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Nestle Kit Kat Cappuccino

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8 Reviews

Manufacturer: Nestle

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    8 Reviews
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      02.12.2009 22:18
      Very helpful



      great addition to the Kit Kat family

      Kit Kats are a fantastic chocolate biscuit product. They come in either 2 or 4 finger bars however in the original flavour Kit Kat chunky's can also be purchased. They are made up of layers of really thing wafer and chocolate and then coated in milk chocolate and come in long thin fingers that are joined together.

      These are a relatively new addition to the Kit Kat family and I only first tried these earlier this year. I have always been a fan of coffee flavoured chocolates and so this cappuccino flavour Kit Kat just stood out to me the first time I saw it on the shelf so I thought I better try one.

      The first thing that hits you when you open up this product is the smell, it has a quite strong smell for a chocolate bar however coffee usually does and it just smells fantastic as soon as you open it. It also tastes fantastic too though. The cappuccino flavouring is just strong enough to give you a cappuccino kick all the way through the bar.

      The taste is really sweet from the chocolate but you also get a really rich creamy cappuccino taste from the bars as well which is fantastic. These can be bought in multi packs of 9 or 18 however I do rarely see these but they are much more readily available in the larger four finger bars which you can get for about 40p or so at most shops, so if you haven't had one of these already but do like your coffee chocolate flavoured products then definitely give this one a go.


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      03.05.2009 12:47
      Very helpful



      Kit Kat Cappuccino

      Have a break have a Kit Kat!

      I'm not a HUGE fan of Kit Kats, they're just 'ok' and I probably wouldn't eat one unless somebody offered me one. However my mum likes to buy everything 'different' that she sees and one day she picked up these!

      I am not a huge coffee fan but I do love cappuccinos so I thought I would give them a try. (Plus who would turn down the offer of free chocolate?!)

      The Kit Kat itself is of the two finger variety and is wrapped in plastic (boo bring back the foil!) and is red in colour. It features the Kit Kat logo and the picture of a tasty looking Cappuccino topped with chocolate powder. It also proudly proclaims that it only contains 107 calories which I guess is a good selling point.

      The Kit Kat was exactly the same as a normal one as it was made up of a creamy filling sandwiched between two wafer biscuits and covered in chocolate but the chocolate was cappuccino flavoured and boy was it nice! It was coffee flavoured alright but not over powering like other coffee flavoured things. If was very creamy and it really did go together with the chocolate.

      I will definately recommend them and buy, buy, buy again!

      In one Kit Kat bar there are 107 calories and 5.7g of fat. It costs £1 for a multipack of 9 bars which works out to just over 11p a bar which is pretty good value in my opinion!


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        29.04.2009 12:19
        Very helpful



        I will be buying them again!

        Let's get things straight from the start, I hate coffee flavoured things but I love cappuccinos! I have never like coffee flavoured chocolates, cakes or anything else for that matter.

        When my other half bought these when he went shopping I thought that I would hate them but as he had put real thought into it and bought them I thought that the least I could do was to give them a fair and open minded try. So when he came in with a cappo and one of these for me yesterday afternoon how could I say no?!

        These are packaged in exactly the same way as the normal two finger Kitkats apart from the paper wrapper has a small picture of a cappuccino on one side. Still the silver foil to keep it fresh and those two fingers to snap, all adds to the fun if you ask me.

        There is just one flaw, one complaint I have... They aren't big enough! I absolutely loved it! I even ended up having a second yesterday and as I just say here and had another I had to review them.

        They don't taste of coffee as I had feared but of gorgeously creamy cappuccino! Their flavour works so well and although I had doubted that the flavour of the cappuccino and chocolate would marry well it does.

        They are currently on offer in Asda where you can buy a pack of nine bars for £1! I will certainly be sending my other half off to buy some more! At just over 100 calories they aren't over indulgent when it comes to the waistline unless like me you want more than the one!


