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Pukka Chicken and Mushroom Pie

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10 Reviews

Manufacturer: Pukka Pies / Type: Pie

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    10 Reviews
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      28.01.2012 21:08
      1 Comment




      These pies remind me of my home town Coventry. You find Pukka pies in almost every chippy there. I miss them I know live in Weston super mare and most of the pies are Peter's pies they are o.k.ish but you can't beat the old Pukka.

      The packaging~
      The box is dark orange in colour the writing is very imformative in detail. The box contains two Chicken and Mushroom pies. The pies come in aluminium foil containers. They are all colour coded at the bottom chicken and mushroom are yellow at the bottom of the foil~

      The pies~
      The pies are round and come in short crust pastry. You cook the pies on gas200 for around half an hour until the pies are cooked all the way through and are golden brown in colour.

      Myself eating them~

      I am so pleased that you can now buy these from supermarkets. They cost £2.00 for two from Iceland and are frozen of course. THey contain plenty of chicken and mushrooms and come in a nice creamy sauce.They are lovely and gold in colour and the chicken melts in your mouth. These are a definate good buy for you pie lovers out there.


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        15.11.2011 00:17
        Very helpful



        The best Pie on sale!!!

        I adore pies... (Perhaps too much) I love particularly love chicken and mushroom pies especially (I especially love these.) I came across these in a fish and Chip shop in Norfolk (I re-fuse to eat takeaways no thanks to Jamie Oliver so I never eat there chips or cod- but I am quite happy to have a brand name pie as there is no hydrogenated oil involved!) I have also been told the great quality of the pies- so I took my opportunity!!!

        Taste; The pies are absolutely wonderful. The pastry is crisp and flaky and deep. Once you open up the treasure chest of the filling, you will find large pieces of moist succulent chicken breast and juicy satisfying mushrooms. The sauce also hints flavours of spice. I must also say that these pies also have a deep fill filling- this means there is not so much pastry that could cancel out the delicious filling.

        Heating Instructions; Please be PATIENT DO NOT microwave... "Good things come to those that wait" as Pukka themselves say!!!!

        From Frozen- Leave the pie in its foil container and heat the pie at 190 Celsius (gas mark 5) for 50 minutes.

        From chilled; Again keep the pie in its foil container and heat the pie at 190 Celsius (gas mark 5) for 25- 30 minutes

        Smell; I found the pastry to smell rich with butter. Upon opening the lid I was greeted by a rich smell of cream and mushrooms with a hint of thyme. I was therefore pleasantly surprise considering the value that they offer!!!

        Packaging; The pie comes in a cardboard box in a tin container. The container is packed with information the most important information is....

        Nutrition; I was mildly surprised with the low calorie content for a large pie. Though I guess this is because it contains more filling as a ratio to the pastry. This to me strengthens my confidence in the quality. On top of that they contain no Hydrogenated fats which is great, which is a surprise for a cheaply priced pie!

        Calories per pie approx. 226 grams- 475 calories- Not to bad considering the weight
        Fat per pie- 29.2 grams
        Saturated fats- 11.3 grams (amounts to all that butter in the pastry!!!)

        Value For Money; You can normally find these at most large Tesco's they can be found on offer for just £1.00 each!! This makes them suburb value for money. Even when they are not on offer they only cost around £1.25, which, for such a good pie is still good, value in my opinion!

        (A slightly older version on Ciao is published by jjcross. I shall soon update that though!)


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          28.01.2010 01:07
          Very helpful



          Worth the price

          I have to say i've never experienced a chip shop Pukka Pie. A chip shop is not somewhere I associate with kindness towards pastry and i'm always favouring the safer option that is a sausage or a big bit of cod.

          As a pie fan and a bit of a connoisseur without wishing to blow my own pie trumpet I felt qualified to rate the Chicken and Mushroom Pukka Pie variety. Following the box's instructions I left this one for a good 25 minutes at around 190 degrees in the oven and I was pleased to return to my pie after this time to not see a big black crust which tends to be my experience with puff pastry.

