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Muller Strawberry

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5 Reviews

Creamy Dairy Rice with Strawberry Sauce.

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    5 Reviews
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      24.10.2010 11:00
      Very helpful



      Great snack


      I have always been a fan of rice pudding and as a kid I always used to enjoy putting a blob of strawberry jam in it. In a way this product is an extension to my original idea, although not hot. A few weeks ago I was asked to help out at the Polling Station for the election and I needed to select a few snacks that where easy to prepare and could be eaten on the go, so I thought I would try this one.


      The current price for a 190g pot of strawberry rice at my local supermarket is 52p. This I must admit I think is a bit pricey especially when you consider a tin of rice pudding admittedly the supermarkets own label is just 17p.


      I think this product looks very attractive and noticeable on the supermarket shelves. I easily found this one in the chilled food section. It is in a very eye catching pot that has in large red letters rice imprinted on it and much smaller Muller and strawberry. On the bale you also have a picture of a few strawberries that again look very tempting. While on the side of the pot you have an ingredients and a nutritional information section.

      This product is part of a range of snacks, which includes Blueberry, Raspberry, Vanilla Custard, Original, Toffee and Apple. So that you can have a variety and a different snack each day should you like a change.

      ==Nutritional information:==

      Per 100g
      Energy 107 kcal
      Protein: 3.2g
      Carbohydrate: 18.4g
      Of which sugars: 12.5g
      Fat: 2.3g
      Of which saturates: 1.3g
      Fibre: 0.4g
      Sodium: 0.1g
      Calcium: 92mg


      The snack has an easy to peel lid that comes of easily in your hand, although admittedly mine did not peel of cleanly which was a bit annoying. Sadly I must admit I am one of those that feel the compulsion to lick the lid!! Inside I was greeted by a rice looking product that was creamy in colour while in others it was a red colour. The product clearly needed a stir so that the strawberry sauce was mixed properly with the rice. Once I had done this it was more consistent in texture and I could vaguely smell an appealing rice smell.

      The pot was almost completely full and certainly I was able to stir the mixture without it spilling over the side of the pot. I could see the product contained rice, as it was quite lumpy by not in an unattractive way at all, indeed just looking and stirring the product made my mouth water. Clearly you need a spoon to eat this.

      The taste was very appealing a fusion of sweet rice with a lovely strawberry flavour. For me it tasted fabulous and for me you could tell that both the rice and the strawberry was good quality and the mix just seemed right. I found it very easy to eat and very enjoyable. And while I choose to eat this product cold you can just as easily eat it hot.

      ==My thoughts on this product:==

      I will certainly be buying this product again, the main reason for this is due to the wonderful taste. As I really liked the way the bits of rice are drenched in creamy milk and the way it combines with the strawberry jam really tastes great in your mouth and surprising better than my memory of my own mixture from many years ago.

      It choose to eat this chilled straight from the fridge in the knowledge that this versatile snack was low in fat and contained no artificial colours or preservatives. I found there was plenty in the pot to satisfy my hunger and I felt better psychologically eating this than a chocolate or biscuit snack.

      I cannot fault the way it is packaged and it looking appealing, contained in a strong pot that was never going to break or leek. I just can't wait to try the others in the range and I am already confident because of the Muller name they will be quality products like this one. What I have noticed is that sometimes these are on special offer at the supermarket or indeed if you but say six you get them cheaper, making them more affordable.

      This is a very handy snack, which can be eaten hot or cold. As to microwave it all you have to do is peel of the lid and heat for 70 seconds on full power. The product can be used as a traditional pudding or as a snack or even as part of a picnic or lunchbox. Mine had a shelf life of four weeks which I thought was pretty good when you compare it against products such as yoghurts and needs to be stored in the fridge.


      I thought this was an excellent product as it tasted superb and I cannot wait to try the rest of the range now. I would recommend it and although it is quite expensive it is in my opinion well worth it as a treat occasionally. I will be purchasing it again, as it is such a versatile snack that can be eaten hot or cold on its own or as a pudding.

      Thanks for reading my review.

