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Sainsbury's Low Price Creamed Tomato Soup

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5 Reviews

Manufacturer: Sainsbury's / Type: Soup

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    5 Reviews
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      10.02.2009 18:29
      Very helpful




      I decided to give Sainsbury's Low Price Creamed Tomato Soup a try after spotting it on a shelf during a recent trawl through Sainsbury's aisles with my Russian bride to be Marinochka Aditoffalova who I met romantically on the internet. After having tried some of her wonderful home made cabbage soups at her parents Dacha just outside Moscow, I wanted to introduce her to the exquisite delights of English cuisine.

      This soup is clearly labelled 'low price' to let everyone in the queue behind you know that you are either a pauper or a tight fisted so-and-so. If you are the latter I suggest you send the housekeeper or maid to pick up a tin.

      The manufacturers declare that this soup only contains "natural colours and flavours", but in today's world this doesn't really mean anything. Certainly the word 'natural' on a label has no real substantial meaning unlike the word 'organic' which is related to a set standard and means that the food product must meet specific legal criteria. A food manufacturer can stick the word 'natural' on virtually anything.

      Once opened (tin opener required) the colour looks appetizing but the consistency is not as thick as Heinz Tomato soup which suggests that it might be more watery but might also be due to less cream or its low fat content at just under 7g per tin. This is not a bad thing. The soup is tasty with the dominant tomato flavour as you might expect and the reduced creamy consistency was for me a welcoming factor as I'm not a big fan of cream (it encourages the development of man boobs and chubby cheeks).

      For me the main nutritious aspect of this soup is the tomato content. Any food that has tomatoes for an ingredient is always a healthy choice. Tomatoes, and everything made from them, contain that magical substance lycopene; a type of carotenoid with supposedly antioxidant properties. Many encouraging studies have shown it to have cancer-preventing properties as well as a tendency to thwart the onset of heart disease. I don't think a day passes when I don't eat a tomato in one form or another. Even tomato ketchup contains plenty of lycopene. Unlike vitamins lycopene content does not diminished by cooking and food processing.

      It should take just under five minutes to heat up tomato soup in a pan of as long as keep stirring while on the hob. Avoid boiling as this will affect the flavour. Be sensible and don't microwave. By being stored in a can for god knows how long, the vitamin and mineral content will already be depleted so why deplete it even more by zapping it with microwave radiation? OK maybe I just don't like microwave ovens.

      A 400g tin will set you back 25p and despite what it says on the tin, this only represents a sufficient quantity for one serving (unless you're the size of a little mouse which Marinochka Aditoffalova was not I can assure you) and even then you'll need a few rounds of buttered thick bread to dip in. Unfortunately Miss Aditoffalova was not impressed and has since returned to Russia.


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        12.01.2009 15:18
        Very helpful



        An easy way to get one of your five a day!

        I had this for my lunch today and as I am on a diet I thought the calories and fat content fell into line with my guidelines for the day very well.

        I picked it up earlier today at my local Sainburys because I noticed on the front that it said "only natural colours and flavours" and this is something that I feel is important in all the food that I consume.

        This tin of soup is 400g for 25p and is meant to do two servings. However, I was hungry and at only 79Kcal for a serving I thought I would have both!!!

        Per serving has 1g of protein, 11g of carbohydrates, 3.4g of fat, 1.8g of fibre - all of these fall into Sainsburys green banding meaning that they are classed as healthy. Salt per serving is 0.95g which falls into the orange banding which is slightly more unhealthy but still acceptable guidelines.

        Per serving counts at 1 of your 5 a day which is great for 12.5p!

        Is the usual bland and neutral Basics range but all the relevant information printed on it.

        Can be done on the hob and takes 3-4 mins, stirring occasionally but do not boil or overheat as this can affect the flavour.
        Or, you can heat (as I did) in the microwave and takes around 3-4 minutes also. The same applies regarding over heating.

