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Sainsbury's Organic Porridge Oats

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Porridge Oats. / Food quality: Organic food

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    7 Reviews
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      18.01.2009 13:56
      Very helpful



      this is a good, healthy product

      There's no denying, there's nothing particularly thrilling or sexy about porridge oats, they are definitely at the comfort food end of the spectrum, but they are also really good for you: oats help to lower cholesterol, and if it's a healthy option you're looking for then you may want to go with the organic, rather than ordinary porridge oats.

      At £1.59 for 750g these are more expensive than the ordinary Sainsbury's Porridge Oats (especially if you buy the larger 1.5kg pack) but they are actually less expensive than some other options, such as Sainsburys Hot Oat Cereal - honestly I'm not sure how this differs from the others. And let's face it, even the organic oats are not an expensive food, they are filling and nutritious, and make a really good staple to have at home.

      These oats are also a bit larger and there seems to be more substance to them than the economy versions. This makes for a slightly chewier, and I think more satisfying porridge. As a rule of thumb, one measure of oats to two and a half measures of fluid (milk, water or a mix) makes a good porridge. I have a bit of a weak spot for porridge made with chocolate soya milk, but don't tell! It's even better with chopped banana, greek yoghurt and flaked almonds on top, and if you have some maple syrup then so much the better. Porridge can be versatile as well as good for you.

      These oats also make a particularly good addition to crumble toppings as they have a bit more substance than lesser brands, and my family likes them in home-made flapjacks, a healthy and cost-effective alternative to shop-bought snacks. I also add them into my home-made bread - I like the taste and it's another opportunity to consume their healthy soluble fibre.


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        30.12.2008 15:50
        Very helpful



        They make a great bowl of winter porridge

        Ive been listening to the local radio station this morning and the Weather forecast is really cheery!
        It seems as though Great Britain is set to freeze for the next few days, so any New Year revellers had better dress up warmly.
        A good breakfast prepares us well for the day ahead but everyone's idea of a good breakfast is completely different.
        Hubby loves a rasher or two of bacon with an egg and some hot buttered toast. In the Winter months I like to start my day with a bowl of hot porridge.

        The best oats are always grown is wetter climates, so its not surprising that Scotland supplies us with some first class oats.
        Good quality oats produce top notch porridge, but as the credit crunch takes hold most of us are heading off in the direction of the supermarkets own brand counters to try and save a penny or two.

        Sainsbury`s Organic oats cost me £1.18 for a 750g packet, so if my budget will allow I am happy to pay that amount, but there are times when I look to cut right back and 750g of Tesco's own Scottish Oats cost me about 60p, so that's a big difference.
        There are two ways of looking at it, double the money buys you top quality organically produced plump oats that cook well or for half of the price you can have a very respectable bowl of porridge which maybe doesn't have quite the same texture but is still full flavoured and very good to eat.

        I microwave my porridge as it saves having that messy saucepan to clean out afterwards.
        A scoop of oats with a mug-full of milk (or water if you prefer) added to them put into a bowl and then popped into the microwave for a minute or two turns out a creamy porridge.
        Everyone has their favourite toppings, some like syrup or fruit, I prefer just a sprinkle of brown sugar and a little bit more milk.
        Raw Sainsbury`s Organic oats have a good `puffy` look to them, when they are cooked you can feel that `puffy` texture of the oats as you eat the porridge.
        I cant say that Sainsbury`s Organic Oats `look` any different to any others when they are cooked because they don't.

        Sainsbury`s Oats are very friendly, vegetarians and vegans can safely eat them.
        But due to the way that the oats are manufactured they aren't suitable for anyone with a wheat gluten allergy.
        The oats are high in fibre and are 100% Organic.
        A 45g serving contains 172 calories (before you add anything else) 2.3 fat, 0.8 Saturated fat, 0.9 sugars and 0.1 salt.
        Once I have opened my pack I store them in an airtight container, that way they keep for ages.

        Oats are versatile, there are so many good recipes about for flapjack, cookies and oatcakes.
        Sainsbury`s Organic oats taste good, if you have no worries about the weekly shopping bill then they are a great buy, but maybe as times are getting that bit harder at the moment Tesco offer a good alternative.