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          13.04.2009 20:00
          Very helpful



          Coffee flavoured Kit kat

          Have a break have a Kit Kat, is a well known advert for a very popular biscuit, popular with many people as it is reasonably low in calories if you want something sweet and chocolately without too much fat or too many calories.

          I haven't been buying many chocolate biscuits as we have been trying to be good and eating fruit or yogurt instead at lunch time, but I happened to see Kit Kat Cappuccino one day when I was shopping and as I love Kit Kat and adore cappuccino I decided to buy a packet.

          I think most people will know that Kit Kat are wafer biscuits sandwiched with a creamy filling and covered in chocolate, these were the two finger variety, but the chocolate was coffee flavoured. I had just imagined it would be the filling that was flavoured, but was really surprised when I read the details on the wrapper.

          Cappuccino they most certainly were, the flavour was fabulous as I love coffee, I have been drinking decaf for some time except for one cup of proper ground after my dinner, and the Kit Kat really hit the spot. The chocolate is a good quality as well as being flavoured and the flavour was brilliant not artificial as sometimes happens.

          There is 66% Milk chocolate in the Kit Kat, which explains why you can taste the coffee and why it satisfies a need for chocolate! The wrapper has a lovely picture of a foamy cappuccino and states that there is only 107 calories per 2 finger bar and 5.6grams of fat. I remember someone at work saying that you should never eat a chocolate biscuit with more than 6 grams of fat, so this just scrapes in the OK range! They are free from hydrogenated fat, artificial colours and sweeteners, nuts and eggs and preservatives and are suitable for vegetarians.

          Another good thing is the price a multi pack with 9 x 21gram biscuits costs £1.00, so that is only 11p a two fingered biscuit. Made by Nestle, they are described as one of life's little pleasures and I must agree.


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            30.11.2008 18:35
            Very helpful



            tastes good and cheap

            The Kit Kat

            The Kit Kat, we've all heard of them and there one of the oldest, nicest chocolate bars around.
            The four finger Kit Kat first came about after a worker at the Rowntree's factory in York put into the suggestion box a note that suggested, something that a "man could have in his lunch box for work".
            Then in September of 1935 this fantastic chocolate bar was launched into our lives, it was not yet called the Kit Kat however, and instead called Rowntree's Chocolate Crisp.
            The two finger edition of this bar was released around a year later in early may of 1936, and this is the bar that we are all now more familiar with.
            The Chocolate Crisp was renamed in 1937 and was changed to the Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp and it was not until after World War 2 that this chocolate bar was just called the Kit Kat.
            Now however these Kit Kats are being made world wide and are one of the worlds favourite chocolate bars. They are now made under the company Nestlé whom took over Rowntree's in 1988.
            Since in the hands of Nestlé there has been many alterations of the Kit Kat being made, there has still been the original chocolate bars, but there has also been bars such as the Kit Kat fine dark, which is just a dark version of the Kit Kat. There has been the new Kit Kat chunky which is a larger chunkier version of a single version of a Kit Kat finger, which actually has quite a different taste and is quite a popular member of the Kit Kat family.
            Also flavoured variations of the Kit Kat have been, Kit Kat Orange, Kit Kat mint, and Kit Kat Caramac.
            This cappuccino edition is a great edition to the family, there have been a few flavours that have come and gone, they haven't all been bad, but some just weren't up to scratch and they seemed to be dropped by Nestlé and were stopped being made, I however don't think there's any worry of this happening to this flavour of Kit Kat as it already sounds like people really like the new flavour of this Kit Kat and I think this is an edition that will be made and eaten for many years to come.