        ***Colour and Appearance***
        The colour of this soup certainly is a more natural red than I have seen in other soups. However, it was slightly more watery in consistence to other cream of tomato soups I have tried. So, you wouldn't want to water it down any more!

        Was good with a great tomato flavour which was very natural. I needed a little pepper with it to make it slightly more appealing but it had the correct amount of salt for my taste buds.

        Great budget soup with good nutritional value, low cals and fat and most importantly an easy was to your five a day!


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          12.01.2009 11:39
          Very helpful



          Add it to recipes by all means but no use as a soup!

          I love tomato soup but it has to be Heinz, well it has to be Heinz if you are eating it heated from the tin as soup but I use tomato soup for cooking within a few recipes and for that I often use cheaper brands because it matters much less.

          I used Sainsbury tomato soup recently for cooking with and I have to say that the dish I prepared with it in it was just fine but I made the mistake a few days later of trying the soup on its own as I had a tin left over and no Heinz in the cupboard.

          The Sainsbury soup is a good bit more watery than the Heinz offering and lacks any real punch where taste is concerned, I ended up having to drown it in salt and pepper to give it some bite.

          The packaging is very bland and unappealing but that doesn't really matter as long as the product inside is good but to be honest in this case the product is just as bland.

          The price varies on this product as Sainsbury continue to compete with asda and Tesco but you can get a tin of this soup for around 18p usually, I tend to use tomato soup in recipes rather than tomato puree and in that context this soup is fine but as a soup on its own it is very poor and therefore not recommended.


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          09.08.2008 22:36



          Sainsbury's "Taste the Difference" Slow Cooked Pork & Apple - British Pork in a Somerset Cider Brandy Sauce."Taste the Difference" between what and what is the obvious question. If ever a brand name needed qualifying ...But back to the point. Sounds lovely. Yeah, right. Looks and tastes like eating dead dogs' tongues out of a puddle. Disgusting at 'reduced to clear' price; rip-off at full price.


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          05.01.2008 15:26
          Very helpful



          My tastebuds cant tell difference between this and Heinz!

          I've never bought anything 'Economy' in my life! I believe you get in life what you pay for and sometimes in pursuit of all things perfect I've paid way above the odds for things!
          I wouldn't say I'm snobby but I am a brand snob the thought of my cupboards being full of cheap looking tins fills me with horror!

          I remember being a rebel in my youth partying hard, doing stuff I really shouldn't of and being at this house party and in the morning a guy saying he was making fry up and me and everyone else being absolutely starving and feeling rather excited about it till I popped into his kitchen and not only was it a hell hole he had loads of economy products out and ready to cook from Kwik Save and me refusing to eat it and getting the proverbial taken out of me for it but in my house I'd never had economy stuff and the thought of it made me feel sick lol !

          I think the thing I find off putting about 'Economy' brands is you MOSTLY either get scruffy looking people buying this stuff along with dented tins and stuff about to go off any minute or families with lots of kids running about with a trolley full of economy everything. Well its true for here in Coventry anyway lol Me I'm a single girl I care about what I eat and can afford a few pence more to get branded goods.

          I'm a fussy eater. I've had lots of problems with food, once being extremely overweight and then developing an eating disorder. So when I do eat I like it to be reasonably good for me and it has to be quite nutritious and appealing or I just wont eat!

          So why buy a tin of Sainsbury's Basics Tomato Soup then?

          Two reasons. First being I love Tomato soup so when I get it in my head that there's something in-particular I want I have to have it. I wont settle for something else! However it was late in Sainsbury's and it was a City Centre small shop and they had no Heinz that I'd normally buy. I couldn't eat anything other than soup as I'd just come out of the Dr's and had just been diagnosed with a chest infection so really just wanted something easy on my digestion and ecause I needed to eat. The other reason was I'd been on here the other night looking about and noticed that someone has requested to be able to write a review on this product and no one had bothered to fill it in once added. Seeming as I am running out of things to write as Dooyoo seem to have stopped adding our requests I thought this would kill two birds with one stone lol

          The Packaging....