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          26.08.2008 20:40
          Very helpful
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          Porridge oats are one of those items that I try to keep in plentiful supply because they are just so handy.
          I decided to try the Sainsbury's organic oats when I was on a bit of a health trip recently and I wanted to get all the possible goodness I could.
          I have to say that these porridge oats didn't fail to deliver on flavour and there also seemed to be less of those hard pieces of oats you sometimes get .
          I used them in the normal way where by I measured out my milk into a saucepan and then spooned in about 3-4 tablespoons of oats, a dash of salt and I let it simmer.
          It turned out ever so creamy and just the right thickness too.

          You can buy a 750g bag of these oats for £1.25, which is cheaper than a better known organic brand.
          I also find whenever I eat porridge that it keeps my hunger at bay (due to its high carbohydrate content) for a lot longer than say toast or cereal. Porridge also contains a lot of liquid, which helps to keep you hydrated.
          It's very warming on cold mornings or evenings and though it never looks that great it's very satisfying.


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            06.05.2008 12:14
            Very helpful



            I feel ready to do some more work now (well, when I've finished my tea)

            Today seems like a good today to review my breakfast - so I'm going to.

            Once upon a time, a fit young lad called Davy used to munch his was through two egg, bacon and sausage rolls for breakfast complete with ketchup and a coffee with three sugars. This young lad wore a 30" waist and drank ten pints a night easily too. Unfortunately, the young lad grew up. And as such, his waist line grew with him. So gone are the days of double egg, bacon and sausage rolls with ketchup accompanied by a coffee with three sugars. No, instead our Davy boy now munches on Sainsburys Organic Porridge accompanied by a small glass of fresh orange juice.

            I think it's obvious what first attracted me to eating porridge for breakfast - my expanding beer and burger gut. But I was also drawn in by the very reasonable price tag. When we first started getting porridge in for breakfast, it used to be Oatso or Jordans we'd buy. But then we noticed that Sainsburys was only £1.25 a pack (which lasts three of us a week) and decided to give it a try. The Mrs liked the fact it was organic too as she worries about chemicals and the like.

            It's really easy to make up, the same as you would do any other porridge oats. Pop it in a pan and add your milk (or water if you hate yourself that much) and give it a stir for a couple of minutes. This stuff thickens really quickly and turns into a bowl full of lovely hot breakfast in no time at all. Because this is a good quality brand that hasn't been processed in any way, it really does come out nice and chunky. I have to say I think a proper porridge should be all chunky and chewy like this is.

            The taste is really good if you make it with decent milk. I don't think it's fair to describe it as being creamy because in truth - that's the milk that does that! So if you make it with water, it's not going to be creamy is it? Let's just say that if it's creamy you want - make it with decent milk. You can flavour this stuff with all sorts too including dried fruit (the Mrs), blueberries (the daughter) and golden syrup (ahem).

            There is no difference between this slightly cheaper alternative and the premium brands. With the added bonus that oats are good for you, this brand is organic and the price is right - why consider any other porridge?


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              20.03.2008 13:13
              Very helpful



              Sainsburys organic porridge oats

              Like most parents I try to ensure that my family all eat a healthy diet. For me, breakfast is an important meal although it is usually rushed! Each morning a make a large saucepan of porridge although at weekends we sometimes have a boiled egg too! I have avoided cereals for several years now due to their high sugar and salt content. I really dislike the advertising for so called healthy cereals! Most contain large amounts of sugar and salt. If you have never done so then I suggest you read the list of ingredients! I like to buy organic food whenever possible and have tried several brands of organic porridge. My favourite is Sainsburys organic porridge oats, part of their SO range. Before I tell you about the product let me give you some information about porridge.

              Porridge oats.
              Oats were being eaten in ancient Britain at the time of the Roman invasion. However the Romans thought of oats as a diseased version of wheat and only useful as animal feed.

              The oats used for Sainsburys porridge are organically grown in Scotland where the damp climate produces the best oats.

              Eating porridge oats is claimed to be beneficial for your health. Oats are claimed to help increase libido. Oats are good for curing a hangover as they help to neutralise stomach acid and also absorb toxins in the body.

              Oats are a good source of vitamin B6, which helps the brain to produce serotonin the feel good hormone.

              Oats contain slow releasing carbohydrates helping to boost energy levels and making you feel full for longer.

              Oats can help reduce your risk of heart disease and studies have found that porridge contains a natural chemical that helps stop blood cells sticking to artery walls. Porridge oats are a god source of soluble fibre that further protects against heart disease.
              Oats contain Vitamin E that helps protect cell membranes.