          The pie had a healthy browned look which I complimented with some steak cut chips and a small amount of gravy. The pie had a nice raised look about it and appeared to be very similar to the pie i'd seen friends enjoy in the past which is great for a shop bought product.

          As you might expect the pie is a rather unhealthy product, weighing in at a whopping 475 calories the pie confirms its status as a chip shop product. It does however taste very good. Unlike a lot of prepackaged pies, there is no 'space' inside the pastry and the filling is evenly distributed within its case.

          The cut of the pie was very smooth and the spill of filling was very good with discernible chunks of chicken and bits of mushroom visible in the pale gravy.

          The pie tastes very good without seasoning and is one i'd try again and would recommend to any like minded lazy chef!


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          28.12.2009 20:45
          Very helpful



          Don't compromise...

          My trips to the Fish & Chip shop are few and far between these days which does not particularly bother me, although I do miss the Pukka Pie I used to have on a Friday night.

          A couple of weeks back I noticed Asda had the single serving (226g) pies for £1 so grabbed a couple for our tea, wanting something stodgy and hearty to fill tired hungry cold bellies. It's definitely something about the weather that makes me want to constantly eat (crap).

          Anyway, heating one of these yummy pies is simple, bang it in the oven for 25-30 (180/GM4). On this particular occasion I served my pies with piles of mashed potato and mushy peas - pure stodge, though they are also perfect with chips and curry sauce.

          Each 226g pie contains 475 calories and 29.2g of fat. (Oh, how I hate reading the nutritional information on food labels!!).

          The puff pastry is really good (although I am not a huge lover of puff pastry) and flaky. With the pastry shell is the perfect balnce of chunks of chicken and slices of mushroom all in a chicken flavoured sauce, which is off white in colour. This has a great taste.


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          31.10.2009 17:49
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A Wicked Pie, Perfect Actually!

          I don't eat that many pies but Tesco had reduced a pile of Pukka Pies the other day to 75p each so we got a few to freeze for in the week. Today I needed something stodgy to help my stomach forget how much Malibu I drunk last night so got a Chicken And Mushroom one out to get something in my tummy.

          It was delish and a zillion times better than the manky Fray Bentos Chicken And Mushroom pie I ate last week. It was cooked in about 20 minutes and after about half the time there was a rich smell coming from the oven that made my mouth water and I couldn't wait for it to be done! lol

          It was worth the wait because this is such a yummy pie that I reckon I could have eaten 2 and I was disappointed when I had the last bite! The pastry of top of the pie is light and crispy, it flakes all over the plate when you cut into it and isn't greasy or heavy to eat at all.

          Inside the pie is packed full of pieces of chicken and mushroom, the filling is proper generous and it's all cooked nice so that you can actually tell what your eating instead of it just all tasting the same like any old pie filling.

          There's a tonne of chicken and it's cooked to be lovely and tender, the mushrooms are cooked good as well and they aren't slimey or tasteless like you get in a lot of pies. The sauce they are mixed into is thick and has got a lovely flavour of herbs, it's got quite a strong taste and the flavours of the chicken and mushrooms have got into it and that makes the whole pie come together in taste.

          I LOVE this pie and it's weird because this one I had today tasted just as good as the same Pukka Pie from the chippy, it's weird because I never think pies taste the same when you cook them at home but this one did and it was yummy.


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            17.10.2009 02:12
            1 Comment



            Highly recommended

            I'm a big fan of my Chicken & Mushroom pies but in particular the ones produced by Pukka. They are definetly a cut above the rest, so what exactly makes them so special?

            The main thing which makes one pie better than another has to be the taste & these pies are very tasty indeed. The solid chunks of chicken are very succulent and blend in lovely with the mushroom slices and the creamy sauce. The pasty becomes nice & crispy when cooked and doesn't fall apart immediately like some other less inferior pies.

