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Sainsbury's Cheese Coleslaw

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Sainsbury's / Type: Salad

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    2 Reviews
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      28.10.2009 11:57
      Very helpful



      A nice addition to many meals

      I love coleslaw and I think it is an excellent accompaniment to many meals - both hot and cold. The only problem is that the coleslaws that you can buy in the supermarkets can vary greatly in texture and taste so I am always on a quest to find one that I really like. Sainsburys is where I do most of my shopping so I have been trying all their different offerings. I tried the Basics coleslaw once (but never again), I love the Taste the Difference Coleslaw but it is a bit pricey and the Be Good to Yourself coleslaw is just a bit bland and thin in consistency. That just leaves us with the normal, middle of the range coleslaw of which there are a few varieties. Just lately I have been buying the cheese coleslaw one which I have to say ticks a lot of boxes of the things that I look for!

      The cheese coleslaw comes in a small plastic pot that contains 300 grams and costs 76 pence. I think that this represents pretty good value especially if you compare it to the 300 gram Taste the Difference cheese coleslaw that costs £1.40!

      The main ingredients are cabbage, carrot, mayonnaise, red cheddar cheese, onion and chives. All of these are cut up in good sized chunks which is how I like it. This provides a crisp and coarse quality and you can also identify what it is you are eating. Also there is a nice thick and creamy consistency with the addition of the mayonnaise which is also very good. All the flavours merge together very well but I like the fact that the flavour of the cheese comes through well. If this wasn't the case you might just as well buy the one without cheese. Overall I love the taste of this cheese coleslaw.

      However, there is a slight problem with this coleslaw (although I suspect that it is the same with most) and that is the fact that it is not very healthy. All of Sainsbury's products are labelled very well in order to show the nutritional values. These are shown as a circular pie chart using the red, amber and green system with green obviously being the most healthy. Unfortunately, there is no green in sight as far as the nutritional values are concerned and in fact, the fat value is in the red. All of the others are amber so I guess that it could be worth. The actual nutritional values per a quarter of a pot are as follows:

      Calories 187
      Fat 17.1 grams
      Saturated fat 3.0 grams
      Salt 0.36 grams
      Total sugars 4.3 grams

      As you can see they are all quite high, so I guess that it is best to advise that this is eaten in moderation! This is a bit of a shame for me as I would happily eat it with everything especially salads, pizza and chilli!

      Overall, as an occasional extra I really recommend this cheese coleslaw and, quite surprisingly, so does my four year old daughter!


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        28.09.2009 17:50
        Very helpful



        A tasty coleslaw whether the cheese adds alot or not!

        I have been living off jacket potatoes this past week, I love them but I do want to vary the toppings otherwise they will become quite boring. I was doing my food shopping in Sainsburys the other day and popped to the fridges to pick up a tub of coleslaw as I often enjoy this on jacket spuds. Whilst nosing I came across a tub of Sainsburys Cheese Coleslaw. Now being someone who adores cheese and likes coleslaw this was a must in my basket.

        Sainsburys Cheese Coleslaw comes in the typical round, see through plastic pot, a 300g pot to be exact. It clearly says in navy blue writing Sainsburys Cheese Coleslaw so no confusing it with the normal stuff.

        The tub provides us with plenty of info about the product, it informs us that it is suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs. It also tells us that a quarter of the tub contains;
        187 calories
        4.7g sugars
        17.1g fat
        3.0g saturates
        0.35g salt

        I was actually a little surprised by this as I was expecting it to taste cheesy but have the crunch and consistency of normal coleslaw. I was wrong though!

        This tub in fact tastes just like the normal coleslaw you can buy from Sainsburys. Having a tangy, mayo, creamy substance bulked up by strands of carrot, pieces of crunchy cabbage and chunks of onion, difference being with this one though is it also has strands of Red Cheddar Cheese.

        The look of the coleslaw is exactly the same as any other, a creamy white with orange pieces scattered throughout. Looking closer at this one though I can see smaller, paler orange pieces and these are the cheese pieces.

        The coleslaw is tasty, tangy, creamy and offers plenty of crunch and textures but this one has the extra offering of the odd smooth cheesy strand. Nothing brilliant, I find the cheese pieces just smooth out the textures a little. They are not overpowering flavourwise either so don't spoil the actual coleslaw taste. Despite the cheese strands not offering a great deal in flavour as such I still enjoyed it and will definitely be buying it again at 76p a tub.


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