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Sainsbury's Potato Croquettes

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    2 Reviews
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      19.08.2009 13:13
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      A delicious packet of croquettes.

      I love nothing more than skimming the reduced sections of my local Sainsbury's at 6:30PM to see what I can get for the bargain price of 20p or 30p. Well these croquettes were the latest find and promptly were used up for my lunch.

      The croquettes are quite thick and chunky and I found that three of them, accompanied by two veggie sausages was more than ample for my lunch. Half a packet (3 croquettes) gives 245 calories & 11.5g which while this is quite high it's not bad if I'm having my main meal at lunchtimes (as I sometimes do now).

      These are very simple to cook taking around 15 minutes on 200 degrees. I turned them a couple of times during cooking to ensure that they were evenly cooked, crispy and golden brown by the time they were done. These can be stored on the day of purchase and consumed within one month but I didn't bother with this as I knew I'd be eating them fast. Although the use by date was the day I purchased them (for just 20p!) they were fine for another one or two days afterwards. The usual selling price is £1.49 and I think that this is very reasonable for such a delicious treat. These are far superior to any croquettes I've got from the freezer before so sometimes it's worth paying a little extra.

      The croquettes are made up of 77% maris piper mashed potato (consisting of 93% potato, onion, butter, salt, white pepper & cornflour) and the outside of the croquette is covered with a delicious batter style breadcrumb. There is a lovely creamy texture to the croquettes and they have a delicious, slightly crunchy outer edge. The potato is deliciously smooth and I can tell that it has had butter and a hint of onion added. The taste is just delicious and works very well with a little bit of gravy over them.

      I was very pleased with my bargain and couldn't find a single thing to fault with these croquettes (probably because they were so cheap!). I will be rating them 5/5 and I would definitely recommend them as a delicious dinner time treat. It makes a change from the usual chips, roast potatoes, baked potatoes etc and they really are yummy!


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        03.02.2008 12:37
        Very helpful



        Great potato product

        I'm a big fan of potato and where possible I like to have it as an accompaniment to most meals especially with my Sunday dinner.

        I'm not to fussed in which form it takes. I like mash, roasted, baked, boiled, waffles and even chips but I came across something the other day which I hadn't had for ages and I really enjoyed them. What was it I hear you all ask????
        They were croquettes!!!

        For those of you who don't know what a croquette is it is basically mashed potato that is rolled into a small cylinder and covered with breadcrumbs and cooked in the oven until the breadcrumbs have turned nice and brown.

        The croquettes in question were from Sainsbury's and they are the subject of this review.

        The Packaging.

        The packaging of this product was a little disappointing really. Not because of lack of information and attractiveness but because of the amount of wasted material used. The croquettes come in a little plastic tray which holds six croquettes and the product information is on a cardboard sleeve that goes around the plastic tray. I cant see the need for both. Either put them in a tray and put the information on that or just put them in a cardboard box with the information on that. The only benefit of this design they use is that you can see the product in question.

        The sleeve contains all the information you would expect, Nutritional information, cooking instructions and storage instructions.

        Nutritional Information

        All the values are per 100g
        Ofwhichsugars-2. 2g
        Sodium - 1.3g

        For your benefit so you can work have an idea how much there is per croquette, each pack weighs 250g and contains 6 croquettes.

        Cooking Instructions

        The croquettes are bought chilled but can be cooked from either chilled or frozen which is quite handy. They can only be cooked in the oven at 200C and it takes 15 minutes from chilled and 20 minutes from frozen. I haven't noticed a difference in the end product with different methods of cooking.

        Appearance & Taste

        When cooked these little guys look really appetising. Three croquettes are usually enough for one person but because they look so good you will probably want an extra one on your plate. The outside of the product is a golden brown and gives a great texture to the product and a nice contrast with the smooth mashed potato on the inside. The mash is really smooth and creamy and contains a little onion in there which makes them taste great.

        The Price

        These only cost £1.09 which I think is pretty good considering where they are from as Sainsbury's tends to be a little more expensive than most other supermarkets. At £1.09 its about 18p per croquette which I don't thinks too bad.

        The Verdict

        These are a great product and make a nice change from the traditional potato accompaniments that most of us are used to.

        The price is pretty reasonable but obviously slightly more expensive due to the processed nature of the product. They are definitely worth a shot and taste great


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