            First impressions of the Kit Kat cappuccino

            This new edition of the Kit Kat can come in either a four stick bar or a two stick bar. I of course got the four stick bar, being the greedy person as I am, but also because I seem to get through a two stick bar too quickly and want more.
            The wrapper of the four stick bar is foil wrapped for freshness, it doesn't have the paper and tin foil wrapping like the smaller Kit Kats, perhaps because its a lot bigger. The back ground of the wrapper, instead of the red colour is now a chocolate/cappuccino brown colour. However this is only on the four stick version of the chocolate bar, and on the other two stick version, the back ground of the wrapper is still the traditional red colour.
            The original Kit Kat logo is still there, and is still in the traditional red and white colouring and same font too. Also the nestle symbol is still there and the same as all the other Kit Kats before it too.
            There on the front of both wrappers also lies a picture of a cup of cappuccino, and me loving my cappuccino, is what tempted me into buying this.
            The froth of the cappuccino looks so nice, and the Kit Kat logo has been designed to look like froth of the cappuccino is going round the out side of it, also some of the froth goes over the Kit Kat logo its self. Altogether I think this is a fantastic chocolate bar wrapper, it makes the bar look so nice, and really makes you want to buy it.


            For a 2 bar cappuccino Kit Kat:

            107 calories.
            1.2g protein.
            13.8g Carbohydrate.
            10.2g of which is sugar.
            5.6g fat.
            3.8g of which is saturated.
            0.2g fibre.
            Trace of sodium.

            For a nice snack to have after dinner or as a daily treat, this is a great bar. Its just over 100 calories is really low, especially for a chocolate bar. Now this is for the two finger edition, which is really enough however I sometimes like to be a bit greedy and go for the full 4 bar edition, which is what I did with this one, so obviously when eating the 4 finger one, just double the nutrition above, but still 200 calories for a chocolate bar is great, and especially when it's a big one like this is.

            Cost of the Kit Kats

            I actually bought this Kit Kat, not only because I love Kit Kats but also because I love cappuccino tasting chocolates. I'm not a huge fan of coffee as I think its usually too strong, and I don't mind the odd cappuccino drink, however its not usually something I drink and enjoy that much. I do really like coffee and cappuccino chocolates though and that's the main reason why I bought this bar.
            I got this one from Tesco, and it was only 30p for the four finger edition and just £1.20 for a full 10 pack of the two finger editions. I wasn't really looking for a full pack as I would have got these seen as it works out cheaper at only 12p for a two finger bar of Kit Kat, which really is fantastic value. But even the four finger edition of this Kit Kat at only 30p is fantastic value as well. I mean most chocolate bars are at over 40p now and kit Kats with four fingers are not only cheaper, but they are also better value for money as well and are also a lot more nutritional than most other chocolate bars as well as they have wafers inside of them rather than just chocolate and other ingredients.

            Eating of the Kit Kat

            Well I do enjoy sitting back and relaxing with a nice cup of tea at the end of a busy day, so I really like to have a chocolate bar with this cup of tea as well.
            So buying this on the way home was just a treat for the night which is why I didn't get this big pack, however next time I go ill defiantly buy a big pack of these.
            So as I got home, I made my cup of tea and sat watching some rubbish on TV as I quite often do, firstly opened the packet and the first thing to hit me was the great smell this Kit Kat has.
            The normal original Kit Kats have quite a nice strong smell of chocolate any way however this one has a beautiful strong smell of cappuccino and chocolate blended together when you first open it and for the duration of eating it too. The smell isn't too strong, and for people who don't really like coffee things is shouldn't put them off, however if you really hate coffee flavoured things then this perhaps isn't the best thing for you anyway.
            The next thing I did was the famous Kit Kat snap, there a famous bar for their snapping sound when you break a finger off the bar, its even on the adverts for Kit Kats as well.
            Taking a quite small bite at first I chewed on the lovely bar for longer than usual trying to take in the flavour and keep it there, the first flavour I tasted was initially the quite sweet cappuccino flavour, then the taste of chocolate came too, then as I swallowed the cappuccino mixed with chocolate formed a perfect blend of flavours in my mouth and left me both surprised and satisfied.
            I had just taken my first bite of maybe one of my future favourite chocolate bars. Within seconds, or maybe less the first finger was gone and I was onto the second, I snapped this off, with the same nice snapping sound like the first and began eating this too. Soon all the bar was gone and instead of left wanting more I was quite full and happy with how the bar tasted too.
            During the eating of the other bars the taste of the cappuccino seems to fade less and less, however this is what happened with what ever you eat, and unless the amount of cappuccino flavour within the bar got higher and higher with every bar you ate this would always be the case.
            I don't think the taste is too strong even for people who don't really like the taste of coffee, and I advise this to anyone really.