              Sainsbury's organic porridge oats.
              Sainsbury's organic porridge oats or SO porridge oats for short, are my favourite brand. I have tried other organic porridge oats such as Tesco's, but have found them a bit too course. I don't enjoy eating what taste like husks, with other brands! The sainsbury's brand is smooth and tastes delicious. They are also cheaper than many other brands.

              Looking on the back of the bag you will see that Sainsbury's porridge oats contain 100% organically farmed oats. There is no added sugar or salt and no presevatives. The porridge comes in a green coloured plastic bag. I would prefer a box as I find the oats sometimes spill into my cupboard.

              Porridge is very easy to make and really doesn't take long. It can be made either on the hob or in a microwave. I prefer to make my porridge on the hob. Simply pour about ½ a cup of porridge and add 1 cup of water or ½ a cup of water and ½ a cup of milk. I use half milk and half water as this makes a creamier porridge. Put into a saucepan and stir over a medium heat until the mixture is thick and smooth. I like to serve porridge with fruit such as blueberries or blackberries. Porridge is also delicious with a spoonful of cold stewed apples, this helps to cool the porridge down too if you are in a hurry! You can of course add sugar and milk!

              A 45-gram serving of porridge will give you 172 calories. This is made with water and with no milk or sugar added. I find that a bowl of porridge will keep me going until lunchtime. My children sometimes have a piece of fruit or a slice of bread mid morning if they are hungry.

              Sainsbury's SO porridge oats are of course only available from Sainsbury's and cost £1.09 for a 750-gram pack. I think this is excellent value compared to many breakfast cereals!

              Porridge can be used for numerous recipes too. I like making flapjacks, as they are easy although not healthy!

              Apricot Flapjacks.
              25g of chopped organic dried apricots.
              50 g (2oz) marg.
              50g soft brown sugar.
              2 x 15ml spoon of golden syrup.
              100 grams of sainsbury's SO porridge oats.

              1. Grease a baking tray and pre heat your oven to 160 c/350f.
              2. Mix the marg, syrup and sugar together in a bowl.
              3. Place the bowl in a saucepan of simmering water. Stir until the sugar mixture has melted.
              4. Remove from the heat and stir in the porridge oats and chopped apricots.
              5. Pour the mixture into the prepared tray and bake for about 25 minutes. Cut into slices whilst still hot.

              This is a delicious recipe and my children like to help with the mixing.

              Overall I highly recommend Sainsbury's SO porridge oats. They are good for you, taste lovely, can be used in lots of recipes and are less expensive than most other breakfast cereals.


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                06.02.2008 08:26
                Very helpful



                Great organic porridge

                Normally we buy Jordans Organic Porridge Oats but on this particular day the shelves in Sainsbury were totally berift of our normal porridge so I decided to try the Sainsbury Organic Porridge Oats and I noticed that at £1.25 they were cheaper than the Jordans brand.

                I'm a relatively late convert to porridge eating and as such I'm aware that I probably do not make it or eat it the way that some people do, firstly not only do I use a microwave but also I use milk when I make it and then I usually add some jam and some mixed fruit to it to make it sweeter.

                The Sainsbury Organic Porridge is made from British whole grain rolled oats and has no added sugar or salt and is free from artificial flavourings, preservatives or colourings.

                Personally I found these to be just as good as Jordans, the porridge was nice and creamy and you could really taste the oats despite the concotion that I have in my bowl. I found that the porridge was not too heavy howeverI certainly felt full up and with a nice warm feeling which is great for a cold winter morning.

                Now if I'm in Sainsbury shopping I will always go for this slightly cheaper brand over Jordans as the two products are pretty much identical.


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                  24.03.2006 11:32
                  Very helpful



                  Organic oats, oh so tasty.

                  Having recently reviewed the controversial Kellogg's breakfast cereal for kids 'Coco Pops Straws', this review redresses the balance and focuses on a traditional hearty breakfast, oats.

