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Sainsbury's Deli Style Coleslaw

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Sainsbury's / Type: Salad

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    3 Reviews
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      15.05.2012 14:31



      Far too much vinegar for my taste, - I like to be able to taste the ingredients which should be complemented by vinegar, etc, - not totally swamped by it.


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      11.05.2011 15:18
      Very helpful



      Tasty and Tempting

      This coleslaw is sold in Sainsbury's (obviously!) and can be found with other chilled salad accompaniments.
      Unlike many coleslaws I have bought recently, Sainsbury's sell this in realistic size pots. Other supermarkets seem to promote massive family sized pots and I normally end up disposing of around 1/3 as I can't face any more!

      It comes in two sizes, the one I purchased was 300g and cost 60p, equating to 20p per 100g. The smaller size of 180g works out slightly more expensive at 27p per 100g, costing 48p per pot.
      It is sold in a clear plastic resealable lidded pot with what I would describe as a green cartoon leaf on the front and lid.

      Once the safety seal and lid are removed there is quite a strong aroma, nothing that specific although if pushed I could liken it to the smell of sour cabbage! Don't let that put you off!
      The coleslaw itself has been shredded quite finely creating a smooth texture and when eaten is crunchy yet very creamy, with a little sour kick to liven your taste buds.
      I find some coleslaws quite thick and stodgy but this is quite fluid and is easily spread on to a sandwich.

      Its predominant ingredient is cabbage 47% but also contains- mayonnaise 34%, carrot 14%, double cream 14% and onion 2%.
      Unfortunately, in my opinion, it is quite high in calories. 100g contains 181 kcal with half a pot containing 272kcal and I could easily put that on to a ham sandwich!
      The fat content is also quite high at 25.5g per half pot, saturated fat is 2.9g, sugars 6.8g and salt 1.13g.
      So basically, it looks lovely and healthy but isn't!

      Despite the hazards listed above, I really like this coleslaw and will continue to use it to give my sandwiches a tangy bite.


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      17.07.2008 13:25
      Very helpful



      It's ok but I can't rave bout it!

      What livens up a dull ham or cheese sandwich more than coleslaw? I don't know personally so in my fridge it's a must have! Now usually when I go to Sainsbury's I buy a different coleslaw which name escapes me as I type this so I went to Sainsbury's and the same thing had happened! I forgot my preferred one so I chose this one for a change. That's a sign I'm getting old eh?! lol

      The Packaging....

      See through plastic round 300gram recyclable pot. The lid pulls on and off and is like a light yellow colour in the centre on the top and on that there is a best before date stamped on in black ink, there is an at a glance nutritional guide and I'm told it's Sainsbury's Deli Style Coleslaw. On the main part of the tub on the front I'm once again told it's Sainsbury's Deli Style Coleslaw in orange and yellow, large writing. On the back I'm told how to store the product, contact details for Sainsbury's, size is listed (as I've stated already),and then there is a bar-code and I'm told that most councils will recycle this packaging. I'm then given a full nutritional run down and told it is suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs, ingredients are listed, and allergy advice is given. Finally there is a bar code. The packaging is ok but you struggle to see the writing on the pot as you eat the product as the packaging becomes see through!

      The Product....

      Opening the pot your nose is met by a vegetable and cream smell. The biggest thing you can smell is the cabbage and that sounds revolting but it really isn't it smells rather nice.

      Appearance wise it isn't wet and runny, it's moist. It's whitish/cream in colour with little flecks of orange which is the carrot and a greenish transparent colour cabbage. The vegetables are quite small cut. The majority of the flavour comes from the cabbage and the mayonnaise. It's slightly sweet and slightly seasoned and when swallowed you can taste the cream which does give an after taste but that isn't unpleasant or anything. The after taste is slightly sweet and cabbagy in the main. It isn't at all greasy in the mouth and doesn't get all cloggy as you eat it or fill your mouth with slime when swallowed!

      The after taste stays for about half hour after and breath gets a little smelly but again that's due to the cabbage content. This also contains onions but I can't taste them within the mix and I'm not convinced that's what gives the smell on the breath but it may add to it!

      The Verdict....

      This is ok. It's loads better than any economy or value products I've tried but although it's nice enough it isn't the best. Although crunchy I feel the vegetables are not added in the correct amounts and the cabbage overwhelms everything else so much so I can see the carrot but I can't taste them.

      The other slight problem is that this is rather moist but not runny as such. It's ok to put it on a jacket potato and things like that but I find putting some on a sandwich it ends up dripping all down my hands and arms if I'm not careful and it does make you feel slightly sticky, though if you do get it on your clothes it wipes off easy enough but does leave a food smell... yes cabbage again! I did get this on my favourite white Bench t-shirt and I was worried this may be greasy but it did wash out on 40c! So not too greasy, and that's what I thought from the taste. As you eat out of the pot and store it this is when the above problem occurs, it seems to get runny!

      I would buy it if stuck but I don't love it. I'd like it to be thicker cut vegetables and a thicker creamier sauce like the one I usually buy. This lacks the hint of mustard I adore in coleslaw and is not seasoned quite enough but I can remedy that myself with some black pepper. It's run of the mill but for 68p for 300g or £1.25 for 600g you can understand I'm sure, when I say you get what you pay for!


      Cabbage (49%), Mayonnaise (34%), Carrot (14%), Double Cream (from Cows' Milk) (2%), Onion, Mayonnaise contains: Rapeseed Oil, Water, Spirit Vinegar, Sugar, Pasteurised Egg Yolk, Stabilisers: Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Salt, Mustard Flour.

      Allergy Advice....
      Contains Milk, Egg, & Mustard

      Nutritional Information.... Per 100g

      Energy 178 Kcal
      Protein 0.8g
      Carbohydrate 5.4g
      of which is sugars 4.5g
      Starch 0.9g
      Fat 17.0g
      of which is saturates 1.9g
      mono-unsaturates 9.7g
      polyunsaturates 4.7g
      Fibre 1.5g
      Salt 0.75g
      of which is sodium 0.30g


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