            Do I recommend this?

            I defiantly recommend this Kit Kat, like iv already said, the taste of the coffee is not too strong for people who don't usually go for coffee or even coffee flavoured chocolates. If you've never tried coffee flavoured chocolates before then you might really be in for a treat with this bar, as it really is surprisingly nice.
            When a worker at the Rowntree's factory suggested something a "man could have in his lunch box for work" I think he would be very pleased with him self for his part in the making of these fantastic chocolate bars. This is also what these are great for, especially the 2 finger bars, they are a nice sized bar ideal for someone to take to work, or for kids to take to school with them, they are also a fantastic chocolate bar to have with a cup of tea, and probably a coffee too. So if your not tried one yet, then why not?


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            08.03.2008 18:48
            Very helpful



            Enjoyable chocolate -- A nice new edition to the Kit Kat family!


            I picked up a pack of ten of these at Asda as I had never tried them before and so thought it might be fun to write a review for product of the week.
            If the product of the week is something which I would not usually eat/drink/watch etc, then I don't tend to go out of my way to sample just to write --however I was very tempted with the Kit Kat cappuccino bars, since I was able to buy a pack of ten for just £1.25, which, considering most lone chocolate bars can cost anywhere from 39p plus I thought that 12.5p was very good value.
            I know the taste of Kit Kat and like it and I am a keen coffee drinker -so was eager to see what these bars had in store....

            --x--The packaging--x--
            The ten bars were individually foil wrapped inside a larger foil wrap -it was rather light weight and not very sturdy, but did the job fine. On the front of the foil wrap is the unmistakable Kit Kat logo in red, the rest of the packaging is also coloured red. To differentiate this pack from other packs there is a photo taking up 1/4 of the front of the wrapper (top right) of a the top of a Cappuccino drink. I do not think that this photograph really stands out, and, as most people are usually in a hurry when in the supermarket or have other things on their mind, I'm not sure that it would immediately catch the attention of somebody not seeking these, it does tend to blend together with the red as well, again not making it as clear as it could be.
            This being said, the logo is nice and clear and the "Kit Kat" part really stands out and is easy to pick out from other confectionary.

            In a silver line underneath the picture of the drink , Nestle (the makers)
            boast "Only 107 calories" --this is of course per bar and not per ten pack.
            The flavour is also advertised along this silver line as "Cappuccino"
            So basic advertising which give across the main logo,flavour and calorie consumption is there --however Kit Kat Cappuccino sounds very decedent , something you would treat yourself to, whilst the packaging, in my opinion lacks any type of "indulge yourself" feeling and all feels rather plain in comparrison to a somewhat "luxury" title/name.
            Other basic information which can be found on the outside of the large foill packet which contains all ten bars is a contents description "10 x 2 finger bars" and the price £1.25.
            Then the calorie count per bar (107 -5 per cent of the RDA) sugar content per bar (10.2g - 11 per cent of an adult's RDA) fat content per bar (5.6g - 8 per cent of an adult's RDA) Saturates count per bar (3.8g-19 per cent of and adult's RDA) and the salt content per bar (0.1g -2 per cent of and adult's RDA)

            This information was handy to have on the front of the packet -very clear to see, but again, the layout all seemed rather basic -- given that Kit Kat seem to be going for the no frills approach with this one, I'm not sure if that is a good or a bad thing, personally, I do prefer a few frills, though not at the expense of the product itself.
            The back of the packet gave us the catch phrase "have a break, have a Kit Kat" and described the contents as "Ten bars of two crispy wafer fingers covered with coffee flavour milk chocolate" --again , nothing over imaginative here, but the basic idea of the food --a good clear approach, but maybe something a little more "exotic" sounding would "hit the spot" a little better (here I am talking about my own personal preference and what sells a product to me).

