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Morrisons Apple & Herb Stuffing

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Manufacturer: Morrisons / Type: Stuffing

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    1 Review
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      06.02.2010 16:37
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      Morrisons Apple & Herb Stuffing

      I have wanted to share my opinions on this stuffing for absolutely ages now so Im very happy that dooyoo have accepted another one of my product suggestions. Im not usually a big fan of the shops own brands but as I was walking through Morrisons the other day [I only popped in for some cigarettes!] I saw this Morrisons own brand stuffing on sale for £1 and the flavour really appealed to me. Since we were having pork for dinner that night I thought this would be a great thing to take home for my mom as she is always trying out new flavours in ordinary meals. I had really high hopes for this because I love stuffing (dirty minded people shh lol) but this unfortunatley did not meet those expectations at all!

      Anyway I took it home and since my mom had already started cooking the dinner so she said she would make some stuffing balls out of this and give everyone a few to try out. They were pretty simple to make you just add hot water to the stuffing mix and start rolling into balls or stuffing whatever meat you are eating with it and then leave it to cook for between half hour and 45 minutes then you should be left with tasty stuffing balls. Thats the theory anyway what happened in reality was very different.

      Once these were cooked I was horrifed to find that the stuffing hadnt stayed in neat little balls but they had sort of exploded into a big, flat line of bright green stuffing. It looked quite like bubble and squeek which for a start was very off putting but my mom served it up anyway because the appearance doesnt really matter as long as it tastes nice right?!

      Now my first thought was that this would be apple and herb flavoured rather than have massive chunks in the stuffing but that first thought turned out to be very wrong. When I looked at it I could see these little yellow lumps in the stuffing which turned out to be really hard chunks of apple which did not taste nice at all. I do not know exactly what herbs this was flavoured with but they tasted awful, way to strong and they stunk absoutely vile! The chunks of apple were just as bad, I think the aim was to make them tastes like ordinary apple sauce but they really failed. It didnt taste like the apples had cooked properly because they were still rock hard and bright yellow. I only had about 2 mouthfuls before I threw it in the bin. Now my family arent the pickiest of people when it comes to food but none of us liked this and we all agreed that this will not be on any future shopping lists!

      I got this on offer for £1 and to be honest because it was such a let down Im annoyed that I paid even that much for it, but if you still want to try it out I think it costs around £4 when its not on offer.

      This is just a big fail and I doubt I will ever try and stores own brand stuffing again, Ill just stick to the Paxo brand. The flavours were all really strong and did not mix well togther in the slightest they just tasted vile. I dont recommend that nayone tries this and Im only glad that my mom didnt stuff the prok with this because then it would have ruined our whole dinner! Stay away from this stuffing!

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x


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