      © CPTDANIELS October 2010


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        19.09.2010 02:02



        dangers of muller and getting mullered

        my missus is a habitual user of muller and at the peak of her addiction she was using up to nine pots a day.she is currently on the muller reduction programme and is doing very well,she sometimes can get through the day on three pots.of course she has had the odd relapse and gone back to her old ways but we are winning the battle and are starting to live a muller free life.we dont aggree with substitute yoghurts as its just like starting the battle from scratch again,so we have decided to stick with the muller reduction programme and god willing we will beat this terrible affliction.the support on offer is minimall and when we have been to the doctors they just think that you are trying get perscriptions for protien shakes,when all you really need is some support and maintenance for your addiction.my missus wishes she had never had that first pot-it is more addictive than crystal meth!


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        17.09.2008 05:47
        Very helpful



        A really honest rice pudding!

        Today I really fancied something sweet and something relatively healthy. I'm trying to cut back on the old junk food intake (I'm not doing well by the way , read some of my other recent reviews lol) and decided to opt for this as I adore rice pudding and absolutely love strawberry jam so it seemed a great option!

        The Packaging....

        White plastic 200g pot with a peel off foil lid on the top. On the lid I'm told it is indeed Muller Rice, Strawberry and under that there is a best before date stamped on, I'm told to keep the product refrigerated and that it is is low fat (less than 3% fat) and that it has no artificial colours or preservatives and it has 20% calcium and there is a picture of strawberries on there too. On the pot itself once again I'm told it is Strawberry Muller Rice (creamy rice with strawberry sauce), ingredients are listed, nutritional information is given, told it can be eaten hot or cold and I'm given heating instructions, weight is stated (as I've listed already), website details are given (www.muller.co.uk) and finally a bar-code is on there. Nice enough packaging and very informative and I was impressed with the size which is why I bought it!

        The Rice....

        Well I decided to eat mine cold but if you you want to eat it warm just peel the lid off and heat in the microwave for around 90 seconds simply stirring it halfway through. Very simple!

        I was immediately impressed that my rice almost came to the top of the pot which meant I got a large portion. It was a nice light cream colour with a nice dollop of strawberry sauce on the top of it. The smell hit my nostrils as sweet and creamy and the whole thing look very tempting indeed.

        I mixed my jam into the rice with my teaspoon and my rice turned a light pink colour of course. I was very impressed with the consistency of the rice. It was wasn't thick set it was very moist but my rice wasn't swimming in the creamy juice. It was really moist without dribbling everywhere and dropping off my spoon and down my clothes!

        Taste wise it was simply gorgeous and I loved it. This is my favourite rice pudding of the moment. Really, really excellent! The jammy sauce was a nice rich red before I mixed it in with little dark flecks of seeds and this remained tasting of lovely, fresh, light strawberries even though it was mixed with the rice you could still really taste it. The rice was well cooked and not at all slimy or soggy and there were no uncooked bits so my the whole thing was fairly smooth. The rice pieces were small and there were loads of them in the sauce giving this a good thickness. The rice pudding smelt sweeter than what it was and it was just perfect and not a fake sweetener taste so no horrible, lingering aftertaste. The dish tastes sweet enough and taste incredibly creamy although it doesn't contain cream. So it all just tastes.. well natural!


        Will be buying this flavour again and again but also trying more in the range and pronto! Everything about this is perfect from the size, consistency and the really lovely flavour. This doesn't just act as a dessert in my view I would be more than happy to eat this as a breakfast replacement etc too. There is something very comforting about this and I'm a convert!


        Milk, Sugar, Rice (7%), Strawberries (5%), Modified Maize Starch, Egg, Stabalisers: Carob Bean Gum, Guar Gum; Salt, Colours: Beetroot Red, Caramines; Flavourings, Acidity Regulators: Citric Acid, Sodium Citrates.

        Nutritional Information (Per 100g - half a pot)....

        Energy 110kcal
        Protein 3.2g
        Carbohydrate 19.3g
        Fat 2.2g
        Calcium 92mg

        Widely available in all good supermarkets. I paid 55p in Nisa for mine but have seen them in Tesco's, Sainsbury's, Morrison's and Asda.


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          28.09.2007 19:45
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          For the sweet tooth


          I have done it!!

          Yes, I have started a slimming club going called "Y B Fat" I am really desperate now and seeing as it is only costing me £1.50 a week (cheaper than other slimming clubs) I thought I would give it a whirl.
          It say's on my piece of paper that I am allowed either 1 low fat yogurt OR fromage frais OR cottage cheese OR muller rice, so I opted for muller rice STRAWBERRY flavour.