            There are a list of ingredients , a contact number for Nestle and a web address -- www.nestle.co.uk and a catchy "good to remember" --"Enjoying chocolate as part of a balanced diet is one of life's little pleasures."

            --x--The smell--x--

            Okay, so not bowled over by the packaging, but must take everything into account, and most importantly try the product, so I decide to open up my ten packet foil wrapped pack.
            Upon opening the smell is strong - this is even before unwrapping one of the bars!
            However -it is not a "bad" strong, it is a mixture of the two "indulgent" factors that I was hoping would make this chocolate special and a luxury product -coffee and chocolate --almost the smell of a lovely warm mocha coffee, a very calming smell, though fairly strong a very tempting smell, one which does not annoy, there is no trace of packaging, just the lovely aroma of coffee and chocolate -- I felt like I had walked into starbucks!
            The smell of the product did a lot more for my taste buds that the visual image on the package a very tempting smell and one which excited me and made me look past the packaging and at one of the single bars.

            --x--The bars--x---

            Are somewhat smaller than I would have liked, but still a fairly good size as there are two fingers.
            They each come individually foil wrapped with a sleeve containing the information on the outer packet on.
            Not as big as you would get from a vending machine, in fact only two thirds of the size, but still good value.
            I opened my bar as I always do my Kit Kats, remove the outer sleeve and score down the middle of the two fingers through the plastic foil with my finger.
            After such a fantastic aroma, my mouth was watering ready for the ultimate test....

            ..........The Taste--x---

            The chocolate was not as thick as it could have been surrounding the wafer bar, however it was delicious!
            It has the perfect coffee/chocolate balance, which must have been difficult to create. To try to describe this taste...it is milk chocolate, fresh, creamy but with a more "weighty" taste -the coffee adds a kick to the normal milk chocolate flovour, getting the taste buds working overtime!
            It is very reminiscent to a mocha coffee taste, in a chocolate bar!
            The wafers are substantial and have some chocolate inside them, the taste of the coffee, chocolate and wafer combine to make this a very comforting food, think of sitting in front of the television with a biscuit and a cup of coffee -add in a bit of everybody's favourite ingredient and there is definately a recipe for success!!
            Because the emphasis, for me, was on the comforting chocolate and coffee indulgence, I did not like these straight out of the fridge, in fact, I left them out of the fridge for a while and then consumed with a glass of red wine -perfection!!
            If you do decide to eat "yours" this way, be prepared to savor only for a short time, as the chocolate layer will not take long to melt, but this is how I enjoy my coffee chocolate!
            I was really surprised to have enjoyed the Kit Kat cappuccino bars so much, as I rarely like the coffee flavoured chocolate, even though I do love both of the ingredients. I often find other brands too over powering in their coffee taste, with little time to savour the chocolate,
            I found that Nestle had managed to combine both equally well and although the coffee smell was very apparent , it most certainly did not take away from the indulgent, chocolate feel/taste to this bar.
            I really did induldge myself with these and doubt that the packet will stay around too long!.


            I would certainly but these again and thought that they were outstanding value for money -they are great tasting and you can really have a luxury "break" with one of these bars!
            The smell and taste are tempting and mouth watering, even if the packaging was quite basic.
            I would recommend these to fans of Kit Kat , coffee and chocolate alike -you don't need to like all three to enjoy the bar, though for maximum satisfaction it does help:)

            This review can also be found on Ciao.co.uk, I hope that you enjoy it!


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              20.02.2008 14:24
              Very helpful



              A different take on the classic Kit Kat theme.

