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Sainsbury's Creamy Coleslaw

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Sainsbury's / Type: Salad

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    4 Reviews
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      25.10.2009 21:37
      Very helpful



      Liven Up A Ham Sandwich

      A few months ago I tried all the supermarket coleslaw brands to find the best, this Sainsburys Creamy Coleslaw was the best by far and now it's the only one I ever buy.

      The cabbage, carrots and onion are crisp and shredded perfect, I think they are just the right size and give the coleslaw a wicked fresh crunch. The mayo dressing is thick and creamy, it's got a slightly sharp texture that goes very well with the crisp vegetables.

      It's versatile and can be used on it's own in a salad or to add some taste or texture to a sandwich. This one is lovely with a plain ham sandwich and you don't even need to use butter because the mayo moistens the bread and turns it into something interesting instead of another boring ham sandwich!

      Today I had a jacket potato with a thick layer of this coleslaw and it was yummy, I'm trying to cut down on my fat at the minute to lose a few lbs for Xmas and this is way better for me than the block of butter I usually put on a jacket! lol

      There's loads of veg and just the right amount of sauce and I think that's the important thing with coleslaw, the rest of the supermarket versions are a bit runny compared to this one and I also think this is the tastiest over all.

      150g costs 50p and that's a bit more expensive than the other Creamy Coleslaw from other supermarkets but it does taste better quality so that's fine.


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      08.08.2009 19:13
      Very helpful



      Cheaper coleslaw saves a few pennies, and has a great creamy taste.

      Sainsbury,s creamy coleslaw.

      Well another great product from good old Sainsbury,s.

      Well costs 64p for a tub of this creamy coleslaw, and i did enjoy it very much, i expected that because it was cheap and wasnt in a very fancy type of carton it wouldnt be so great, but it was very nice.

      The cabbage, was grated nicely, along side the carrot and the onion, and i didnt think that there was too many bit chunks, and it really tasted good, fresh and just a very nice creamy mayonnaise sauce.

      The tub, is seethrough so you can see the coleslaw, before you buy it. And it had quite a long sell buy date on it.

      The coleslaw, i usually go for is a bit more expensive than this one, but nevertheless as have just moved and am trying to cut down and save a few pennies when i can, i did think that it was great.

      I usually buy a larger tub, if i am having friends or family over, and found that because this coleslaw has a bit of double cream (fatterning) in it, i didnt buy the extrremely big carton, as its only for me this time.

      I usually have a bit of french stick with either a nice lump of cheese inside with a few cherry tomatoes, for lunch at the weekend (saturday) depending if i go out or not, and a bit of coleslaw on the side of the plate too.

      This Coleslaw was quite crunch to eat, and tasted really creamy too, i really liked this one.

      I sometimes have a bit on the side of the plate when i have a jacket potatoe with grated cheese on the top, or ham, and its nice to have some coleslaw, also alongside a salad or a ploughmans lunch.

      All in all i would give this a five star rating, because of the cheaper brands that i have tried, i would say that this is a really nice coleslaw, and i will defenitely be buying some more of this.

      Its also great to have alongside some barbecue chicken, which i like to cook at home.

      The cabbage was of good quality, as was the carrots, that they use in this coleslaw and i think it will always be a must have for me having today tried this one.

      Thanks for reading and rating my reviews xx.


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      02.01.2009 16:02
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A coleslaw that is well worth eating.

      I have to admit that Low fat foods aren't by any means my first choice but some low fat products fare better than others.
      Low fat coleslaw is often a poor excuse for the real thing. The only reason that I say this is because when they add the low fat mayonnaise to the coleslaw ingredients the lack of anything `creamy` makes the mixture look insipid and the overall taste is well below par.
      As i`m writing this I have words like cholesterol, fats and weight circling around my head. The only way I can justify my actions is by saying that creamy coleslaw is often eaten with a healthy salad.

      I know that the product being reviewed is Sainsbury`s creamy coleslaw, but I wonder how many of you have ever tried Lidl`s luxury coleslaw? A huge tub of first class coleslaw costs under 70p in Lidl`s, sometimes the only evidence of it being sold there is the cardboard box that it came in as it is such a popular buy.

