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Marks & Spencer Chicken and Bacon Sandwich

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Manufacturer: Marks & Spencer / Type: Sandwich

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    2 Reviews
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      03.02.2010 20:43
      Very helpful




      Now it isn't very often I pop into M&S to grab some lunch, when I do though I generally grab the same thing for my lunch the Chicken and Bacon Sandwich. Now this has been one of my favourite sandwich fillings for a while but the Marks and Spencers really is something else!

      Price: This sandwich is £2.25 which isn't too bad and a pretty average price for M&S, I know you can get a sandwich for somewhere else quite abit cheaper but it's worth the extra bit of money.

      Packaging: All M&S's sandwiches have the same recyclable pack, which is brown in colour and a very thin cardboard sort of thing, it's meant to turn into a tray but despite every effort I haven't managed to do this yet! There's a little film window so you can see what you're buying, and this is when I start getting hungry seeing that yummy sandwich!

      Look and smell: When you open the box I think the first smell you're hit by is the bread, it's malted and smells lovely nice and fresh. The chicken smells nice and fresh too and the bacon smells almost smokey. Just thinking about this sandwich is making me hungry! You can see there's a good amount of each of the componants, the chicken is proper chicken, nice thick slices, cut into strips, generally 2 strips per half sanadwich, the same with the bacon which looks a really nice quality, there's also mayo on the sandwich which works well with all the flavours and really makes the sandwich.

      Taste: Well, the taste is something else, the malted bread is lovely and soft, so is the chicken, it's really tender and has that lovely understated flavour. The bacon has that almost smokey taste to it, but not actually smoked, just lightly, it's almost crispy on the sandwich but the whole thing just merges into this lovely combination of flavours, you can tell M&S worked hard to develop the flavours and textures to such a high standard.

      Nutrition: As shown on pack:
      Calories = 470, 24% of your RDA
      Sugar = 3.2g, 4% of your RDA
      Fat = 19.2g, 27% of your RDA
      Saturated fat = 5.1g, 26% of your RDA
      Salt = 2.07g, 35% of your RDA
      So it's not that great for you but worth being naughty for, and it really is a filling lunch so it isn't ridiculously bad for you, I'm just trying to justify me eating them now!

      Overall: M&S Food is always of a really high quality but with this Chicken and Bacon sandwich they've really excelled themselves, it might not be the best thing for you but you just have to try this, you won't be disappointed, and for not a bad price either.


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        15.08.2009 01:00
        Very helpful



        one tasty treat

        So tonight between finishing work and getting a train home, I had a full hour to kill. Luckily, before work I picked myself up a sandwich from my favourite "Food to Go" range at Marks and Spencer. I really should buy shares in that place for the amount of money I must spend in there on sandwiches and drinks.

        Anyway, I decided on my second favourite M&S sandwich today, otherwise known as British chicken and bacon. This sandwich is only available on malted bread. For those of you who have read my other M&S sandwich review, the packaging is the same but for those who haven't, here goes. These sandwiches come packed in a light cardboard triangular box which is also recyclable. On the front of the box there is a large selophane semi circle, giving you a little taster of what your sandwich and filling looks like. Thie semi circle is outlined by 2 semi circles in different shades of orange that look as though they have been roughly painted on almost. There is a small nutritional information bar at the bottom, the expiry date and a small British flag. The British flag is there to reassure customers that all of the chicken and pork in this sandwich is 100% British.

        The packaging is 100% recyclable as part of the Plan A scheme that Marks and Spencer are currently running in order to do their bit for the environment. They have teamed up with Closed Loop Recycling to create a packaging recycling scheme on a regional scale.

        The nutritional information per pack is as follows:
        Calories - 470, 24% of your RDA
        Sugar - 3.2g, 4% of your RDA
        Fat - 19.2g, 27% of your RDA
        Saturated fat - 5.1g, 26% of your RDA
        Salt - 2.07g, 35% of your RDA

        As you can see this sandwich is particularly high in calories, fat and salt, so from a nutritional point of view it is by no means fantastically healthy, but given that M&S provide the RDA percentages, you can work it into your daily diet.

        With regards to the ingredients, the list is thankfully short and sweet: malted bread, British chicken (23%), Seasoned Mayonnaise (15%), British bacon (10%) and unsalted butter in a very small but unspecified quantity.

        As far as allergy information goes, this sandwich contains cow's milk, eggs, wheat, barley, gluten and mustard. Also, although every effort has been made to remove all bones from the chicken, some small ones may remain according to the warning on the side of the packaging. Personally, I have never found any bones in the hundreds of these sandwiches that I have no doubt consumed by now.

        Now for the smell and taste test. On appearance, the sandwich looks extremely appetising!Two slices of fresh, malted bread with chunky pieces of chicken cuddled up to some delicious looking pieces of British bacon. All of the above filling components are nicely smothered in a seasoned mayonnaise. One clear component of this seasoning is black pepper; it is visible in the mayonnaise before you even bite into the sandwich.

        On opening the box, there is an eclectic mix of fragrances. Inhale deeply as you open the packet and you are greeted by the smell of fresh bread, black pepper to give it a kick and the mouthwateringly meaty mix of aromas offered up by the chicken and bacon.

        Now I take a bite and the combination of flavours and textures is welcome and absolutely heavenly! The chicken breast is tender and juicy and the bacon is flavoursome, although sadly not as crispy as I would have hoped. Also there is a little bit of fat still on the bacon. Either way, this does not affect how tasty the sandwich is, I love it! At 470 calories it is quite a hefty sandwich, but nevertheless delicious and it could easily be enjoyed as part of a healthy, balanced diet. This sandwich costs £2.45 from the "Food to Go" section at your local Marks and Spencer store. Slightly pricey in my opinion but definitely worth it for a treat now and then.


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