you can buy in bulk from the Hipp Organic website and this saves you even more pennies.

      Hipp organic are a company that have been producing organic baby food for over 50 years now and claim that they use only the highest grade organic ingredients. They make a wide range of goods from pureed first taste foods to juices or even these biscottes.

      Biscottes are basically twice baked wheat biscuits that are about three inches long and one and half inches wide. They look to me like shrunken pieces of toast! They are beige in colour and look rather appealing even on their own. Hipp Organic say that they are ideal with a tasty spread but can be eaten on their own. Jack likes them with a little jam but he doesn't mind them plain either. Even though Jack is just over nine months and the age range on these biscottes is 10 months I thought I'd try him with them and he seems to be able to bite down with his one tooth and chew well enough not to choke on any.

      I have had a taste of these biscottes myself and to my surprise they were really rather nice. They have quite a sweet taste but I guess this is because they actually have added sugar in them, albeit organic. They are very crunchy but in an easy to break soft way. They kind of melt in the mouth somewhat rather like a Rusks biscuit but with a less milky taste. Personally I prefer them plain and without any sort of spread like jam. They are very light and crispy and Hipp Organic claims them to be easy to digest.

      Jack finds them easy to hold and can polish off a whole on in no time whatsoever! He seems to really enjoy them as a snack at home. Because of the fact all of the biscottes are thrown into one large bag it is not really possible to take them out and about as a snack. I think I would have preferred it if they had wrapped them in snack size packages.

      The ingredients list on the box looks rather long but I think this is mainly because everything is organic and they have put that before all the ingredients: Organic wheat flour, organic sugar, yeast, organic butter, organic vegetable oil, organic malt extract, organic milk powder, lecithin, salt, thiamine (vitamin B1). Personally I don't think that there are that many ingredients and apart from the sugar and salt it all sounds pretty good. The nutritional information is only given in 100grams which I find rather annoying as it would be far more helpful to have it given per one biscottes. But you are looking at having 417 calories per 100g, 8.8g or protein, 77.2g of carbohydrate of which 19.9g is sugars. There is 8.1grams of fat and 4.1g of that is saturated. There is 2g of fibre, 0.08g of sodium and 0.7g of thiamine. This all seems pretty good even the salt that I though would be a little higher so per biscuit I think they are fairly good all in all.

      The biscottes are suitable for vegetarians and contain no GM ingredients. In my view I think these are a great bargain. For the mere price of 99pence you are getting a lot of these biscottes and because Jack likes them so much they are certainly worth the money. They are good when eaten plain or even if you spread some on jam to make them taste a little different and perhaps using a spread with give them a little more flavour as they can seem a little pain on their own.

      All in all though I would highly recommend these Hipp Organic Biscottes to any parent for their child. They have all organic ingredients in and are pretty good in nutritional value. They make a change from other snacks that you can give and the price is very reasonable. They can stay in the cupboard for ages as long as the inside bag has been tied up nicely. I would give these biscottes a great 10/10 and if Jack could talk I am sure he would too!

      I hope this has been of some help to you. Thanks for taking the time to read.xxxxxx


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    • Product Details

      Growing up Biscuits can also be given to babies from 6 months of age, crumbled and mixed with a small amount of warmed HiPP Organic Follow on Milk or baby's usual milk for a tasty breakfast.

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