      Sainsbury`s Creamy coleslaw is another good choice, by no means as cheap as the Lidls version but it offers quality.
      The balance has to be right doesn't it? there has to be a good amount of carrot, onion and seasoning added to the shredded cabbage to make it look remotely interesting.
      The carrot offers colour to the whole dish so it is important that enough is added to attract any potential buyers.
      Double cream has been added to the coleslaw which does make a huge difference, the mayonnaise is helped along nicely with the added cream and the consistency is pretty spot on.
      The cabbage has been finely shredded, so no stalks and stumps to sit and look unappetising, the carrot has been very finely grated and the onion is finely chopped, so its gives the coleslaw the `cared about ` look. I always feel that its a cardinal sin to spoon coleslaw onto a plate and watch it start to spread on the spot where the mayo is translucent and watery. Sainsbury`s have obviously given this thought, when it is spooned out the dollop stays in one place and it presents itself well.
      But beauty is after all only skin deep and the smell and taste are next to be investigated.
      Tantalising would be the operative word, a slight whiff of wine vinegar and mustard can be picked out. The coleslaw gives good vibes, A subtle `oniony` bouquet is in pole position.
      Any inferior coleslaw's can be detected very quickly, as soon as the glutenous mayonnaise hits your taste buds you know that the penny pinching just wasn't worth it.
      The Sainsbury`s creamy coleslaw is a beauty, finely textured, mild with enough seasoning to compliment any summer meal. The creaminess is evident straight away and adds style and elegance to any mealtime.

      Sainsbury`s creamy coleslaw is packed in a tub that is wholly recyclable. The tub is attractive enough to put straight onto the table.
      The coleslaw can be incorporated into a Coeliacs diet.
      Once you have opened the tub you should use it all within a couple of days.
      A 1/3 of the 180g tub contains 107 calories, 2.7g sugar, 1.1 saturated fat, 0.45 salt and im afraid to say 10.2 g of fat.
      A 180g tub costs 46p at Sainsbury`s stores.


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        30.01.2008 20:55
        Very helpful



        A good honest coleslaw!

        I decided to write about this cos no one else has and because I love it! At the moment I'm literally eating it any way I can lol

        What It Is....

        Sainsbury's Creamy Coleslaw , 330g.


        Clear see though plastic tub with lift on/off lid and the first time you open it you have to remove the plastic safety seal. Labelling clearly tells me what it is and who it is by and tells me that it is shredded cabbage, carrot and onion in a mayonnaise dressing with double cream. On the back of the tub there is a list of nutritional values, ingredients and allergy advice.


        Cabbage (49%), Mayonnaise (33%) (Rapeseed Oil, Water, Spirit Vinegar, Sugar, Pasteurised Egg Yolk, Stabilisers: Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Salt, Mustard Flour), Carrot (14%), Double Cream (2%) (from Cows' Milk), Onion (2%), Stabilisers: Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Rapeseed Oil.

        Gluten Free.
        Suitable for vegetarians

        Allergy advice....
        Contains Milk, Egg and Mustard

        The Coleslaw....

        Very rich in sauce. Not dry at all but not swimming in a thin liquid either. It's very moist and the sauce is thick and very flavoursome. The vegetables are incredibly crunchy and cut up fairly small but are distinguishable. Everything in it is identifible to what it is so no soggy bits. It looks appertising!

        It all looks very rich and creamy and taste wise it really is a good quality one this. You can really taste the cream which just is lovely in contrst to the crunch. You can really taste the mustard flavouring particulary when you swallow alot of it so not great if you dont like mustard as its quite prominent the more you consume.

        It's not ladened with salt and it isn't loaded with sweetners it feels like an honest coleslaw and quite similar (if not better) to one you'd make yourself and much cheaper too!

        Do beware though it really is nice and highly addictive if you like this sort of thing!

        Nutritional Values.... Per 1/5 pot

        Energy 117kcal
        Protein 0.7g
        Carbohydrate 3.1g
        Fat 11.3g
        of which is saturates 1.3g
        Fibre 0.9g
        Salt 0.2g

        65p per 300g pot , only in Sainsbury's.


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