                  ~~ SO Oaty ~~
                  This winter, Mummy Bear decided to buy some proper porridge instead of Ready Brek for her little bears, because no matter how carefully any of her bears opened packets of Ready Brek, they always seemed to create a vast amount of dusty mess all over the table, the floor and the worksurface. Mess which Mummy Bear had to clean up. So in the local Sainsbury's she looked at the porridge oats. There was Scott's Porage in a box and two bags of Sainsbury's own brand porridge to select from. She chose the ordinary one instead of the Taste The Difference pack because in this one, the oats were huge and she suspected the bears would find this too lumpy... just like daddy bear (he's not lumpy, he doesn't like lumpy porridge). Anyway, the oats she bought turned out to be rather sawdust like and made not very nice or tasty porridge. Goldilocks would not be impressed if she came for a visit to see either of her handsome boy bears or the equally handsome Daddy bear. (What am I saying? Go home Goldilocks).

                  She went back to Sainsbury's and considered the packs on display. This time she plumped for the SO packet (SO = Sainsbury's Organic). It cost 99p for a 750g pack. She noticed from the writing on the pack that the oats were grown organically in Scotland where the wet climate produces the plumpest oats. She could not see the oats through the dark green plastic packet but because she liked to try new things she bought them. The next morning, Mummy Bear made her youngest boy bear a bowl for breakfast. He sprinkled on a little spoonful of sugar and said it was nice. Then she made a bowl for herself. And this is how she made it.

                  ~~ SO Easy ~~
                  Mummy Bear poured some oats from the packet into her bowl (it was a special bowl that she could use in the microwave). She was careful not to pour too many in because she knows that it is important to leave room for expansion where oats are involved. She poured on some milk (quite a lot of semi-skimmed milk) and then she popped it into the microwave for one minute on high power whilst she poured herself some hot tea (made with her lovely glow in the dark kettle). When the microwave went beep beep beep, she removed the bowl and stirred her swollen oats and added a dash more milk. Then she returned them to the microwave for a further 30 seconds. (She is a very modern Mummy Bear and likes to use gadgets to speed up her cooking whilst at the same time reducing messy cleaning). Mummy Bear detests porridge pans and scambled egg saucepans with their cold cruddy lining which is so difficult to get clean.

                  ~~ SO Tasty ~~
                  Mummy Bear sat down at the kitchen table and put the bowl down on a mat as it was very hot. Steamy hot, just how she liked it. Mummy Bear doesn't like to drink milk so she also cannot bear to flood her oats with a pond of cold milk. A layer of hot gritty sugar on top did not appeal either. So, she left the steamy oats in their naked but swollen form and she tasted. And wow, was Mummy Bear impressed? Yes she was. She was amazed and astounded at how sweet they tasted. Her hot steamy oats were delicious and sweet and yet she had added nothing other than milk.

                  ~~ SO Good For You ~~
                  Mummy Bear looked at the ingredients in her SO porridge. 100% organic Scottish oatflakes. She decided to surf a little whilst the bears were at school and find out about Oats. She discovered that Oats date back to Neolithic times and are therefore much more of a traditional breakfast than even a full English fry up or toast, butter and marmalade. Here are a few facts about Oats that Mummy bear picked up on her surfing travels:

                  ~ Porridge is sometime spelt porage;
                  ~ Oats are the most nutritious of all the cereal grains;
                  ~ Oats are a good source of soluble fibre;
                  ~ Oats are rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals;
                  ~ Oats are unrefined carbohydrates so they keep you feeling full up for longer;
                  ~ The latin name for oats is Avena sativa.

                  Mummy Bear took another look at her packet of SO Oats. What a good find she had made. She was very pleased and she made herself a big mug of proper coffee to wash down her breakfast. It was mid morning and she had already walked her bears to school through the woods, cleaned the house and learnt all about Oats. And she still felt full. She looked again at the packet and found that her bowl of porridge had contained :

                  ~ 173 calories
                  ~ 4.5g protein
                  ~ 33.5g carbohydrate (sugars 0.9g, starch 32.6g)
                  ~ 2.3g fat (saturated 0.8g)
                  ~ 3.9g fibre
                  ~ less than 0.1g salt

                  Then she realised that the above nutrition was for her bowl of porridge made with water. Still, as Mummy Bear needs to have calcium to prevent her from being an arthritic bear in later life, she wholeheartedly recommends SO Oats. She gives them 9.5 out of 10, dropping just a half a point for the non recyclable bag.

                  SO, are you getting your oats? Mummy Bear finishes here by smiling to herself and thinking of her next meal. Mmmm hot steamy oats. She just can't get enough.

                  Thank you for reading!


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