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Port Royal Beef Jamaican Patties

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Manufacturer: Port Royal / Type: Pies

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    1 Review
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      25.05.2010 01:20
      Very helpful



      Yummy..... Who Needs Cornish Pasties???

      I had one of these Port Royal Beef Jamaican Patties for my tea tonight, I've never tried them before but my mate has been raving about them so I thought I'd give one a try when I saw them in Tesco. It was only 75p so a pretty good price compared to the rest of the individual pies on the shelf.

      It's shaped like a cornish pasty and is ready to eat, but they recommend you warm it up and I agree because it looked and smelled loads better after going in the oven for about 15 mins.

      I thought the pattie was delish, the pastry goes crisp in the oven but it's got a proper nice flavour and isn't all that much like the pastry you'd get on an English pie because it's softer and has a richer flavour. It holds together good so you can break the pattie in half and eat it like that instead of sitting down with a knife and fork. The pastry has got a dry feel and that's even better because it means you haven't got to get your hands all greasy and bitty.

      The filling is minced beef, it has been minced thick so you've got good mouth fulls of meat. The filling is quite dry but has been spiced perfectly so that it's got a kick but doesn't blow your head off. It's deffo got the taste of chilli in it and when I checked the ingredients it's Scotch Bonnet Chilli, one of the strongest. They haven't used much thank god because the chilli taste just gives the beef a spicy flavour and doesn't bite the back of your throat. There's quite a strong garlic aftertaste and that got on my nerves a bit but when you look at all the different herbs and spices in these patties you know that one of them has GOT to do your head in afterwards! lol

      I'm definately going to buy these patties again because it was a wicked change from whatever I would have ended up having for tea. The flavour is delish and it's more interesting than any of the other pies and pasties they had in Tesco.

      Recommended..... "Caribbean Sunshine in every bite"!


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