              I'm not exactly the worlds biggest fan of coffee or coffee flavours so I had never imagined I'd see myself sampling Kit Kats newest addition flavoured with Cappuccino but on one cold and frosty day when my husband Dave and I had gone into town shopping we were approached by a chilly looking man, all wrapped up in a thick coat, scarf and hat and looking somewhat desperate "fancy a free sample" he offered thrusting his hand into a bulging bag with Kit Kat emblazoned on the side. Normally I would quickly scoot past these people, happy to get on with my own business and unwilling to get caught up in a conversation about Jesus and the end of the world (usually we only get the preachers down there you see) Dave however is a sucker for a free offer especially when it involves food and so he accepted the mans handful of chocolate bars, bringing a smile to the poor frost bitten being and no doubt bringing the end of his shift one passer by closer.

              Kit Kat-
              Most people in their time would have heard of or experienced a Kit Kat, whether it be in its classic chocolate form or in one of its many newer flavour combinations. Kit Kats are chocolate covered fingers of wafer, separated by thin layers of cream usually coming in bars of 2 fingers or 4. Part of the appeal of Kit Kat is the requirement of snapping the fingers apart, an activity which coined the famous slogan "have a break, have a Kit Kat" of course there is nothing saying you can't eat the fingers when they're joined but its more fun snapping them off one by one. Kit Kat were originally produced by Rowntree but are now produced by Nestle

              Kit Kat Cappuccino-
              The Kit Kat Cappuccino comes wrapped in much the same way as original Kit Kats, either in foil and paper sleeve form or in the newer foil wrap design which is aimed at keeping it fresher and producing less waste. The smaller 2 finger bar keeps the red and white colouring and the famous Kit Kat logo but also features a picture of a frothy Cappuccino enabling you to tell the difference between the original and Cappuccino versions, although if you do happen to buy the 4 finger variety and not the 2 then you are presented with a coffee brown colour wrapping which is more in line with Kit Kats tradition of matching their wrapping with the flavour I.E mint=green, orange=orange.

              While any chocolate treat is not exactly healthy Kit Kat 2 finger Cappuccino bars do contain 107 calories and 5.6g fat as well as E numbers and salt. Not the lightest or healthiest of snacks in my opinion considering the amount of wafer contained within the chocolate. They also contain milk and traces of nuts, so are not suitable for allergy sufferers (For a full nutrition listing go to- http://www.nestle.co.uk/ Templates/UK/Nutrition/ Brand.aspx?NRMODE= Published&NRNODEGUID=%7bB3B6D1D4-6B5C- 403A-8CB8-9FF2D95B5D23%7d&NRORIGINALURL =%2fNutrition%2fNutritionInformation% 2fBrand%2ehtm%3fCategory%3dConfectionery AndCakes%26Brand% 3dKit%2520Kat&NRCACHEHINT= Guest&Brand=Kit%20Kat&Category= ConfectioneryAndCakes phew is that one heck of a long link! and you'll need to remove the spaces to find the site, Dooyoo wont let me use the complete link)

              My Experience-
              I was lucky enough to receive our sample in the foil and sleeve version, I much prefer my Kit Kats this way, they have a sort of nostalgic value to them and it's more exiting peeling off the separate wrappers. Despite my usual dislike of coffee I decided to give the bar a go, mainly because we were out shopping and I was starving, peeling back the foil, and smoothing it out in the obsessive compulsive way I always have, the first thing I notice is the gentle scent of chocolate blended with the cappuccino aroma, it's not an overpowering coffee smell, certainly not like opening a pot of Nescafe but there's enough of the smell wafting up to remind you it's a coffee flavoured Kit Kat you're about to eat, it's not quite as sweet smelling as a regular Kit Kat which is perfect for those with less of a sweet tooth then I have. The bar itself appears much the same as a regular Kit Kat, 2 fingers of chocolate stamped with the Kit Kat logo (just in case you forgot who'd made the chocolate)