            I use to love visiting the chip shop to buy one of these but now there's no need for this as they have started to become readily available in most major supermarkets. In my local Sainsbury's, one can be purchases for around £1.20 which is still cheaper than the chippy.

            These need to be cooked in the oven for aound half an hour and they will come out lovely & crispy. I quite enjoy one with some oven chips and some baked beans. If chicken & mushroom isn't your thing, Pukka also do a Beef & Onion pie as well as a steak one. Each pie contains 210 calories & is free from any hydrogenated fats.

            If you haven't tried one of these yet, make sure you do, they taste awesome!


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              11.10.2009 00:07
              Very helpful




              When it comes to pies I'm really fussy about what I will eat. Actually I never used to be but since watching Sweeny Todd I have been lol (no lie actually lol).

              For weeks my Mum has said she's doing pies for dinner and I've been turning my nose up till she specifically got me one of these that was on offer at the time in our local Tesco store for a pound (usually priced about £1.35 each) so I though I should at least try it.

              The Packaging:

              Black square, deep box and on the top of it there is a picture of the pie and on that I'm told it is Pukka-Pies 'Our best baked Chicken & Mushroom Pie' and on the bottom of that I'm told it contains no hydrogenated fat, the best before date is clearly stamped on and I'm told 'Don't compromise'. Other information on the box includes telling me a bit about the pie, I'm told how to heat it up and how to store it (it is freezable), nutritional information is listed along with ingredients and allergy advice and contact details for Pukka Pies is listed. Nice enough, informative box..this is.

              A Bit About The Product According To The Information on The Box:

              Pukka Pies is an independent company with a passion for pies. They are made with the finest ingredients in stringently hygienic conditions by dedicated and caring people. They are full filled in a light puff pastry; they taste great and have true flavours. The proof is in the eating. Try one...don't compromise.

              No hydrogenated fat.
              No artificial flavouring, artificial colouring or preservatives.
              Typically less salt that government revised maximum target for meat pies of 1g per 100 grams.

              The Pie Itself:

              Yummy! I love these and adore this particular flavour! To cook it all you do is leave the round, deep pie with it's rippled lid in it's foil container and place it on a baking tray and heat it for 25-30 minutes from chilled or for about 50 minutes from frozen (fan assisted ovens may vary).

              So it looks a bit boring when it goes in the oven, comes out a lovely light golden colour with an aroma of chicken to it.

              Now this is a very deep pie. The pastry is quite thick but remains light to the taste and slightly flaky in part and the inside is crammed full of a thick white sauce that is well seasoned and creamy tasting with lots of thick pieces of well cooked and chunky, juicy chicken (which looks like breast) and pieces of well cooked and flavoursome mushrooms are also in abundance.

              This simply is a great quality pie that tastes of what it says it will. It's incredibly filing as well as flavoursome and I like it because it isn't full of too any spices or anything to detract from the natural flavourings.

              Everything about it is lovely from the nice melt in the mouth pastry that isn't too messy to eat to the yummy filling which is plentiful without making the pastry all mushy. A great pie....if you haven't tried it why not? lol.

              Nutritional Information Per Pie:

              Energy: 475g
              Protein: 17.2g
              Carbohydrate: 35.5g
              of which sugars: 0.7g
              Fat: 29.2g
              of which saturates: 11.3g
              Fibre: 7.9g
              Sodium: 0.90g
              Salt: 2.25

              Available in all good supermarkets etc.


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                06.03.2009 21:19
                Very helpful



                Don't compromise.

                Whenever we went to the seaside, we always used to call in the chippy and eat them by the seafront. We always used to have chips, Pukka-Pie and gravy, always. Depending on my mood i'd have chicken and mushroom one time then steak and kidney the other. But my favourite was always chicken and mushroom.
                I'm quite a funny eater, always have been always will be, although not a funny eater in the sense of i'm picky what I eat, more in the sense of I said my favourite thing till last, say if i'm having sausage egg and chips, i'd save my sausage till last and eat that. So obviously when I was at the seaside i'd save my Pukka-Pie till last and thoroughly enjoy it too.

