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Marks and Spencer Prawn Mayonnaise Sandwich

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Marks and Spencer / Type: Sandwich

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    2 Reviews
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      25.09.2009 11:55



      Would be better without the butter

      I love these sandwiches, to be honest, they are what they say on the packet, they dont come with any additional trimmings such as salad or anything but they're plain and basic and very tasty. The sandwich comes served as two slices of oactmeal bread which is always fresh and very soft - I like how marks and spencers always ensure that their sandwiches are fresh and you feel secure knowing that you are not buying something that has been sitting on the shelf for a few days. The inside of the sandwich is made up of a generous portion of prawns in a rich creamy mayonaisse. The taste is very subtle and the portion of prawns is just right so the flavour is not too fishy and you can actually talk to people after you have eaten it.

      One thing Im not mad about with this product is that they butter the bread, which adds to the calories when it is not really needed.

      All in all though, I always go back for more


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      12.08.2009 22:40
      Very helpful



      good for you, good for your piggy bank and good for the environment :)

      When working in town, I prefer to buy lunch than make my own, based predominantly on either laziness or a sudden unexpected burst of hunger. Whilst doing this, I like to do it healthily and M&S sandwiches generally allow me to do this. I used to think of Marks and Spencer as old fashioned and overpriced, but one day, the mother suggested I have a look at their Food to Go range.

      M&S have a massive range of sandwiches, wraps, suchi, salad etc on offer for when lunchtime comes around, or whenever you fancy really! More often than not my first choice is Eat Well Prawn Mayonnaise on oatmeal bread. They cost £1.60 for 2 triangular sandwiches in a recyclable triangular box.

      The box is a light brown cardboard colour. On the front there is a semi circle cellophane window with 2 grey semi cirle outlines of different shades. There is a small nutritional box on the front, and an "open here" tab and because this sandwich is part of the "eat well" range, there is a small sunflower in the top right corner. It also indicates that this sandwich is a "wise buy" and that the notorious M&S quality is guaranteed. Always good to know! On the bottom of the box it states that the packaging is FFS certified and it supports responsible forestry management. The back of the box states the ingredients, allergy information, storage and again, nutritional information.

      Nutritional information:
      The box informs me that it has a low GI (glycaemic index), therefore enabling you to feel fuller for longer!

      Per pack there are:
      300 calories - 15% of your RDA
      1.0g sugar - 1% of your RDA
      10.6g fat - 15% of your RDA
      2.6g saturated fat - 13% of your RDA

      Ingredients are as follows:
      Oatmeal bread, prawns (36%), mayonnaise (14%) and unsalted butter.

      I love how simple the ingredients list is, if something so simple has too many ingredients then you know it ins't going to do you any good.

      Allergy information:
      Contains cow's milk, eggs, shellfish, wheat, barley, oats, gluten and mustard. These sandwiches contains no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.

      There is also a warning that there may be some of the shell of the prawns left, although extra care has been taken to remove all shell. Having eaten dozens of these myself and probably a large proportion of my local M&S supply, I have never, ever found any trace of prawn shells in any sandwich.

      Now to the taste and texture of these little beauties! They are refrigerated in-store and so the bread is soft and fresh when you open your recyclable box. When biting into the sandwich, the bread is soft without it sticking to the top of your mouth. The prawns are always incredibly fresh, full of flavour and they don't skimp on them either, which in my opinion is fantastic because I adore prawns! Thankfully there is enough mayonnaise to taste it, but not so much that it drowns out the flavour of the prawns; a nice healthy amount. Although it says in the ingredients that it contains unsalted butter, this cannot be detected in the taste test. This sandwich is never around for long with me; before I know it, my box is ready for recycling so that it can be filled with another beautiful M&S sandwich to satisfy another person's tastebuds as much as mine are after every single bite. They are truly delicious and nutritious.

      300 calories
      Fills you up until tea time
      Reasonably priced
      Top quality ingredients
      Recyclable packaging
      Most importantly...delicious!!

      I would recommend these to anybody looking for a healthy quick fix lunch. They will keep you full again until it's time for tea - good times!


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