              Of course next comes the snap, I've been known in the past to tuck in simply biting the fingers without breaking them, a tiny rebellious streak showing in my chocolate consumption (much like how I would previously eat Cream Eggs bottom first, or Chewits with their wrappers on, don't ask!) but knowing that this was coffee flavoured I was a bit more apprehensive and so split the fingers with the satisfying crack of the chocolate that always leaves my top covered with a light sprinkling of chocolate splinters. By the time it comes to actually eating the bar I'd almost lost my nerve, imagine someone who hates vegetables finally agreeing to try a sprout, they look at it, smell it, think about it, go to put it to their lips and then chicken out at the last minute wiping the sweat from their brow and trembling in terror! Ok so I wasn't in terror, but I was unsure, still baby3 gave me a swift reminder how hungry I was and I decided to be brave and take a bite.

              Initially the Cappuccino flavour didn't hit me, instead what I tasted was a slightly subdued version of the Nestle chocolate, however as I chewed further, crunching through the wafer and cream the cappuccino began to make itself known. I was pleasantly surprised that it was nice subtle flavour, still maintaining the milky sweetness of the Kit Kat but with a little something extra, my concern had been that the flavour would be overwhelming, that the chocolaty goodness would be lost in a wave of coffee unpleasantness making a less than enjoyable eating experience, but it wasn't too bad, certainly bearable for a non coffee fan like myself. The wafer and cream inner has kept its usual style providing a wonderful mix of textures as you bite through the thin covering of chocolate, meet the crunchy resistance of the wafer and then blend it all together with the soft creamy layers. As I ate more of the bar and started on the second finger I was far more aware of the Cappuccino taste as it had time to build up on my taste buds, it still wasn't too strong or overpowering but filled my senses with a gentle lingering sensation of frothy Cappuccno.

              Price & Availability-
              Kits Kats themselves are widely available in single bars, multipacks and even Easter eggs, the cappuccino variety are available from Supermarkets such as Asda and can be bought in multipacks of 10 2 finger bars for £1.10, a single 4 finger bar will cost around 30p (although some stores and corner shops may be more expensive)

              Other varieties available include Kit Kat Original, Orange, Dark chocolate, Mint and White chocolate (for more on Kit Kat and it's flavours both UK & Worldwide go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kit_Kat) Kit Kats also come in their Chunky design, a single jumbo sized finger of the chocolate and wafer combination originally marketed at men in much the same way as Yorkies are, Chunky Kit Kat also has a peanut variety alongside Original.

              While the chocolate bar didn't have my gag reflex working overtime it's not exactly a chocolate that I would set out to specifically buy, it's pleasant tasting enough and undoubtedly a dream for any coffee fan, but there are a great many other bars that I would reach for before considering this again. That my bar was a free sample was a bonus, I did manage to finish both fingers but had I purchased a 4 finger bar I think I'd have got through 2 and simply wrapped the remaining 2, abandoning them at the bottom of my handbag only to be found in a less than pleasant state several weeks later. The bar will undoubtedly be a success as many coffee flavour varieties often are, it does after all taste decent enough and is of the usual Nestle quality, if you like coffee flavouring give it a go, you might just like it.

              For a look into the products and history you can visit the Nestle website at http://www.nestle.co.uk/OurBrands/ AboutOurBrands/ConfectioneryAndCakes/KitKat.htm (minus the space) or the above mentioned Wikipedia site which gives a fascinating look into Kit Kats history.

              Review can also be seen on Ciao (piggypine)


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                18.02.2008 22:43
                Very helpful



                Kit Kat...............

