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Sainsbury's Basics Potato Salad

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Ready made potato salad

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    1 Review
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      24.03.2011 21:46
      Very helpful



      Overall a nice potato salad, but in my experience it needs eating in a day.

      I've never normally been the greatest fan of potato salad in the past, but for some reason I decided to buy a pre made tub of it from Sainsburys this week. I opted for the Sainsburys Basics Potato Salad as it was the cheapest (56p) and it looked reasonably good.

      It comes in a see through plastic tub that is 12cm in diameter at the top and 9cm in diameter at the bottom. The top of the tub comes of to let you scoop the potato salad out of the tub. Around the tub is the label, which is printed directly onto the plastic. It comes in the characteristic orange colours of the rest of the Sainsburys basics range and therefore it is easy to spot. There is not very much that is interesting about the tub, apart from that it holds 500g of potato salad and it costs 56p per tub.

      As I only opened this on the day before the best before date, my judgement of the product may be slightly skewed as due to it being an egg based product, the mayonnaise may of gone off a little. On opening the tub, there is a strong aroma of the onions and chives that has been added and the product looks white with a slightly lumpy texture. There is a lot of noticeable pieces of potato in the salad, which is very nice. The chunks of potato are about 1cm cubes, which is about the right size in my opinion as it saves cutting it up when eating.

      The potato salad has a strong and noticeable taste of onions and chives which I found masked the taste of the mayonnaise a bit. It is not too strong though as it doesn't make it off putting. In every spoonful I got at least one piece of potato which was nice as for a own brand product, as I didn't expect much potato. The mayonnaise is not too runny at all, which makes it look nice on a plate and makes it easy to eat with a spoon or fork.

      After being open for a day, mine had reached its best before date, which was very noticeable in the appearance of the product. Overnight, the mayonnaise had turned quite lumpy, which made it very unappealing and appeared to of gone off, so I threw it away.

      Health wise, it isn't too bad per fifth of a pot. It contains 164 calories, 12.5g of fat, 0.5g of salt and 1.1g of sugar. The fat and salt levels are reasonably high, but for an own brand value product I expected this. As a lunch or dinner accompaniment it is very nice and can make a change from salads or baked beans!

      The downside to it is the high fat content and the rapid rate that mine went off. This may be due to it containing egg and not being in the most air tight tub. However I would recommend using it in one day if possible.

      Overall, I am going to give this 3/5 as it is a nice potato salad, but the high fat content and the speed at which is went off does not suit me as I don't want to eat a lot of fat and I definitely could not eat a whole tub in one day!

      Thanks for reading.

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