          A 400ml recyclable, steel tin. White label covers the tin and has orange colouring on it telling me it is from the Sainsbury's Basic Range and that it is Creamed Tomato soup and says no fancy packaging on the front wth a rather od scribble of a tomato in it. Also on the front is a little coloured diagram telling me the nutritional values at a glance. (Please note that the tin has now changed packaging since that photo at the top of the page was added).

          On the back it gives me very easy to understand full list of nutritional values on a table, tells me allergy advice, that it contains milk and mustard and that it is Vegetarian. Lists ingredients, storing instructions, how to cook and customer care contact numbers etc. All in all it's really basic but I really like the clear information. I know exactly what I'm getting etc. I hate to be out shopping and wanting to buy food and all the nutritional information is given as it has to be now a days but its hard to understand it as it per 25g of the product or something and the product is 130g. That annoys me and I put it back straight away! All packaging should be this simple!


          Upon opening it smells of tomatoes. Not overly so. Not rancidly strong. Good start. Doesn't look any different to any other tomato soup I've eaten really. Its a good consistency, it does look creamed and isn't juice and at all thin. Its a rich orangey red colour and looks good! I followed cooking instructions to the letter as I knew I was going to do this review. I microwaved it for 3 and half minutes in a dish. It crusted up a little at the edges and went a bit bubbly but not badly so and the middle of it had thickened up a little. I gave it a good stir and it was heated through well. So once done I added a little black pepper and grabbed my bread and butter and off I went for the big taste test!

          I really thought so far, the experience was good. It's cheap, it smells and looks good, easy to cook, I thought any minute now I'm bout to get all disappointed and running through my head was what would I be able to cook if this didn't work out!

          I was amazed! Its lovely!

          Simple as that really. I have nothing but positive things to say about it and not just because of the price. It has a nice consistency, meaning it doesn't slop everywhere but you don't have to cut it! Its not too sweet, its not to salty though for my taste-buds I never add salt and I wouldn't to this as it contained enough (I could taste it). It's a generous size and I felt really full when I'd eaten it. It didn't leave a nasty taste when I'd finished which I did wonder if it would as some products are far to over sweetened with sweeteners! This doesn't contain any that I can see listed on the ingredient list.

          Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it and was sad when I'd finished it! Would I buy it again?

          Too right even if my beloved Heinz is there. Where this differs from Heinz Tomato soup is it isn't so harsh so I actually prefer this! Wow lol I know some people out there with say Heinz is the best but if your a Tomato soup fan I'd give this a go just to see what you think. Maybe if I had a 'better' tomato soup brand at the side of this and tasted each my review would be different! However I liked everything about it and that's the main thing lol


          Nutritional Information Per Half Can (200g)

          Energy 54kcal
          Protein 0.8g
          Carbohydrate 8.0g
          (of which is Sugars) 3.4g
          (of which is Starch) 4.6g
          Fat 2.1g
          of which is Saturates 0.2g
          Mono-Unsaturates 1.2g
          olyunsaturates 0.6g
          Fibre 0.6g
          Salt 0.6g
          of which is Sodium 0.22g

          Actually nutritionally kinder than Heinz and a lot of other leading brands!


          Tomatoes (64%), Water, Modified Maize Starch, Sugar, Rapeseed Oil, Salt, Whey Powder (from cows milk), Onion Powder, Yeast Extract, Acidity Regulator, Citric Acid, Paprika, Flavouring, mustard Flour.

          Best before end information is on bottom of can.

          How to store...

          Once opened, place in none metallic container, keep refrigerated and consume within 24hrs.

          How to cook....

          To heat on hob takes 4-5 minutes.
          Microwave 3 and half minutes- 4 minutes.

          18p a can only in Sainsbury's and I so want to see more reviews on this product appearing lol.

          Excellent buy! Wel done Sainsbury's!


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