                So Pukka-Pies, to my knowledge you wasn't able to buy Pukka Pies from the supermarket up until recently when Morrisons started selling them, (if this is wrong then I wouldn't mind someone correcting me). I'd never seen them in the shops before, they were only available to buy at the chip shop. I'd always loved Pukka Pies, so was overjoyed when I spotted them in the fridges at Morrisons, and just HAD to buy one, and have bought them a few times since.

                *THE PACKAGING*

                The pie comes individually wrapped in a box of it's own. On the front of the box is a picture of the pie and the name 'PUKKA-PIES' underneath it says 'our best baked chicken & mushroom pie' '...don't compromise' Also on the front of the box it says 'No hydrogenated fat' and has the price sticker. The box also has other bits of information about the product on the sides and also tells you how to prepare the pie. The nutritional information is on the back, as well as the storage and ingredients. The outer box packaging is fully recyclable.
                The pie comes in the usual silver tin, which is gold on the outside to symbolise it's chicken and mushroom.


                The pie should be kept in the fridge. However it is suitable for freezing, as long as it frozen on the day of purchase, and consumed within one month. (Do not refreeze after thawing)

                *HOW TO COOK*

                1) Pre-heat oven - from chilled (gas mark 5) from frozen (gas mark 4)
                2) Remove the box
                3) Leave pie in foil tin and place on a baking tray
                4) From chilled - 25-30 mins
                From frozen - 50 minutes
                5) Enjoy.

                *SMELL, TASTE, AND ALL THAT JAZZ*

                Look- The pie is a big pie, biiig. It's very deep and a great man sized portion. The overall look of it is yummy. With golden crust and decorative wavy lines on the top of the pie. Inside is very deep filled with chicken, mushroom and sauce, it's not half filled like most pies, really up to the brim. As soon as I cut into it some of the insides
                fall out as theres no-where else for it to go.

                Smell - When the pie is in the oven cooking, a nice aroma fills the kitchen of sort of home baked pies in a sense. A nice smell, that isn't fatty or that kind of sicky smell you can get with pies.
                When the pie is on my plate looking at me I cut it open and get a massive woft of creamy sort of mushroom smell. It's then more of a peppery sort of smell. I then nose dive into the pie for further inspection and take a deep snort of the aroma and it pretty much smells like chicken and mushroom really, which is always good I guess. The chicken has a delicate smell that is only apparent when my face is pretty much in the pie.

                The pie itself - The pie is made from light puff pasty, as are all of the Pukka-Pie range. It's full to the brim with chicken and mushrooms. Really good sized pieces of chicken as well, and also great sized mushrooms. It's all brought together with a great creamy like sauce.

                Taste - When first bit into, the main flavour I get is of the chicken, then as i begin to chew, the mushroom becomes more apparent, as well as a quite nice peppery flavour, which just adds to the whole texture and aroma. The pastry tastes lovely and quite buttery, but not overly buttery, and definately not fatty. All of the flavours compliment eachother and all make the pie itself.

                Texture- The texture of the pie is nice and soft, quite deliacte, and the pasty is soft inside but crunchyish on the outside which is nice, and gives it a great differing texture. The filling is smooth and with the mushrooms sometimes chewyish, but not in a bad way. The flakyness of the pastry just adds to the overall lovely texture, and makes the pie a bloody cracking pie.

                *WHAT THEY SAY..*

                PUKKA PIES is an independent company with a passion for pies. They are amde with the FINEST ingredients in stringently hygienic conditions by dedicated and caring people. They are full FILLED in a light puff pastry; they TASTE great and have true FLAVOURS. The proof is in the eating. TRY ONE... Don't compromise.