          I bought a multi pack which contained six muller rice 3 was plain rice and the other was strawberry and rice.
          All the cartons are slightly smaller than the original ones as they are snack size and contains 150g.
          The lid that I removed before putting in microwave was a foil lid with a picture of strawberries on the front.


          Nothing different to any other rice pudding other than it has a good dollop of strawberry jam the texture is much the same too nice and thick and creamy looking.

          ****THE TASTE****

          I have to say that I have to be in the mood for rice pudding, I am not a lover of it but as I am on a diet and fancied something warm and sweet and this sort of hit the spot for me.
          I decided to mix my strawberry in the rice pudding so it turned it pink and then indulged in the creaminess of the pudding, which tasted very sweet and divine I have to say, the only thing that I disliked about it was the smell it was a bit too sweet and found by the end of the tub I felt a bit sickly other than that it was a really nice dessert very sweet and a very nice taste of strawberries.

          I am really glad I picked these little gems as I find them very versatile, they are really handy for kids lunch boxes because of their size and they are also low in fat less than 3% to be exact and they are a good source of calcium 17%and they no have to artificial colours or preservatives and the great thing is that they can be eaten hot or cold.
          If having it hot then heat up in microwave for just 90 seconds (in a 650 watt microwave)

          Nutritional information

          Per 100g

          Energy 109 cal
          Protein 3.1g
          Carbohydrate 2.2 g
          Fat 92mg
          Calcium 17% of rda per serving

          ****Overall opinion****

          My kids love these as I have exchanged a packet of crisps for 1 of these to make their lunch a bit more healthier and a great source od calcium, if you are on a low fat diet then these would be great! Although a little sweet they are great if you have a bit of a sweet tooth.

          I bought these at just £2 which works out 33p each which I think is reasonable price for this product.

          I Hope you liked reading my review. :)


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            15.03.2006 08:38
            Very helpful



            A little pot of heaven!

            I have always had an addiction for anything sweet and a couple of days ago I had ate my lunch and still had a while to go until dinner time, I found myself looking for something to snack on to keep me from the biscuit barrel! The fruit bowl is full but it's not fruit which catches my eye when I open the fridge and spot this little pot of yummy goodness.

            At first glance this is quite an impressive size of a pot, it contains 200g of creamed rice pudding complete with a delicious strawberry sauce running through it.
            Peeling back the foil lid (comes off very easily) I am greeted by a sweet aroma of strawberries similar to that of a nice strawberry jam, but I can also smell the creamed rice, an almost vanilla like scent?

            My first mouthful is just a small scoop of the rice with no strawberry sauce in it at all, it is a thick creamy sauce surrounding the rice and it tastes to me rather like ambrosia rice pudding….sweet and satisfying. I dig further into the pot and this time come out with a spoonful which has a substantial amount of slightly runny strawberry sauce, you can definitely taste the strawberry again similar to jam. You can tell that real strawberries have been used to make this sauce as you can see the little deep red "bits" throughout the sauce. I then mix up the remaining rice and sauce together and get a nice pale pink coloured rice which tastes very creamy and fruity.

            Now these pots of creamed rice can be eaten cold or bunged in the microwave for 90 seconds for a lovely hot dessert! Make sure you remove all of the foil before microwaving obviously! I haven't tried this with the strawberry one but have tried it with the apple and it is delicious.

            Now you'd be forgiven for thinking that something this tasty must be very bad for you….but in reality it's not all that bad when you consider it's a rather large 200g pot and for that you only get 230 calories and 5g of fat, ok I know there are loads of things which are better for you but it is still better than eating a chocolate bar.

            Other flavours available are
            And I've found on the website some new flavours which I hadn't seen before including
            ~Raisin and Nutmeg
            ~Vanilla Custard
            ~Winter Fruits
            There's also the low fat option which only contain 1% fat and they come in 150g pots.

            My verdict
            I would recommend these to anyone who likes creamed rice pudding, It is a filling and tasty snack, suitable for use as a dessert or even for a packed lunch box! It also offers great value for money costing about 40p a pot or in most cases and most shops selling them for 3 for £1.09 or thereabouts.

            Allergy advice
            Not suitable for those with allergies to dairy.

            Thanks for reading

            Michelle x


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