                This review is on the Kit Kat brand of Kit Kat Cappuccino, which has been out for some time. My first altercation with this chocolate bar was actually during Halloween. My little nephew had been bugging his mum to take him, however for some reason I got dragged into going. Well I thought why not, however him only being six, and me being the cunning person I am, we made a deal that I would get first dibs on all chocolates and sweets he got, and before you ask there was plenty left for him. Anyway, we got back home, and emptied the bag; out popped the mars bars, the skittle, the bounty and even the flake. However, trapped underneath all these chocolates was a dark wrapper, with four stick like chocolate pieces. I instantly knew it was a Kit Kat, namely due to the unique shape and wrapper, however It was somewhat strange to see a new flavour Kit Kat. Kit Kat Cappuccino it read on the wrapper, my first impression being do caffeine and chocolate really go, and secondly im glad my nephew didn't get these or he would have been awake all night.
                Anyway, ive always been a fan of Kit Kat, but for me when they started releasing new styles and flavours I started getting bored, I always thought of myself as a traditional Kit Kat fan, one shape and one flavour, and so I was at first wary of trying it, but chocolate is chocolate and nothing would stop me enjoying sweet heavily taste of coco.

                So moment of truth, I done my usual ritual of biting into each stick as if I was a rabbit, I don't personally no why I do it, I guess its because I can hear the crunch of the biscuit or something weird like that.
                I always try to think of myself as a chocolate critic, probably because I can eat about 8 or 9 different bars a day. I was actually quite surprised with the taste of this chocolate. We obviously get the strong potent smell and taste of cappuccino, but its not so strong that it puts you off eating it. It was a brilliant balance of chocolate and cappuccino, and if only they made a cappuccino like this. You can always taste and in my case hear the biscuit, its was makes Kit Kat so great. I remember by this point having my fingers covered with chocolate, probably the only downside about the product, it always seems to melt so quickly, nevertheless a brilliant product. It wasn't before all fur fingers were gone, and then the creamy sensation started hitting my tongue, it was actually quite a nice experience and one I come to enjoy, hmm no wonder people think of chocolate as an aphrodisiac.

                Price: The usual price for a four stick bar is £1.25,which can seem expensive, but I have been to Asda and Tesco's in recent times and have noticed much cheaper offers, for instance last week I bought 4 stick bar * 5 which worked out to under £4, which isn't bad what so ever.

                Packaging: Well most people, especially those who eat Kit Kat will no that it comes in a standard packet, with a foil covering, which is used to keep it cool and protected, how caring. The normal Kit Kats use to come in a red shape packet, however since this is a darker flavour and moreover representing cappuccino, it would make sense for them to have it in a dark package. Duh.

                Stand out Taste:

                There are quite a few strange and unique traits about this chocolate. We first have the taste of normal chocolate, that's normal; let's not confuse it with the dark taste, which is way to strong.
                Secondly, we have the taste of the crispy; wafer type biscuit that it was makes Kit Kat so recognisable. And finally the nice, calming and exotic taste of the cappuccino that makes this product so brilliant.

                Ingredients and Nutritional Info:

                Well having done some research, it is so that Kit Kat has different Ingredients and calorie values in the UK and US. The UK, standard four fingers chocolate has 233 calories, which isn't too bad for a chocolate, since ive seen some bars well over 300 calories. The product also contains the following Ingredients;

                UK: Milk chocolate (66%) (sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, dried skimmed milk, whey powder, butterfat, vegetable fat, lactose, emulsifier (Soya lecithin), flavoring), wheat flour, sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa mass, yeast, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), salt, calcium sulfate (a.k.a Gypsum), flavoring.

                Stores that ive seen sell product:

                - Tesco
                - Asda
                - Sainsbury

                History about the Kit Kat Brand:

                Kit Kat product has been around for many years, with its first pioneering bar being released in America sometime in 1936. At the time this was only the traditional two stick bar. It wasn't until a few years later they added the extra two bars. Being owned by Rowntrees, the product was launched in the UK, sometime during the late 1930's, however the company later changed the name of this product to Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp.
                Kit Kat bars are manufactured in over 13 countries and come in a variety of shapes and flavours. The traditional one dimensional bar was created into a thick chunky bar, and it was turned into orange and even peanut butter flavours.

                Would I buy it again?

                Why not, for me the chocolate not only has a unique and complex taste, but it's probably one of only a few chocolates that don't leave me full or boated. It's ideal for a lunch break snack, or after a meal. Why not give this product a try, what have you got too loose, £1.25?


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