                *WHAT I SAY...*

                Pukka Pies is a great brand to buy from, with good quality ingredients and it's easily recognisable that these pies are lovingly baked. I like the fact they're sold individually which gives you a sense that the pies aren't just thrown together, it's like each pie has it's own individual time taken over it. I've always liked Pukka-Pies and I think I always will.

                *WHAT ELSE?*

                No hydeogenated fats
                No artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.
                Typically less salt than government maximum target for meat pies of 1.1g per 100 grams.
                Never heat pie in microwave.
                Always check pie in piping hot inside before serving.
                Do not reheat pie after cooking.
                Although care is taken, pie may contain chicken bones.

                *NUTRITIONAL INFO*

                Amount per pie.

                Energy - 475kcal/1978kJ
                Protein - 17.2g
                Carbohydrate - 35.5g
                Of which sugars - 0.7g
                Fat - 29.2g
                Of which saturates - 11.3g
                Fibre - 7.9g
                Sodium - 0.93g
                Salt - 2.26g




                May contain traces of:


                *WHERE TO BUY*

                I've just checked the website on where to buy as I only knew one shop sold them but it turns out theres a few, so here is what the website says:

                Fish & Chip Shops
                Butchers & Bakers
                - Asda - available to order online in most areas
                - Morrisons
                - Sainsburys - available to order online in most areas-
                - Somerfield - available to order online in most areas
                - Tesco - available to order online in most areas
                - Co-op (Midlands)


                As well as Chicken&Mushroom they also do:

                Steak & Kidney Pie
                Beef & Onion Pie
                All Steak Pie
                Potato & Meat Pie
                Cornish Pasties
                Beef & Onion Pukka Pasties
                Potato, Cheese & Onion Pasties
                Jumbo Sausage Rolls

                *HOW MUCH?*

                I'm not sure how much they are from different shops as prices probably are probably ranging. But this pie was bought from Morrisons for a pound, which is really quite reasonable, as if I went to the chippy it would cost alot more than that. Personally I think these are well worth a pound of anybodys money.


                I love these pies, fair enough I couldn't eat them everyday as they're quite fatty, and we all know pies aren't great for us, but they're nice as a treat every so often. Quality ingredients with no hydrogenated fat, which we all know we shouldn't be eating. No artificial colours, preservatives or flavouring, where can you go wrong? Great tasting, great flavours and a great big pie, all for a mere pound, we can still eat great food in this credit crunch...

                Thanks for reading.


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                10.02.2009 14:00
                Very helpful



                Decent Individual Chicken and Mushroom Pie

                A new food ritual has developed in our household. Suddenly, whenever there is a home football match, a specific pie has to be heated and served in preparation for the 'entertainment'. ........and no, it cannot be any sort of pie it has to be an individual Chicken and Mushroom Pie made by Pukka Pies of Leicestershire.

                Amused by the grand sounding title, I looked up the definition of 'pukka' which turned out to be: " Anglo-Indian in origin, meaning good, first rate of it's kind, genuine or real". Well now I know that at least the stock of boxes stacking up in the freezer are real, and not a figment of my imagination: but should I worry about the contents?

                *** The Company ***

                It seems that Pukka Pies is a privately owned family business founded in 1963, currently employing 250 people. Output is a staggering 40 million pies and pasties per year from what is claimed to be the most modern pie production facility in Europe. The best selling product is apparently the round chilled Steak and Kidney Pie followed by the Chicken and Mushroom variant I am reviewing here. Just in case you were thinking of ordering a pallet load the website at : http://www.pukkadirect.co.uk would be happy to oblige I'm sure; but individual pies are not available: just curiously aprons, hats, shirts, footballs, flags or mugs can be ordered from the online shop!!

                *** A Round Chilled Chicken & Mushroom Pie ***

                Widely available from supermarkets each 226g pie is packed in a recyclable cardboard box with the pie nestling in a round gold coloured aluminium foil tray. No extra film or covering is used so all the packaging is recyclable. Currently retailing at £1.00, even from Tesco Express, typically these pies range from £1.00 to £1.40 at most outlets, but offers are quite common. I usually stock up whilst on offer and keep in the freezer, ready for instant action! This packaging format is particularly convenient and easy to stack in the freezer . With 475 kCal energy content these make an ideal light snack or contribution to a main meal.

