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Pukka Pie - Beef & Onion

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Manufacturer: Pukka Pies / Type: Pie

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    2 Reviews
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      18.10.2009 01:45
      Very helpful



      I don't want to eat this again lol

      One of my parents favourite dinners is something with pie and their favourite is this brand. I usually have the chicken and mushroom one but in my local Tesco they sell out fast for some reason and in that case Mum will usually pick me up another flavour and last week this one ended up on my plate. I was a bit put off by it to be honest cos although I love pies I'm funny about flavours and don't usually go for dark meat one's but my Mother obviously forgot about that!

      The Packaging:

      Black box which is white on the top of it and on that there is a picture of the pie and in black and yellow writing I'm told it is Pukka- Pies 'Our Best Baked' Beef & Onion Pie....'don't compromise' and I'm also told it contains no hydrogenated fat and the best before date is clearly stamped on there. Other information on the box tells me a bit about the product ingredients and allergy advice is listed (Contains gluten, soya, wheat and may contain traces of celery, egg milk), a full nutritional chart is shown, I'm told how to store it (it is freezable) and how to heat it up and contact details for Pukka-Pies is given. It's a nice looking box and informative enough and inside the pie rests in a foil case.

      The Pie:

      Well these have to be cooked and the instructions tell me to leave the pie in the container and place it on a baking tray and bake it in a preheated oven for 25-30 minutes from chilled or for 50 minutes from frozen. Simple enough!

      When I first saw the frozen pie I was impressed by it's size and weight. It looks deep and of good quality with a rippled pastry lid and I was looking forward to eating it.

      When cooked the pastry took on a light golden colour and that lid I previously mentioned looked slightly flaky. I removed it out of it's foil tray which again was easy and the pie never collapsed and got on to the all important taste test...which failed to impress me.

      First off the pastry. Well I like Pukka-Pie pastry as a rule anyway and this was no different. It's thick pastry, moist and seasoned and tastes slightly buttery and very nice indeed. I like the fact it goes a bit soggy to the bottom and flaky in parts and always think it's great quality so no moans on that front.

      However the filling didn't thrill me at all. I'm not sure what's going on with Pukka-Pies at the minute but having had rather alot of them in my home I am noticing that the filling level is less generous than it used to be. This felt really skimped on in the filling stake!

      It was mushy dark rich gravy with plenty of good quality mince in there but the problem was it was bulked out by loads of gravy that was rather salty after eating a bit of it. The onion slithers gave this an overwhelming taste of onions and that was a taste I struggled to get rid of long after eating the pie. I felt the filling was sloppy and although I detected no fat or gristle in or on the meat it was small bits of mince that got lost under all the other flavours and me, I got sick of eating it halfway through and binned mine and my Step-Father who never really complains about food told my Mum not to buy this pie again and was really unimpressed so it wasn't just me being fussy for once lol. Not for me or Daddy David this one I'm afraid and Pukka-Pies need to get sorting out their fillings!

      Nutritional Information Per Pie (Approx 231g):

      Energy: 552Kcal
      Protein: 17.6g
      Carbohydrate: 41.3g
      of which sugars: 0.9g
      Fat: 32.6g
      of which saturates: 15.5g
      Fibre: 6.9g
      Sodium: 0.95g
      Salt: 2.31g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc priced at about £1.75 a pie but currently all flavours are on offer in many places at a pound each.


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        13.10.2009 18:24
        Very helpful



        A pie that claims alot but doesn't live up to them!

        It's not very often I eat pies - even though I look like I've ate them all, but when I do fancy one I usually just buy a peters pie. For some reason in Sainsburys the other day though I picked up a Pukka Pie. I think actually it was because it was on offer for a £1 down from around £1.30.

        Pukka Pies come in a black and white cardboard box. A large picture of a pie is on the box and it clearly says in black and orange writing and background Pukka-Pies! Our best baked 'Beef & Onion Pie' don't compromise. The box also tells us that the pie contains 'No Hydrogenated fats' This particular pie is filled with Minced Beef, chopped onions and dark gravy in a light puff pastry case.

        We are advised on the box to keep the pie refridgerated and use it by the date shown on the box. To heat the pie we are told to bake it in the oven for best results and never put a pie in a microwave. I always microwave my peter pies though and am quite pleased with them so I figured this would be no different.

        The box claims that pukka pies are filled with nothing but the best, and they contain no artificial flavouring or preservatives.

        Taking the pie out of the box it was different in looks straightaway, a circle shape instead of the usual Peters oval, deeper by the looks of things yet still sitting in a foil tray. I took it out of it's foil tray and popped it into the microwave and waited.

        Leaving it to cool once it was cooked I tucked in expecting the same great tastes and textures Id been used too with Peters, I was sorely disapointed though.

        Although a deep looking pie it for me didn't actually contain much of a filling. The majority of the pie was the puff pasty which for me was too thick, greasy and lacked any flavour at all. The filling was just the same, boring bland and tasteless. It had the wetness and consistency of gravy sort of, a lot lighter in colour than what I was epecting though. The onions were quite large pieces which I am used to them being blended in with the mince meat, which in this pies case was barely there. All the filling really tasted off was gravy that had a weak flavour but it was quite thick. I wanted proper mince meat though, thick flavoursome gravy and the onions blended in.

        One pie contains;
        552 calories
        32.6g fat
        15.5g saturates
        2.31g salt

        To be honest I wouldn't buy one of these again and I don't even think I want to try the other flavours either as this was such a let down!


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