                The manufacturer's claim to have a passion for pies and use only wholesome ingredients. No hydrogenated fat is used nor artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives. However those prone to allergic reaction are warned that celery, gluten, soya and wheat are present as are traces of egg and milk. Salt content is approximately 10% below the Government Maximum Target for meat products at 1.0g per 100gram as compared to the target of 1.1g per 100gram and a daily intake target of 6g salt. Eat three of these pies in one day then and you would have blown that advice!! However I suggest even the most hearty of appetites would be daunted by 3 pies............

                *** Preparation ***

                I always defrost the pie before heating, but apparently you can cook from frozen. My advice for the best tasting pie is 20 minutes moderate heat (gas mark 5 or 190oC) , otherwise whilst the insipid pastry evident on opening the box is attractively browned, the extra time in the oven has set it like rock........ Please do not try to cut corners and microwave this pie, it deserves better than that, and will only go limp but steaming hot on you, completely ruining the taste and texture of the light flaky pastry. Sadly when you see these pies on sale in fish and chip shops, often their fate is a microwave which would detract from my enjoyment.

                *** Consumption ***

                In my humble opinion this is not finger food so the notion of munching one actually at the football match is hard to imagine.......The pie has a a light flaky pastry top, with a 4cm deep filled base. I simply cannot imagine how you could eat it without a fork The white chunks of chicken are chunks and identifiable as such, as are actual slices of mushroom in a creamy sauce. The sauce is spiced with herbs and pepper but if I am honest perhaps a little too peppery for my taste, but at least you cannot accuse it of being bland. Its not gloopy but has a rich creamy texture more consistent with chicken supreme than your usual chicken and mushroom pie. Eaten as a snack it is certainly satisfying but not heavy on your stomach..........ideal then as fodder to provide warmth and energy as you shout encouragement from the terraces.

                But does the ritual work and enhance team performance..............sadly not!!!

                Thanks for reading

                Posted on Dooyoo and Ciao under the same author


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                  19.09.2008 14:42
                  Very helpful



                  true, quality English food

                  We were at our local supermarket the other day and we were excited to see our favourite Pukka Pies, chicken and mushroom pie. To add on to our excitement, it was going at £1 instead of the usual £1.40. Heaven!

                  My husband love pukka pie, he tells about his younger days when he would get a pukka chicken and mushroom pie on the way home from school for himself and his father. He was glad to see Pukka pie on the supermarket shelf today.

                  Pukka Pies have been around since 1963, started in Leicester and run by one man, Trevor Storer who is now the chairman of the company. The pie is round in shape and sit nicely on a foil tray. The cardboard packaging further enhances the company image of being environment friendly.

                  There are different types of Pukka Pies, such as steak and kidney, beef and onions, all steak, our favourite is chicken and mushroom pie. The chicken and mushroom is encrusted in a puff pastry case. To heat the pie, simply heat the pie for 20 minutes in a preheated oven, 170°C or gas mark 3. The nicely browned pastry and the fillings filled the kitchen with its lovely aroma.

                  As you dig into the pie, the light sauce with noticeable chunks of chicken and mushroom fills up your mouth and arouse your taste bud, making you want more. I have tried several brand of chicken and mushroom pie and Pukka Pie is the only one that you can see pieces of chicken and mushroom.

                  Pukka Pies pride themselves in using only the finest, wholesome ingredients; the pies does not contain hydrogenated fat, no artificial flavouring and preservatives and best of all, less salt per 100grams than government target of 1.1gram.

                  As you would have guess, we bought 6 chicken and mushroom pukka pies, two to indulge immediately and freeze the other 4 for a later date.

                  Pukka Pies is a true, quality English food that is nutritious and good value for money.


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